Nine Star Burden - Chapter 844

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Chapter 844: 844

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Jiang Xiao carried a pile of star beads in his arms. At this moment, he obviously didn’t have the time to read the messages.

In Jiang Xiao’s perception, the star Dragon that was being controlled and unable to use any output or defensive star techniques was being hit by sun Dasheng at the joint between its head and body!

However, the star dragon’s own defense was obviously much higher than the crystal dragon and the hidden Dragon. Under everyone’s concentrated fire, its body still didn’t break!

How good would it be if hou Ming was still here?

Jiang Xiao sighed in his heart and felt a little helpless.

At this moment, Jiang Xiao discovered several semi-transparent black dragons in the domain tear’s perception. They emerged from the ground at the same time and surrounded the team, swimming slowly in a clockwise manner.

Jiang Xiao frowned. The dragons were obviously far away from the team and they weren’t attacking them. So …?

Jiang Xiao used the gap of time and space again, but his body did not react at all!

His eyes narrowed. This area was sealed off?

Jiang Xiao fired a shot of silence, but … However, the little Dragon was still able to move freely in the silent area, and its body was not restrained at all?

So, this Little Dragon isn’t a real living creature, but a Dragon-shaped STAR technique?

Jiang Xiao was shocked and the territory tears could sense a huge dragon head slowly emerging from the ground.

What was mighty!

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What was domineering!

It was a pitch-black Eastern Dragon. Its scales were as black as ink, but its whiskers and fur were white. Its black pupils looked at the crowd.

Then, several illusionary little prison Dragons stained with Black Luster sprang out of the ground and flew toward the crowd!

“Qiu long!” The shadow Crow shouted angrily. Underground! Be careful!”

Jiang Xiao raised his hand and cast silence!

Whoosh …

The Black Dragon head that was about to roar suddenly lost its voice.

However, there was a problem. The small prison Dragon that had emerged from the ground and the small prison Dragon that was slowly swimming around the group were not disturbed at all. They were still carrying out their “mission” conscientiously.

Jiang Xiao’s body flew backward rapidly and he couldn’t let the illusory and dark little prison Dragons entangle him. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable!


Jiang Xiao, who was flying backward, felt a sharp pain in his back and his body hit an invisible wall of air.

The small black dragons from all directions, in addition to sealing off this area, also created an invisible cover.

At the same time, there was a loud bang!

The star Dragon finally fell. The great sage supported his huge body and reached for the broken dragon head with one hand. He took out a star bead that was stained with blood and seemed to contain an endless starry sky.

“Be careful!” The shadow Crow shouted.

“Cancel the body of star power,” second last said at the same time.

Listening to second last’s orders had already become a great Sage’s instinct. He subconsciously canceled the body of star power and almost at the same time, a small illusory Black Dragon suddenly pounced on empty air.

Hu …

A strong gust of wind swept across the area and Li Yixu quickly retreated.

The shadow Crow reacted very quickly. Seeing that a small cage Dragon was about to pounce on the space dragon egg, the shadow crow’s body flashed, and the Tang sword in its hand was put together, and a blade of death was launched.

He had actually ‘snatched food from the dragon’s mouth’. With one hand, he tried his best to hold onto the space dragon egg that was about the size of his upper body. With the other hand, he waved the Tang sword and his figure shuttled back and forth.

“We can’t go on like this!” The heavenly Hound shouted.”The little Dragon is shrinking the circle. We’re going to be haunted by these Little Dragons sooner or later!”

“Let’s race against time! Attack!” Li Yixu shouted.

With the help of the domain tear and the sea-devouring robe, Jiang Xiao flew back and forth in the sky, dodging left and right to avoid the intrusion of the little Dragon and imprisoning the Black Dragon head again and again.

Even though they were called ‘little caged Dragons’, that was only when they were compared to the enormous size of the underground caged Dragons. In fact, each of the illusionary, dark little caged Dragons was at least eight meters long …

“Fuck!” Jiang Xiao wasn’t a person who liked to swear. However, after he narrowly dodged the entanglement of a small prison Dragon, the feeling of fear and trepidation made him curse.

From below, the Fox cry of the Tribulation of grace came,””Wuuu~”

In the domain tear, Jiang Xiao didn’t even need to look to sense that the Tribulation of grace had revealed its true form!

The three-tailed Fox’s huge long tail did not escape the little Dragon’s attack. Immediately, the little Dragon coiled around the three-tailed Fox’s body like a snake. In a short three seconds, the three-tailed Fox turned into the human form of the grace tribulation.

Not only that, but the little cage Dragon was tightly wrapped around the mercy tribulation. Its illusory body seemed to have a physical body. Under the huge force, it crazily squeezed the mercy tribulation’s body.

The same scene was also playing out on the heavenly Hound and Fu hei!

The small dragons that created the sealed area in all directions were shrinking continuously, while the illusory small dragons that were scurrying around attacked everyone again and again. Even if they were scratched, they would instantly seal the star techniques of humans! The soldiers couldn’t even move their bodies!

Not only were they sealing the star power of the soldiers, but they were also destroying their bodies.

In the domain tear, Jiang Xiao could feel second last, the great sage, the shadow Crow, and the others dodging the little Dragon’s attacks again and again. His heart was in his throat.


The Dragon head had been sealed with silence and it could not use any star techniques, but the little dragons that had been summoned would not be disturbed at all!

What was this good?

Within the domain of silence, the pitch-black Dragon head slowly emerged from the ground. Although its movements were extremely slow, they were unusually firm.

The Black dragon’s eyes were fixed on Jiang Xiao, who was flying in the air. At this moment, the man and the Dragon had already become mortal enemies!

“Ah!” Han Jiangxue let out a cry of surprise as the tail of the sea-devouring soul was caught by a small cage Dragon. Her body suddenly sank in mid-air and was wrapped around by the small cage Dragon.

His teammates fell one by one, and only the shadow Crow was still holding on.

“Fly up! Shadow Raven! Upwards! Don’t mind us!” Jiang Xiao shouted loudly. Despite being the focus of attention and being surrounded by several Dragons, he still fell into the trap after saying those words!

All of a sudden, Jiang Xiao completely lost contact with the star power in his body.

Jiang Xiao was squeezed by the Dragon’s body and the star beads in his arms were scattered on the ground one by one.

In the distance, the underground Dragon finally raised its head.

When the Dragon truly raised its head, it seemed as if everything had been decided.

“Charge! The sea devouring cloak! Charge!” Jiang Xiao tried his best to lean forward and shouted.

The little prison Dragon wrapped itself tightly around Jiang Xiao’s body, including the sea-devouring coat that he was wearing.

Under Jiang Xiao’s orders, the sea-devouring robe displayed its amazing racial talent and wrapped itself around Jiang Xiao and the Dragon before charging towards the huge dragon head.

“Nine tails!”

“Jiang … Jiang Xiao!”

“Nine-Tails!!!” Voices rang out one after another. One could hear that they were roaring with great difficulty. Everyone’s faces were extremely ugly. What was waiting for them seemed to be nibbled away bit by bit.

Jiang Xiao’s actions were beyond everyone’s expectations.

Only when the ocean flows would a hero’s true colors be revealed!

Xiaopi will be in good times, while Jiang Xiao will be in bad times!

At this moment, it was an extreme display of personal ability, determination, and perseverance!

“Roar!” Without the restraint of silence, Qiu long opened his bloody mouth and roared wildly. One after another, small Qiu long burst out from the ground and rushed over.

The diamond-ranked sea-engulfing cloak allowed the small dragons to attack it, but the sea-engulfing cloak followed Jiang Xiao’s instructions and rushed into the dragon’s bloody mouth!

Jiang Xiao brought the small dragon and plunged into the mouth of the giant dragon!

“Aoooooooooooooooooooo …. Qiu Long’s huge body started to struggle violently, causing the ground to crack and air waves to surge.

Under Jiang Xiao’s leadership, the small cage Dragon summoned by the cage Dragon began to corrode its body from the inside.

If the miniature caged Dragon needed to be maintained by the Dragon’s star power after it was summoned, it would have disappeared long ago.

The problem was that the summoned small caged Dragon did not need the help of the Dragon itself. The small caged Dragon had already formed its own faction and was an independent entity.

It was not clear that the real form of the cage Dragon could cancel the summoning of the small cage Dragon at will, but the small cage Dragon had been swallowed into its stomach, and its star power had been sealed by its own STAR technique …


“Roar …” Almost at the same time, the small prison Dragons that were entangled with the people, including the one that was flying in the air, and the small prison Dragons that were in formation all around changed their targets and attacked the huge prison Dragon.

As the first calamity of grace to be bound by the little caged Dragon, the little caged Dragon on his body broke into pieces when it left the calamity of Grace’s body and attacked the caged Dragon’s body.

One after another, the little cage Dragons on the bodies of the second group of members who were bound by the little cage Dragons also shattered …

Ever since the little cage Dragons were summoned by the gigantic cage Dragon, it was obvious that they had their own consciousness, and their bodies did not shatter at the same time. From this, it could be known that these summoned little cage Dragons should have a time limit.

For a moment, everyone’s star power formed a connection with their bodies. Fu hei, who was covered in injuries, immediately sprinkled a piece of glittering star sand, which quickly healed the broken bodies of the people.

“Roar …” The angry Dragon’s Roar carried a heavy pressure that shook all living things in the world. The small dragons that were chasing to protect their Masters stopped in mid-air, as if they had received an order. They did not know whether to advance or retreat.

The dragons that filled the sky roared at the gigantic Dragon cage, swimming back and forth restlessly in the air.

“Tail feathers!” Li Yixu shouted at the top of his voice,”tail feathers!!!” Attack!”

In an instant,

A baptism of ice and frost, bursts of flames overflowing …

Second last’s clothes were torn and she was covered in blood. She strode towards Qiu long and a huge Lynx was formed in the process.

Unlike the previous Lynx, this Lynx had lost its soft fur and had turned into a lava Lynx through and through. Its huge claws had left a trail of lava on the ground.

Behind her, there was a three-tailed Fox. Its snow-white fur had already been stained with blood. The moment it spat out the spiral ball, its huge body also turned into lava.

Behind him, the giant star power Supreme Saint tapped his feet and created huge pits.

His body was almost parallel to the ground, and he flew forward again and again. He picked up the Golden-red Stick, and his long red hair band and fluffy hair flew freely.

The true Vanguard!

There was no more life and death in his mind, only an indomitable will.

“Hiss hiss hiss …. Under the sky full of flying dragons, the pitch-black dragon’s head was shaking left and right, struggling and roaring.

In front of the dragon’s head, the three vanguards had arrived.

Ying ya covered his mouth. He didn’t know what the great sage’s fate was, but the fate of the two lava beasts seemed to be doomed.

Shadow Raven already knew what was going to happen.

Everyone could see the faint glow on the lava bodies of the Lynx and demonic Fox.

It was also at this very second that the pitch-black Dragon head suddenly stopped struggling.

Inside his body, the small dragon prison had reached its time limit and was broken. It no longer eroded the large dragon prison from the inside, and at the same time, it no longer sealed the star power.

The crux of the problem was that Qiu long would no longer be disturbed, and so would Jiang Xiao!


With a muffled sound, a huge Dragon prison broke out of the ground, and the earth was torn apart.

Qiu Long’s huge body flew up nearly a hundred meters. For a moment, everyone lost their target. They looked up at the huge Dragon in the sky in disbelief.

In the dragon’s mouth, or to be more precise, at the place where its head and body connected, there was a small hole!

He held the flower blade in one hand, and a rich green light appeared. His feet collapsed, and he suddenly jumped up, the flower blade in his hand stabbing upward with all its might!

* Whoosh … *

The blade entered the flesh!

The flower blade could indeed pierce through the body of the Dragon, but it could not pierce through its skin. After this slash, the Dragon’s huge body rose into the air again, and under the repelling effect of the green glow, it flew into the sky again.

The small dragons that filled the sky immediately chased after him. In the process of the chase, due to the time limit, they broke into pieces one after another.

The giant Lynx and the giant demonic Fox slowed down, and the glaring lava light on their bodies gradually faded. They raised their heads and wandered back and forth restlessly, roaring at the sky.

The great sage slowed down his pace and stuck his rod into the ground. He came to a sudden stop, leaving a long trail behind him. However, he kept looking up at the rapidly rising Qiu long …

Its huge body should be more than fifty meters tall. It was really overwhelming, like an ancient divine beast.

Inside Qiu Long’s body, Jiang Xiao wiped his face that was drenched in hot dragon blood and tasted the saltiness in his mouth. Under such extreme circumstances, Jiang Xiao’s adrenaline simply soared!

Jiang Xiao had experienced countless battlefields and was always the calmer one in the team. However, this time, no one would be able to calm down.

In such a situation, only Bell could comfort Jiang Xiao. However, at this moment, Jiang Xiao didn’t have the consciousness to use bell at all. The green Starlight covered the flower blade again and again and stabbed at the same spot frantically.

Jiang Xiao stabbed his sword upwards again and hollered angrily,””F * ck, if you have the guts, then summon the little Dragon again. I’m going to solo you today!”

The fiery sun gradually set in the West.

The night sky rose again, and meteors streaked across the night sky.

On the grassland battlefield that was filled with Dragon corpses and in a mess.

A giant dragon roared angrily and soared into the sky. Its voice gradually drifted away and reverberated in the sky.

The huge black body quickly became a small black dot under everyone’s gaze …

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