Nine Star Burden - Chapter 892

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Chapter 892: 892

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“Are the members of both teams ready?” The judge looked at the two students and confirmed.

However, Wu Haoyang ignored the judge and stared at Jiang Xiao with a burning gaze. He turned slightly and pointed his Green Dragon Crescent Blade at Jiang Xiao while shouting,””Fight!”

Jiang Xiao also picked up his halberd and turned slightly to point it at Wu Haoyang.””Come!”

Although the judge didn’t understand Chinese and didn’t know what the two were talking about, he could tell from their attitude that the two students were ready!


The judge waved the small flag in his hand and said,”Tutu!” Let the match begin!”

Waves of golden air waves spread out from Wu Haoyang’s body. He turned around and retreated, clearly avoiding the blessing.

Jiang Xiao’s eyes narrowed.

Wu Haoyang had been admitted to Northern military school and had secretly learned the skills of xiangnan military school from somewhere.

Perhaps it was due to the school’s emphasis on training. Without a doubt, Wu Haoyang was also a Star Warrior who had his own system since he could make it to the fourth round.

Wu Haoyang roared into the sky again,””Fight!”

Whoosh …

Jiang Xiao felt his head stiffen and a rush of hot blood rushed to his head. He then pressed Bell against his chest.

Wu Haoyang looked at Jiang Xiao with a pair of burning eyes and continued to roar,””Fight!”

Jiang Xiao’s body trembled slightly and he held onto the heavenly halberd tightly with his right hand, feeling his blood boiling!

It was obvious that this was Wu Haoyang’s star technique, war puppet, which had extremely powerful functions.

“Fight!” Wu Haoyang let out a long and heroic roar.

This was the fourth time he had shouted “fight” since the match had started, and also his third war cry.

“If you want to fight, then let’s fight!” Jiang Xiao roared.

The bell in her hand suddenly didn’t smell good …


Jiang Xiao didn’t know why he was so angry, but he was furious and furious!


To hell with Bell!

Jiang Xiao flashed and appeared in front of Wu Haoyang!

The halberd and the blade instantly intertwined.

“Straightforward! It’s great!”

“Fight! Battle! Battle!”

“Motherf * cker! Men!”

More than half of the 75000 people in the audience were Chinese. However, regardless of whether they were Chinese or not, and regardless of what language they were speaking, the audience’s excited and trembling roars meant that they were about to explode …

After Wu Haoyang’s three loud war cries, the staff members who were everywhere hurriedly used their star techniques to comfort the audience and maintain order.

The judge and the staff who had put up the defensive barriers were also covered by the green light.

The World Cup was a top-notch competition, so the logistics were, of course, foolproof.

Jiang Xiao took a step forward and tried to stab Wu Haoyang’s chest with his halberd, only to be struck by the Green Dragon Crescent Blade. Under the flowing green glow, Jiang Xiao’s halberd was knocked down regardless of the power attribute of both parties.

“Hahaha!” Wu Haoyang took a step forward and raised his saber.

“Hiss!” A giant Golden Dragon was thrown out from the edge of the Green Dragon Crescent Blade.

Jiang Xiao immediately dodged and avoided the Golden Dragon’s attack.

As a melee fighter and a battle fighter, Wu Haoyang not only had the two godly techniques from xiangnan military school, but also the four star techniques of the ghost Tiger.

Perception + agility + sharpness + armor!

Wu Haoyang had already been equipped with all these star techniques during the high school League!

However, he saw that Wu Haoyang’s movements were extremely fast. Not only was he agile, but his speed was also top-notch. Jiang Xiao almost thought that he was fighting with second last.

At the same time that Jiang Xiao flickered, Wu Haoyang didn’t even turn his head and instead took out his hand.

His steel-like palm grabbed the halberd that was coming from behind!

“Hahaha!” Wu Haoyang laughed heartily, as if he was pleased with his accurate judgment. However, his laughter came to an abrupt end.

The tip of the halberd in Wu Haoyang’s hand suddenly glowed with a rich green light.

Jiang Xiao held the halberd with both hands and gently stabbed it forward~


Wu Haoyang was sent flying …

“Ha.” Jiang Xiao grinned. With Wu Haoyang’s star technique, his smile was not mischievous at all. Instead, it was extremely arrogant.

Jiang Xiao arched his body slightly and was obviously preparing to use the gap of time and space.

Normal star Warriors wouldn’t be able to see Jiang Xiao’s subtle and tendriled movements at all.

The gap of time and space was a teleportation-type STAR technique that did not require any casting and was almost flawless. To be able to detect what Jiang Xiao was trying to do in such a short period of time, he was either a warrior like second last, a star in another profession, or … It was Wu Haoyang, who had both agility and perception!

“Impudent!” Wu Haoyang actually let out a battle cry as he was sent flying!

Jiang Xiao’s head stiffened again. Before the first word could be said, Jiang Xiao had already appeared behind Wu Haoyang. The second word,”impudent,” made Jiang Xiao’s blood boil completely.

This was the difference between Wu Haoyang and Torres. It was also the difference between a melee fighter and a rules awakened.

One was a warrior who had been fighting in close combat for years and years, killing in all directions. The other one was a rules awakened who hid far away from the battle and used star techniques.

How to compete?

Was there any comparison?

Jiang Xiao’s flashing technique was finally activated and he sent Wu Haoyang flying into the air with his halberd.

However, what happened next left everyone dumbfounded.

呯! The green halberd! Eight meters away!

呯! The green halberd! Eight meters away!


Jiang Xiao’s figure flickered rapidly in mid-air, and every time, he would appear in the path that Wu Haoyang had to take to be sent flying.

However, Jiang Xiao’s every attack was blocked by Wu Haoyang.

The Green Dragon Crescent Blade in Wu Haoyang’s hand was as agile as a dagger. This was not only because of Wu Haoyang’s agility and perception, but also because of the valuable experience he had gained from years of fighting at the front lines and his powerful muscle memory.

Ding! Ding!

Ding! Ding!

The sound of the heavenly halberd and the Green Dragon Crescent Blade colliding rang out continuously, and sparks flew in all directions.

Jiang Xiao’s ghostly shadows were everywhere.

Wu Haoyang blocked the attack with his long saber.

“I’m right here! I am right here! Come on!” Wu Haoyang was like a marble, shooting everywhere in the air.

Jiang Xiao’s figure flickered rapidly, and there were even afterimages. However, under such a Swift and violent attack, Jiang Xiao’s halberd never really touched Wu Haoyang’s body. Instead, it touched the Green Dragon Crescent Blade one after another, or the other party’s steel claws.

“What are you barking for?!” Jiang Xiao’s eyes turned red and he gritted his teeth. He then swung his halberd again and sent Wu Haoyang flying into the sky.

He had to admit that Wu Haoyang’s battle cries had greatly affected Jiang Xiao’s combat state.

In Jiang Xiao’s heart, an extremely soft voice told him that he couldn’t go on like this.

At this moment, Jiang Xiao was indeed getting carried away. The Golden armor was no joke. He couldn’t be bothered anymore and raised his hand to give a blessing!

“Uh … Ah!” Wu Haoyang waved his Green Dragon Crescent Blade and a strong gust of wind blew! His majestic body was actually forced to move horizontally in midair!

Not only did Wu Haoyang’s body move a little, but the strong wind that swept out also caused Jiang Xiao to be blown away.


Jiang Xiao’s body crashed directly into the grassy field like a cannonball, blasting a pit in the soft grass!

What’s going on? Jiang Xiao actually didn’t flash to deflect the force?

Blood gushed out of Jiang Xiao’s forehead, and his blood was boiling. His fighting style was very different from usual, and he seemed to have been affected by Wu Haoyang’s battle cries.

Jiang Xiao didn’t seem to want to Dodge and seemed to want to fight head-on!

This was a sign that he had gone to the extreme …

To use another word to describe it, it should be “losing his mind.”

Li Li slapped the table and shouted excitedly,””Wonderful! It was simply too wonderful! Wu Haoyang, who had nowhere to borrow strength in the air, actually used his wind-series STAR technique to avoid Jiang xiaopi’s blessing light pillar. This move is not purely for defense, but to wait for an attack!”

“Body of star power!?” Ye Xunyang also shouted excitedly.

Jiang Xiao, who had fallen into the pit, did not suffer any injuries.

The star endurance was not just for show. It was also the characteristics of the star endurance that made Jiang Xiao’s body more sensitive, and the pain spread to his limbs and bones. Jiang Xiao, who was already red-eyed from killing, suddenly realized something under such intense pain.


From the pit, several bell chimes could be heard.

It was obviously impossible for a person’s bell to jump. Hence, Jiang Xiao pressed Bell against his chest again and again.

He held his head with one hand and shook it hard. His red eyes were at least a little clearer now.

In the sky, Wu Haoyang let out a deafening roar that reverberated through the world.

Another battle armor!


Jiang Xiao pressed a hand on his chest and looked up at the sky.

Dense stellar energy gathered and pieced together, forming a huge Wu Haoyang in the sky.

Jiang Xiao raised his head and looked at the huge star power second master Wu, fixing his gaze on Wu Haoyang’s heart. Jiang Xiao waved his left and right hands continuously and rays of blessing fell one after another.

“Hey!” Star power Wu Haoyang held the huge star power Green Dragon Crescent Blade in his hand and slammed it against the ground. His heavy and huge body immediately found a point of leverage and after a few rises and falls, he had already retreated to the bottom line and pulled away from Jiang Xiao.

After a while, Jiang Xiao finally calmed down and looked at Wu Haoyang from afar. He grinned and said,””Not bad, I almost fell for your spell.”

Jiang Xiao pressed the bell on his body, not to heal his body but to restore his rationality.

If the opponent was a life-and-death enemy, Jiang Xiao could even let himself become a bloodthirsty killing machine without regaining his rationality and end things quickly!

However, Jiang Xiao reined in the nick of time and chose to calm himself down with Bell. He was doing this out of responsibility for Wu Haoyang …

Wu Haoyang wielded his Green Dragon Crescent Blade and a strong wind blew!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The huge body of star power stepped on the grass and its heavy steps seemed to be able to crush the earth as it rapidly approached Jiang Xiao.

The 5.5-meter-tall body that was like a small mountain looked extremely lifelike under the transformation of the rich stellar energy. It was as if second master had descended into the world. The heavy Green Dragon Crescent Blade slashed down!

Jiang Xiao stood in the deep pit with the fangtian halberd in his hand and behind his back while looking up at the powerful blow.


“What is he doing? Are you really intoxicated?”

“Stunned? Flash!”

The crescent Blade that was filled with star power was about to slash Jiang Xiao’s body, causing everyone to exclaim in shock.


Jiang Xiao raised his left hand and cast soul silence!


The huge Crescent Blade in Wu Haoyang’s hand, which was filled with star power, was instantly shattered before it could hit Jiang Xiao’s tiny body!

Layers of air waves mixed with rich star power swept across the entire area, blowing against Jiang Xiao’s face and his determined eyes.

The close-up image under the camera brought a sea of bullet comments.

“Oh my God, my heart is melting ….

“It’s another desktop background! Waa!”

“Holy shit, holy shit … I have to take a screenshot of this!”

“It’s really awesome. They really dare to play like this?”

On the green field, Wu Haoyang, who had activated the body of star power, was already intoxicated. His battle armor could not affect him at all, but rage could!

Body of star power + berserk! It was Xia Yan’s standard star technique, and under Han Jiangxue’s orders, Xia Yan could only use it beside Jiang Xiao.

Xia Yan had her guardian angel, but second master Wu … No!

Second master Wu, who was already in a daze, threw away the Golden qi wave. He had thrown away everything, as if he had bet everything on this one attack!

Or rather, Wu Haoyang, who had activated berserk, could not care about anything else!

Jiang Xiao’s silence broke through everything, and Wu Haoyang, who was in a frenzy, quickly regained his senses. However, he was shocked to discover that the situation on the battlefield had already collapsed to such a state.

Wu Haoyang, who had once been at the heart of the body of star power, was like a rootless duckweed. He lost his leverage point again and fell from the sky.

Jiang Xiao raised his head and looked at Wu Haoyang, who was falling from the sky, through the dense star power left behind after the huge Crescent Blade was broken.

“It’s my turn!” Jiang Xiao extended his halberd and pointed the cold tip at Wu Haoyang, who was falling from the sky, as if he was following the trajectory of his fall.

Along with Jiang Xiao’s words, a blessing descended from the sky and completely enveloped Wu Haoyang.

Wu Haoyang’s mouth was wide open, but he could not scream.

At the next moment, Jiang Xiao’s eyes narrowed and his body flickered!

This time, this place!

This was a true martial artist’s precise control of the battlefield!

Wu Haoyang’s body, which was still falling, had already fallen to the edge of the silence domain.

On the other hand, Jiang Xiao flickered and stayed outside the sound of silence. He looked at the drunk Wu Haoyang and suddenly thrust his halberd.

Whoosh …

The sharp war halberd pierced deeply into Wu Haoyang’s lower abdomen, and the two star Warriors fell from the sky. The scene seemed to have frozen.

“What?” Jiang Xiao had already stopped and instead of piercing Wu Haoyang’s chest, he chose to Pierce his lower abdomen.

Wu Haoyang suddenly raised his large hand and grabbed the second half of the ” shape of the heavenly halberd, which had yet to Pierce into his abdomen, as well as the second half of the crescent Blade.

The two of them landed heavily, but steadily!

Wu Haoyang raised his head and bellowed,””I will only die once!”

At the next moment, Wu Haoyang’s eyes were bloodshot and a Golden Wave of air spread out violently!


A soul blessing!

“Ah ah ah ah …” Wu Haoyang held the crescent-shaped blade of the halberd tightly in his hand as blood flowed down from his palm. His entire body was completely enveloped in the light of blessing as he let out a strange groan.

Jiang Xiao picked up the heavenly halberd, lifted Wu Haoyang, and threw him onto the ground.


The star power Wave spread out and spread out in a circle. The grass on the green field swayed like soft green waves.


It was another blessing. Wu Haoyang’s voice of extreme comfort was in stark contrast to his voice of grief and indignation just now.

Jiang Xiao walked over with his halberd and looked down at Wu Haoyang, who was bathed in the Holy Light.


Jiang Xiao held the halberd with one hand and poked Wu Haoyang’s face with the sharp tip of the halberd.””Did I tell you to die?”

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