Nine Star Burden - Chapter 893

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Chapter 893: 893

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Wu Haoyang’s body was limp on the grass, and he looked at the figure above him in a drunken state.

Slowly, he felt the cold tip of the halberd poking his face.

Wu Haoyang blinked his eyes and regained some clarity. He looked up at Jiang Xiao and a few seconds later … His face was filled with anger, and he suddenly tilted his head and got up.

“Hmph,” he snorted. Wu Haoyang scoffed and picked up the Green Dragon Crescent Blade that had fallen on the ground. He then turned around and left. He waved his hand at the judge, indicating that he admitted defeat.

“Tutu! The match is over!” The referee blew his whistle in a timely manner. He had a good grasp of the situation on the field.”China’s No. 1, victory!”

As the whistle sounded, the audience burst into applause.

The television camera showed Jiang Xiao waving to his surroundings, and the last scene was also being replayed on the screen on the left.

Li carp,’it’s over! Contestant Jiang xiaopi was still more skilled, while contestant Wu Haoyang chose to admit defeat without any unnecessary words! The little toxic healer won again! They advanced into the fifth round! He has entered the top 32!”

Ye Xunyang sighed and shook his head.”Clean and neat, without any sloppiness. In the last World Cup, player Jiang xiaopi won again and again despite the doubts of the world.

In this world Cup, everyone regarded Jiang xiaopi as the devil.

Jiang xiaopi received more attention and the treatment he received was obviously different. He even seemed to be the ‘Public Enemy’. The only thing that remained unchanged was Jiang xiaopi’s pace of progress!

Whether it was the last World Cup or this world Cup, no one could stop the footsteps of Jiang xiaopi’s player! He moved forward steadily and advanced step by step! Time and time again, he’s moving towards the peak!”

“Huaxia is really lucky to have such a Star Warrior!” Li Li exclaimed loudly.

Obviously, Jiang Xiao was already a national-level Star Warrior in everyone’s eyes.

However, if the world knew Jiang Xiao’s true identity and what he had done in the night guard and wasteland reclaimers, they would understand that Jiang Xiao had already become a “national-level” Star Warrior.

Yang Ma’s two hosts were praising her loudly, but the situation on the online platform was completely different.

“You’re so annoying. Why did you poke my face “ ‘ll hit you~()”

“Why do I feel … What if my body has awakened a wondrous attribute?”

‘I really want to ask Wu Haoyang’s perspective just now. Pi pi held the halberd with one hand and poked the face of the person under his feet. Hmm …”

“Aren’t the medical Star Warriors too powerful? This …”

At the same time, Jiang Xiao was stopped by the reporter, he Huan, who was waiting by the side of the field.

He Huan held the microphone and almost spat it into Jiang Xiao’s mouth.””Congratulations, God Pi! Congratulations on entering the top 32 in the world! Do you have anything to say to the Chinese audience?”

“Uh …” Jiang Xiao leaned back slightly and said,”don’t be arrogant and impatient. Continue to work hard!”

He Huan blinked. What was going on? Why did he feel that the way he opened it was wrong?

Where’s your cool and arrogant attitude?

Was it because his opponent was Wu Haoyang that the little toxic healer was so serious?

He Huan thought for a while and said,”there’s a point of view on the internet recently. The general meaning is that medical Star Warriors are too precious. That’s why their talents are suppressed by the world.”

That was a rather novel point of view, and Jiang Xiao was slightly stunned.””Oh?”

He Huan said,”among the Star Warriors, the proportion of medical awakened Star Warriors is too small. Also, because of their particularly powerful functions, every medical awakened is treated as a treasure. They are taken care of by their classmates, teachers, and team members.”

“It’s also because of this that the growth and performance of medical Star Warriors are limited. They only treat patients in the team and don’t tap into their own combat talents. ”

Jiang Xiao scratched his head and thought, this …

He Huan said,’your appearance has confirmed this point again and again. Medical Star Warriors could absorb medical star techniques that other professions could not possess, which represented the ability to fight and the powerful ability to restore combat power instantly.

Even if they were seriously injured, the medical Star Warrior could recover his combat power in an instant and continue to fight.

In addition, medical Star Warriors could acquire star techniques with other functions, such as hard control, soft control, and any auxiliary star techniques.

Medical Star Warriors could even absorb all the star techniques of shield specialists, melee fighters, and rules awakened. It was just that the cost of absorption was higher and the effect was relatively weaker.

From the looks of it, the medical system star Warrior was a profession that could truly form its own system and was the profession with the strongest combat power.

“Combat-type, magic-type, and other professions have natural defects. They are at a disadvantage when facing medical-type Star Warriors and can’t win.”

After a long speech, he Huan asked the main point,””Do you also think so? The medical awakened are the Kings of the star Warrior world?”

Jiang Xiao thought for a while and looked at the camera with a serious expression before saying,””I think that for a true star Warrior, there are no weak professions, only people who are not working hard enough.”

He Huan opened his mouth slightly and looked at Jiang Xiao dumbly.

She never expected to hear such words from Jiang Xiao.

He Huan even thought that his words were more meaningful than Jiang Xiao’s victory.

Jiang Xiao thought for a while and continued,”if you think that’s right, I have nothing to say to those adult star Warriors.”

I know that there are many children watching me, and there may be children who have just awakened paying attention to me.

You have to understand that when I first stood in the world Cup as a medical awakened, everyone was laughing at me. They all thought I was in the wrong place.

But now, some people thought that the medical awakened were the king of all professions. Have you discovered the problem?

Some people were Born to Lose. They were always finding excuses for their failures.

I think that the star map limits the star warrior’s profession, not the star warrior’s life.

He would make up for the lack of Star Slots with his skills! If he was not talented, he would go to the dimensional space and kill him hundreds of times.

“The school trains students to enter dimensional spaces, and the entrance tickets are subsidized by the state. Do you dare to be more ruthless to yourself?! If you don’t even dare to go to the lowest level snowfield to train, let alone the difference in professions.

Sweat, blood, tears, these things can define the life of a star Warrior. ”

Jiang Xiao wasn’t trying to be a whore.

He had an internal star map, but in terms of the degree of effort he put in, Jiang Xiao could even challenge all the Star Warriors in the world.

It was because he had the internal star map that he worked even harder.

There was no need to mention the florist furs used to build cities in the world of calamity and shadows, nor the explorable furs used to teach skills in the ancient tower of houses.

He had never stopped training his sparring partners in second last’s calamity shadow training space. Every minute and every second of his existence was even encouraging second last, who was already very self-disciplined, to become a more hardworking person.

The “he” that the Explorer referred to was none other than Jiang Xiao himself.

In fact, the internal star map could be considered a kind of talent.

‘Here comes the problem. I, the king of toxic healers, am more talented than you, and I work harder than you. So …’ How can I lose?

“Very … Well, it was a wonderful answer. Thank you for the interview. ” He Huan said.

Jiang Xiao nodded and clenched his fists while facing the camera.”“rua!”

He Huan was speechless.

Jiang Xiao held the halberd in his hand and cupped his hands at the audience while leaving the stadium. When he walked to the players ‘passageway, he saw the three of them smiling and waving at him, as well as the two sisters, Youyou and Luming. The words on their faces had not been wiped off.

After talking to the team leader for a while, Jiang Xiao heard that the two coaches had taken Wu Haoyang back to the hotel first at his request.

Jiang Xiao didn’t say anything and instead opened the door to enter the dressing room, preparing to encourage Yi qingchen before the battle. To his surprise, he saw her wiping her giant sword.

Seeing how focused she was, Jiang Xiao didn’t dare to disturb her. Instead, he leaned his halberd against the wardrobe and sat on the long bench quietly.

“Jiang xiaopi.”

“Ah?” Jiang Xiao was slightly taken aback. Ever since they got to know each other better, he had never heard her call him by his full name.

Yi qingchen wiped his giant blade and looked at the cold blade. He said softly,””Can I be your disciple and ask you to teach me skills?”

As he said that, Yi qingchen added another four words,””Heavenly halberd.”

Jiang Xiao was stunned for a moment.”What do you mean by acknowledging me as your master? there’s no need for that. We can just have an exchange and have a friendly match.”

“No, I’m serious.” Yi qingchen turned around and looked at Jiang Xiao with a burning gaze.”I’ll learn from you.”

“Uh …” Jiang Xiao scratched his head and said,”I’ll guide you after the World Cup. You …”

At this moment, Jiang Xiao’s train of thought was rather habitual. As soon as he mentioned acknowledging a master, he immediately thought of the ghostly monks in the pagoda. Their master-acknowledgment ceremony was very similar to that of ancient Huaxia, and it was also very similar to the style of acknowledgment.

To his surprise, Yi qingchen’s words made Jiang Xiao completely dumbfounded.

“The kind that kowtows and offers tea,” Yi qingchen replied.

Jiang Xiao grinned and said,”qingchen, it’s already 2019. I’m not a century-old shop. There’s no such thing as kowtowing and acknowledging a master. Don’t scare me. No, no, definitely not.”

Yi qingchen: “I have a master who taught me dagger techniques. My parents and tens of clan members were the witnesses of the ceremony.”

Jiang Xiao was dumbfounded.

What do you mean? if you want to be my apprentice, you have to drag me back to Zhongyuan province? Go back to your home and become an apprentice?

If he practiced martial arts, wasn’t he just a master?

Why is it so detailed? A master who specialized in daggers?

Yi qingchen stood up and walked towards Jiang Xiao. He looked down at Jiang Xiao with a serious expression and said,””I would like to learn how to use the heavenly halberd from you.”

“Uh …” Jiang Xiao said,”no problem, I’ll teach you. Forget about the apprenticeship gift. There’s no such thing as kowtowing and offering tea. Men have …” Well, I have a daughter too. ”

Yi qingchen stared at Jiang Xiao with a stubborn look on his face, seemingly unwilling to give up.

“You do this.” Jiang Xiao grabbed her arm and pulled her to sit on the bench.”Let’s adopt a modern teaching model. You’ll treat me to skewers twice and pay me 1800 Yuan as tuition. I’ll give you a few lessons.”

Yi qingchen was speechless.

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