Nine Star Burden - Chapter 894

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Chapter 894: 894

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On July 11th, in the players ‘locker room at the Allianz Stadium in muhei market.

Jiang Xiao looked at the TV screen on the wall and couldn’t help but grimace.””Is there something wrong with this kid’s head?”

On the TV was the pre-match interview of the Indian team. It was obviously not a live broadcast, but an interview after the news of the match yesterday or the day before.

With the world as a backdrop, the organizers could only keep compressing the competition schedule. Under such a premise, some groups of people really did everything they could for the sake of economic benefits.

Since the draw results came out, the Chinese team members strictly followed the rules of the national team and absolutely did not accept any pre-match interviews.

In order to create a point of conflict for this battle, the organizer had no choice but to change the direction of the spearhead. In the name of the official, they went to find the Chinese team’s opponent, which was the Indian team.

The moment before the match, the organizers were still warming up and trying to create a topic.

On the TV screen, a handsome young man with dark skin and big eyes said,””Yes, you’re right. China is rising very quickly in all aspects. This was an undeniable fact.

To give you a simple example, I heard that the development of their Magic City is almost catching up with our country’s mengmai city. ”

Jiang Xiao was dumbfounded.

Xia Yan sat on the long bench with her elbows on her knees, tilted her head, and looked up at the TV on the wall.””Is he serious?”

Han Jiangxue crossed her legs elegantly and sat on the other side of the long bench while leaning against Jiang Xiao’s back. Instead of watching the television, she closed her eyes and rested.”The reporter’s question is very problematic. It was a trap.”


With the sound of the door closing, Gu Shi ‘an walked out of the bathroom, reeking of cigarettes. He happened to hear the reporter’s second question.”Ajia, China won both the team competition and the individual competition last year. Regardless of economic development or the level of National Strength, at least in the field of Star Warriors, they are ahead of India. Do you think so?”

The Indian player named Ajia pondered for a moment and said,””Their country’s star Warriors are indeed very strong, but we’re not weak either. We’ve also created a special strategy for this Chinese team. Just wait and see!”

“Hehe.” The reporter continued,”as far as I know, you’re a second-tier team in India. Do you have the confidence to defeat China’s No. 1 seeded team?”

Ajia,”B-list?” Why are we B-list? We’re the ones standing here right now. The so-called first-tier team from our country has already returned home. ”

“Pfft …” Xia Yan couldn’t help but burst into laughter.”You’re right, there’s indeed something wrong with his brain.”

Jiang Xiao couldn’t help but nod and say,””Well, he even dissed his own country’s team. It seems that I have wronged him …”

Ajia continued,”even if we’re a second-tier team, so what if we’re going up against their first-tier team?” Wasn’t it just right? No team is invincible in this world. Look forward to our competition!”

The reporter’s eyes lit up, and his smile was like a cunning Fox.”One last question, do you have anything you want to say to the Chinese team? They’ll see it on the TV screen, right?”

Ajia looked at the camera with a serious face and said,””Huaxia Star Warriors team, your team has occupied too many spots in the top 28. It’s time for two or three teams to leave.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ajia’s face froze for a few seconds, and the screen switched back to the audience seats.

The host and the two guests looked at each other and quickly started discussing.

Host: “this is what the Indian player said in an interview yesterday. Looking at his confident look, I’m afraid he has already studied China’s No. 1 seed team thoroughly. Maybe they have some secret weapon?” What do the two guests think?”

Male guest: “he’s just bluffing. China’s No. 1 seed team, even in the entire World Cup’s history, can be ranked in the upper tier. The Indian second-tier team that Ajia is in has no chance of winning.”

Of course, the festival Group had their own way of survival. Whether or not they were making an effect, they had really contributed a lot to the viewership ratings of this game.

It was as if all the shows in the world were made from the same mold.

The female guest immediately objected.”No, I don’t think so. I don’t think contestant Ajia is blindly confident!” As the host had said, they must have found a way to deal with the Chinese teams.

Contestant Ajia has also said that no team is invincible. Perhaps they have found the weakness of the Chinese teams. ”

In the changing room, Gu Shi ‘an grinned, his face full of disdain. He searched his pockets, turned around, and opened the door to the bathroom.

“Weakness! Don’t smoke anymore, you’ve smoked two in a row!” Jiang Xiao’s voice drifted from behind.

Gu Shi ‘an froze and put his hand on the doorknob. He turned around to look at Jiang Xiao and said,””Me? A weakness?”

“Am I your weakness?” Jiang Xiao asked smilingly.

“Alright,” he said. Gu Shi ‘an nodded with a smile and said,”I’m their weakness. I can’t wait for the four of them to focus their fire on me. Later, I’ll rush into the enemy formation and stall them. Han Jiangxue will roar at me and let me die first!”

As he spoke, Gu Shi ‘an put a cigarette in his mouth, tidied his Mohican hair, opened the door, and entered the bathroom.

Jiang Xiao opened his mouth and stared at the closed bathroom door in a daze. He then turned around to look at Xia Yan.

“What’s the matter?”Xia Yan asked.

Jiang Xiao: “he’s so cool. He’s so cool!”

Xia Yan was speechless.

Jiang Xiao shook his head and sighed.”When can I be as cool and arrogant as him?” he asked.

“You?” Xia Yan picked up the giant sword under her feet and turned the hilt.””Aren’t you cocky enough? You gained a bunch of fangirls and fanboys by poking Wu Haoyang’s face yesterday, didn’t you? Your Weibo is exploding with comments. ”

Jiang Xiao looked at Xia Yan and said,’you’re still secretly looking at my Weibo? Why didn’t you leave a message?”

Xia Yan shook her head and said,”I’m not leaving any. If I leave any messages, there’ll be a bunch of people who want to acknowledge me as their master. It’s very annoying.”

Jiang Xiao was speechless.

You guys are awesome!

Each one was more arrogant than the other!

Xia Yan placed the giant sword on her lap and asked casually,””Oh right, what’s the situation with that Yi qingchen? What’s the meaning of the message she left you on Weibo?”

“Nothing,” Jiang Xiao said.

“Hmph,” he snorted. Xia Yan’s slender fingers gently tapped the sword, making a crisp sound.”It’d better be fine.”

“Eh?” Jiang Xiao blinked and said,”it seems like there’s really something going on. She wants to be my disciple and learn the heavenly halberd technique from me.”

“What?” Xia Yan looked up at Jiang Xiao and asked,”you agree?”

Jiang Xiao said with a troubled expression,””I’m fine with giving her guidance and sparring with her, but the key is that she wants to formally acknowledge me as her master.

It wasn’t the kind of teacher or coach found in modern times, but the kind of kowtowing and acknowledging a teacher in ancient times. Who could stand this! I can’t afford it anyway. ”

Xia Yan’s eyes lit up and she said,”I can afford it.”

Xia Yan then chuckled and pointed at her feet.””Come on, Jiang Xiao. Make up for the apprenticeship ceremony. Come on, come on.”

“Ya ha?” Jiang Xiao leaned against Han Jiangxue who was behind him and said,”have you realized that ever since she entered the Galaxy stage, she’s back to her usual style.”

“Huh?” Han Jiangxue asked.

Jiang Xiao said,”it’s the kind of arrogant, confident, and high-spirited state that Xia Yan was in when I was in the Stardust stage and the two of you were in the Nebula stage.”

Han Jiangxue smiled and said,”confidence comes from strength. It’s normal.” Her attitude has changed a lot. If it’s still the same as before, you won’t be able to take it. ”

Jiang Xiao grinned and said,”didn’t I feed her milk? I fed her mouthful by mouthful.”

Xia Yan was speechless.

Jiang Xiao looked at Xia Yan and said,”remember this. Whenever I kowtow to you, it’s definitely not acknowledging you as my master. The only time it happens is when we kowtow together. It’s when we bow to each other as husband and wife.”

Xia Yan grabbed the giant sword on her knees and said,””Ya!”

At the entrance of the bathroom, Gu Shi ‘an, who had just come out, stared at Jiang Xiao and Xia Yan in a daze. At this moment, the two little guys were staring at each other fiercely. Sensing that someone was coming out, they turned around at the same time.

Gu Shi ‘an waved his hand with a smile and returned to the bathroom.””You guys continue, continue.”


The changing room’s door opened, and Chen Dapang waved to them.””Time’s Up, time to warm up!”

In the bathroom, Gu Shi ‘an had just lit a cigarette. He grinned helplessly and threw it into the toilet.

The four-man team filed out and walked towards the players ‘passageway. From the quiet building, they walked towards the wide, green field. The noise gradually entered their ears.

“What’s your plan? Take her in as a disciple?” Han Jiangxue’s voice was heard from the side.

Jiang Xiao picked up his giant sword, shrugged his shoulders, and said,””I can teach her, but I don’t really want to take her as a disciple. I can tell that her family is particularly traditional, and I’m afraid that she’ll be dragged back to the Central Plains for the apprenticeship ceremony.”

“Then let’s go.” Han Jiangxue said.

“What?” Jiang Xiao was a little surprised and walked out of the green field. He waved to the audience out of habit and asked,”when did I have the time?”

Han Jiangxue said,”Yi qingchen is very famous. I’ve followed her. She seems to be from a big family.”

After our parents passed away, you and I relied on our own efforts and the competitions held by the country and the world to stand on the Beijing Star Warrior platform and get to where we are today.

We can be core Warriors in our respective armies, but having more friends is also an additional path. You’ll never know when and what kind of help you’ll need. ”

Han Jiangxue was very calm and her analysis was very realistic.

Jiang Xiao had been focusing on personal growth and improving his strength since the beginning.

The friends and comrades that he made were all because of Jiang Xiao’s character, behavior, and way of doing things. As he grew up, he received many “complimentary gifts”.

Jiang Xiao had never consciously tried to expand his network and get to know a so-called family.

Han Jiangxue said,”the world is getting more and more chaotic. We’re no longer facing the world alone. At least, there are already a lot of people you care about in your heart.”

You’re very strong, so strong that you don’t care about these things anymore, but you’re only one person. Maybe one day, she and her family will help you. Maybe you should be her master, what do you think?”

While warming up, the team listened to Han Jiangxue’s suggestion to Jiang Xiao, but no one responded.

Jiang Xiao sat at the side of the field and stretched his legs while holding his shoes in his hands. While stretching, he said,””Alright, I’ll accept you as my disciple.”

Han Jiangxue smiled and leaned over to rub Jiang Xiao’s hair.

In the host’s seat, Yu Feifei had just finished the process and said,””Our Huaxia Army looks very relaxed. They’re talking and laughing, showing the style of a strong man!”

Jing Xinyue nodded in agreement.””The four of them looked very relaxed. They didn’t seem to be affected by the interview with the Indian team.”

“I always feel that the Indian team is up to something. They sent a member to talk like that to attract the enemy’s attention. We can’t fall for their trap!”

Jing Xinyue: “if even you can see it, how can the national team not see it? we just have to play steadily and strictly follow the team’s battle plan. I don’t think the Indian team will cause us any trouble.”

“The Indian team is obviously different from our Chinese team,” said Phoebe Yu.”Their faces are very serious and they look like they have a lot on their minds. What kind of conspiracy are they plotting?”

“Mm …” Jing Xinyue’s tone suddenly turned gloomy as she said,””Dear viewers, we’ll interrupt the broadcast with a piece of news. In the match that just ended at the United Stadium, the Huaxia team from Shanghai’s star Warriors lost to the national team one of the northern kingdom and stopped at the top 14.

According to the news from the frontline, there are no deaths on both teams. The most seriously injured melee fighter Liu Ye and support Wang Yujun are out of danger. ”

Although the matches were held on the same day, for the sake of viewership, the main matches of each Stadium were arranged at different times. There were always those who were resting and warming up, and there were also those who were going to start the matches.

Yu Feifei hesitated for a moment and said in a rather magnanimous manner,””I hope that all the Star Warriors in the world who have gone overseas on expeditions, shed their blood, and fought for the dignity and honor of their country can return home safely.”

“I wish them well,” Jing Xinyue sighed deeply.

Of course, the audience in the stadium couldn’t hear the voices of the two Chinese hosts. However, the news was obtained by the audience through mobile phones and other channels.

One spread to ten, ten spread to a hundred …

“What?” Xia Yan was exercising her ankle, but she turned her head to look at the fiery red audience in the East.

The chaotic applause, noisy cheers and roars slowly converged into two simple words: China.

The people shouted in unison and rhythmically. The red flags fluttered, and the sound waves gathered like waves.




Xia Yan frowned slightly and asked,’what happened? There’s still more than ten minutes before the match starts?”

Jiang Xiao looked up at the dancing red flames and his eyes glistened.””I don’t know. I’ll just do it.”

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