Nine Star Burden - Chapter 895

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Chapter 895: 895

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Ten minutes later, in the MU black market’s Allianz Stadium.

“The players on both sides have been on the field for a long time.” As a professional host, Yu Feifei quickly got rid of the emotional influence of the factors outside the field and immediately devoted herself to the commentary of the game.”But it seems that no one is willing to speak in this pre-competition exchange segment.”

Jing Xinyue: “the leader of the Indian team, asto, greeted Jiang xiaopi. Are they close?”

“The two teams are staying in the same hotel. Perhaps they have some interactions,” Yu Feifei guessed.

Jing Xinyue sensed the abnormality in the sky. She looked up at the dark clouds gathering and said,””If I’m not mistaken, this is another battle in the rain.”

Yu Feifei tried her best to stir up the audience’s emotions and said,”Oh? The close-up shot tells us that there’s more than one crybaby. ”

“Hehe.” Jing Xinyue couldn’t help but laugh out loud.”Who gave you the guts to call these destructive Star Warriors ‘little crybabies’?”

“I’m an experienced toxic milk powder,”Phoebe Yu laughed,”that’s the pet name God Pi in our circle!”

On the screen, Xia Yan and Jiang Xiao’s eyes were slightly red, which was obviously a sign of a battle.

Similarly, Jiang Xiao and Xia Yan had already finished their preparations. The Indian helper on the opposite side also raised her hands and looked up at the sky in a strange manner.

That look … Well, Jiang Xiao was really worried that the other party would suddenly wave his hand in the next moment …

The judge raised his small flag high and confirmed,[Are both teams ready!?]

With the captain’s nod, the judge lowered the small flag in his hand.”Tutu! Let the match begin!”

In the hazy sky, a light rain quickly fell.

On the other side of the arena, a Golden ball of light flew out from the hands of the “flower-handed youth.” It hung high in the air like a small sun. This was the purification STAR technique of the Indian players.

The blinding light not only purified all the contaminated areas within the range of the light, but it also interfered with everyone’s vision.

Jiang Xiao’s tears of cleansing also had the same effect. The sparks that spread out around Han Jiangxue also had a purifying effect. Under the effect of the multiple purification star techniques, no soft or hard control star techniques seemed to have any chance of survival in this arena.

In the middle circle, a dark-skinned Indian young man stood proudly.

His name was Ajia.

The Ajia who was interviewed before the game!

Ajia was tall and held a special weapon in each hand, which should be called the “Vajra gada.”

As they could not use their star pets, Han Jiangxue put on the flame shield while Gu Shi ‘an also raised his large shield in front of her. Everything went as the host, Jing Xinyue, had expected. She executed her own tactics and fought steadily and surely.

When a team with comprehensive strength far exceeded their opponent and still fought steadily, it would be very difficult for the weaker team to win.

Being reckless was the original sin of the failure of the strong.

With Han Jiangxue around, the other members of the Chinese team wouldn’t be able to cause any trouble.

Jiang Xiao waved his left and right hands continuously and the light of blessing fell rapidly.

It could be said that with one person’s blessing, the four of them were nervous.

Every time Jiang Xiao raised his hand, the four people on the other side would Dodge and Dodge.

“Ha! Ah!” Ajia, who was standing in the middle circle, suddenly emitted a dazzling golden light and his huge body rose from the ground!

The small demon-subduing pestle in his hand rapidly expanded under the combination of star power and turned into two huge demon-subduing pestles. One of the pestles was even used as an “umbrella” to shield the top of his head.

The giant’s body was almost the same as the body of star power in Huaxia. The only difference was that Xia Yan was standing at the heart of the blue body of star power.

The Indian aja was standing on the head of the Golden body of star power.

Almost at the same time, behind the giant shield warrior Ajia, the melee fighter’s giant body also rose from the ground.

The Indian support, who was disturbed by Han Jiangxue’s ice roar, was trying his best to heal himself and his companion. Beside him, a huge figure also stood up to support the shield warrior asto!

The Indian team did not have a conventional configuration. Instead, they had two shields, one agility, and one auxiliary!

In the process of piecing together the body of star power, he saw asto’s body slightly pause.

Silence to the soul, purify, slow down a little!

The multiple layers of purification indicated,”who are you talking to?”

Jiang Xiao said,”no, it’s nothing. Sorry for disturbing you.”

Asto’s huge body, which was swaying and crouching on the ground, seemed to have stiffened slightly under the impact of Sound of Silence.

Even though the domain of silence was purified in an instant, asto’s process of piecing together the body of star power still had a slight pause.

It was also this pause that took the Indian support’s life!

Shield warrior asto paused. Why would the support die?

This was because … Jiang Xiao is here!

At the instant that Jiang Xiao threw out silence, he immediately used the gap of time and space and flashed in front of the enemy’s support with his giant sword.

The purified silence domain was seamlessly integrated with Jiang Xiao’s sword movements. At the instant the giant sword touched the enemy’s support, a rich green glow had already covered the blade!

Jiang Xiao’s movement of lifting the sword had been well-practiced and simple, but it was made up of sweat and blood.

The shield warrior asto wanted to grab his support and hold him in his hands, completely protecting his support teammate in his hands.

Then, he deliberately left some space between his fingers for the support to observe the situation on the battlefield and start the “Battle of Gods”!

This was the scene that India had expected, but it was shattered by Jiang Xiao’s merciless attack!

At the moment that asto’s huge palm paused for a moment, the support was sent flying by Jiang Xiao’s giant sword, and asto’s huge hand also missed.

On the green field, three Giants of star power emitting golden light had already taken shape and were in formation. However, their team tactical engine had been cut off!

Jiang Xiao’s body flickered like a ghost and instantly appeared in front of the Indian helper who had been lifted into the sky. The giant sword in his hand glowed with a green glow and he slashed again fiercely!


“Ah …” The Indian support wailed as his body was sent flying eight meters away!

However, with the help of his body of steel, he did not suffer any external injuries.

In the middle circle, the shield warrior, ah Jia, had already blocked Xia Yan with his melee teammates.

Han Jiangxue continuously smashed the ice roar in her hand, crushing Zhu Min Zhan’s huge ankle.

In front of Han Jiangxue, Gu Shi ‘an was holding a large shield firmly.

He looked at the arena in the distance and sighed in his heart.”If … Wouldn’t it be great if I had the fall of the gods or the Twilight of the Gods?”

Gu Shi ‘an’s job was to protect Han Jiangxue and he was not allowed to walk around.

Besides, he did not have many long-range attack methods. Apart from soft control star techniques like the double vision Star technique, he could throw the dark hammer. However, if the distance was so far, the effect would be minimal.

“Pretty good defense.” Jiang Xiao stood in mid-air and smiled slightly under his reddened eyes.

The “steel body” of the Indians had the same effect as the “body of steel” of the Russian Federation.

During the previous World Cup, Jiang Xiao had already experienced the terrifying physical defense of the Indian players during the individual competition.

In the rain that was mixed with the net tears and the territory tears, Jiang Xiao could sense everything without looking at the situation on the field. His body flashed again and he dodged asto’s huge palm behind him.


The giant asto’s Golden Palm slammed heavily on the ground, and the earth seemed to tremble.

The sound of metal clashing could be heard in the midst of the explosion!

Jiang Xiao appeared in front of the Indian helper again, changed his direction, and swung his giant sword at his own half of the field.

Ding! Ding!

The Indian helper was instantly sent flying eight meters away, and Jiang Xiao appeared beside him again.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Everyone could only see Jiang Xiao’s ghostly figure flashing in the air, while the Indian helper … Without stopping at all, he flew all the way in the air and within a few seconds, he was sent flying to the other half of the field by Jiang Xiao’s giant sword!


“Waa … Pipi, so you’re also a member of the transportation society?”

“Horizontal transportation? Air transportation?”

“Toxic healer express delivery, mission accomplished!”

On the screen that was filled with bullet comments, Jiang Xiao swung his sword again and sent the Indian helper, who was dizzy but unscathed, to Han Jiangxue.

“Shadow hammer!” Han Jiangxue said, only to see her suddenly swing her left hand and throw out a flame torch whip, which accurately tied the Indian helper’s body.

Immediately after, Han Jiangxue turned slightly and pulled the Indian support towards her with her left hand.

Gu Shi ‘an’s eyes glowed fiercely. He suddenly put together an illusionary shadow hammer in his hand and threw it fiercely at the Indian support who was being dragged over by the flame torch whip.


Han Jiangxue tugged at the flame torch whip in her hand and said in a cold voice,””Continue.”

Gu Shi ‘an was stunned for a moment. His body subconsciously responded by summoning the heavy hammer again and smashing it at the Indian support in the air.

Every time the Indian helper approached the two of them, he would be blown away by Gu Shi ‘an’s heavy hammer, and every time he was blown away, he would be pulled back by Han Jiangxue.

The Indian helper was like a kite, and Han Jiangxue was holding onto the string …

Even if the Indian support had a body of steel and iron, under the continuous smashing of the shadow hammer, he could not withstand it and spat out a large mouthful of blood.

What was more terrifying was that the Indian healer was in a state of dizziness and could not use any medical star techniques.

However, even if he had not been knocked out time and time again, he would probably not have been able to use any star techniques.

This was because … The additional attribute of Gu Shi ‘an’s shadow hammer was “soul damage,” and it was not triggered by chance, but by 100%.

At this moment, if the Indian helper was conscious and Han Jiangxue was kind enough to let go of him, his first reaction would definitely be to roll and crawl away after being hit so hard.

The premise was … His trembling hands and legs were able to support his body.

“Waa … What kind of cooperation is this?” Phoebe Yu looked at the screen in shock and shouted excitedly,”is this the legendary kite-flying?”

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