Nine Star Burden - Chapter 896

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Chapter 896: 896

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Jing Xinyue could not help but click her tongue.”Isn’t such a scene too cruel for the enemy team?” she thought.

The two hosts were still watching Han Jiangxue and Gu Shi ‘an trample on the Indian support in their own half of the court. At the center circle, Xia Yan suddenly roared,”

“Did I give you guys some face?!”

Jiang Xiao got a great shock because he almost thought that his high school form teacher had arrived …

Oh, right, I’m already in University.

Eh? Wait …

Speaking of which, high school … I’ve only been here for a year, and I’ve almost forgotten the name of my form teacher. Her face is already a blur, but why is it that I have such a deep impression of her tone?

The high school teacher-in-charge was indeed China’s ultimate weapon! Hiding his achievements and fame!

She would forever be hidden in every student’s heart, stubbornly existing and never going away.

In the middle circle, Xia Yan, who had massive star power, rose from the ground and slammed her heavy knee on the chest of the Indian fighter, who was half-kneeling in front of her.


The giant fell heavily to the ground and slid back for more than ten meters, causing grass and star power to surge.

As for why the Indian giant was half-kneeling on the grass just now?

Although Han Jiangxue’s left hand was holding onto the “kite line,” she had been staring at the middle circle and had never stopped shooting ice roar.

The Indian melee fighter’s leg had been crushed by the ice roar.

Xia Yan’s calf was wrapped in a huge nostalgia Halo. She lifted her knee and sent the giant melee fighter flying. After that, she suddenly retracted her hand and slashed her giant sword at the annoying giant shield warrior, Ajia.

” AGA’s eyes were wide open, like a king Kong’s angry eyes. Waves of pressure not only suppressed the audience on the field, but also scared the ordinary audience in the audience.

Iron Yama, living King Kong!


As a Shield Specialist, Ajia should be a Shield Specialist who used physical strength. He did not have the awareness to hold a shield at all.

He held a Vajra demon-subduing pestle in each hand and Golden Star power overflowed, clashing heavily with Xia Yan’s Blue sword of star power.

The earth trembled as the two giants fought.

Wearing a headset, Yu Phoebe’s infectious voice rang out in the fiery red camp,””Oh, God Yan is not happy! Goddess Yan activated the body of star power! Jiang xiaopi was really the team’s guardian angel. His tears protected everyone in the team in all aspects and no dead angles!

When the enemy was in close combat, all the soft control and interference activated by the melee and shield specialists, as well as all the negative effects mixed with offensive star techniques, did not affect goddess Yan at all!

The huge nostalgia Halo on the lower leg of our war god Yan was also Jiang xiaopi’s masterpiece! At this moment, Zhan shenyan should be full of energy! He had sufficient star power! There isn’t even a single wound on his body!”

Jing Xinyue covered her mouth and laughed.”That’s right. Jiang xiaopi’s fighting style in the team competition is very different from the fighting style in the individual competition.”

Yu Feifei raised her right hand and shouted,”The halberd moves the mountains and rivers, one-on-one against little Feng Xian! Hanging pot to help the world-team battle against true Hua Tuo!”

“Jiang xiaopi?” Jing Xinyue was stunned for a moment.”Both salty and sweet?”

This time, it was Yu Feifei’s turn to be stunned. He didn’t know much about online vocabulary, but he could guess the general meaning of his colleague’s words.

Yu Feifei mimicked Jiang Xiao’s tone and shouted loudly,”Jiang xiaopi and I have the looks you want!”

While the host was chatting, the situation on the green field changed rapidly.

At the back, shield warrior asto felt that something was wrong. He was already half-kneeling on the ground, but he suddenly thrust his big hands into the ground!

At the same time, on the Huaxia side’s half of the field, the ground beneath Han Jiangxue and Gu Shi ‘an’s feet trembled and a pair of huge palms broke out of the ground!


Silence to the soul!

Before the huge palm that was supporting Han Jiangxue and Gu Shi ‘an’s feet closed, the movement of the palm stopped.

Jiang Xiao suddenly appeared in front of the giant, asto, and kicked him!


A loud muffled sound was heard! The defensive barrier began to shake!

That tiny figure actually sent giant asto flying with a kick and heavily smashed into the defensive barrier.

Perhaps asto had not suffered much damage, but … However, the effects of this scene were simply too shocking!

Asto’s huge body, which was as large as a small mountain and as hard as a metal tower, was sent flying by such a small figure.

In the Huaxia half, the pair of huge palms that were holding Han Jiangxue and Gu Shi ‘an quickly retracted back into the ground and disappeared without a trace.

Han Jiangxue landed steadily on the ground and frowned slightly. She looked up at the Indian helper, who was vomiting blood, and said,””That’s enough,”

Gu Shi ‘an had just landed and was about to swing his hammer, but he gave up on attacking when he heard the order.

The flame torch whip that was wrapped around the Indian aid’s body disappeared.

The Indian helper, whose clothes were in tatters and who was spitting blood, lay motionless on the grass like a dead dog.

At the same time, in the middle circle, an incredible scene happened!

” The shield warrior Ajia roared madly and his body glowed with a golden light. The star power demon-subduing pestle in his hand emitted a dazzling golden light and accelerated suddenly, stabbing towards Xia Yan’s chest fiercely!

Xia Yan’s eyes narrowed and the corners of her mouth curled up slightly. Although she didn’t have a weapon in her left hand, she made a “slashing” motion!


In Xia Yan’s heart, a sword of death instantly appeared in the hand of her original body!

A white sword ray flashed past, stirring people’s hearts and souls.

Xia Yan’s heart was pierced through by the Golden Demon-subduing pestle, leaving a hole in her heart!

However, Xia Yan’s original body, which was located in the heart, had disappeared without a trace …

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” A deafening wail resounded through the heavens and earth.

Following the trajectory of the White sword light, everyone saw the desperate big sword tear the rich golden Star power apart and stab into Ajia’s eye!

After all, Xia Yan was holding a giant sword!

That thick and heavy greatsword was even wider than the enemy’s head. How could it possibly pierce through the enemy’s eyes?

If it had really pierced through, the other party’s head would have been cut in half.

However, Ajia’s body of steel made him a hero!

He managed to resist Xia Yan’s desperate sword, but he didn’t really resist it.

The tip of Xia Yan’s huge sword pierced straight into Ajia’s eyes, but it was stopped by his eye socket and nasal bone.

Only a shell was left of Ajia’s huge golden body of star power, and his original body was taken out of his head by Xia Yan’s sword!

In the Huaxia team’s half, Han Jiangxue stretched out two fingers and pressed down gently.

Hu …

A gust of barren wind swept across. Xia Yan and Ajia, who were still in the air, were originally ascending and crashing into the defensive barrier. However, they were pressed down by a gust of barren wind and fell straight to the ground!

Xia Yan immediately understood what Han Jiangxue meant and no longer needed barren wind’s help. The desperate sword in her hand lit up again and she stabbed Ajia’s head at an extremely fast speed.


The two of them created a deep pit in the ground. The star power was unrestrained, and soil and grass flew everywhere.

The sword of death shattered and Xia Yan turned the steel sword in her right hand. She stepped on Ajia’s chest and stabbed his bleeding left eye.


” Ah Jia’s body struggled violently and he screamed crazily. To Xia Yan, his voice sounded much better than when he was being interviewed.

“Ah ah ah ah …” The shrill scream turned into a strange groan.

A ray of light brushed past Xia Yan’s scalp and shrouded her hand that was holding the sword hilt before landing accurately on Ajia’s head.

From this moment on, Ajia no longer struggled.

“Ha …. Xia Yan let out a sigh of relief and clenched her hand that was covered by the light pillar of blessing, as if she was experiencing the feeling of washing her hands with the Holy Light.

Her sharp eyes slowed down a lot, but her movements were unforgiving. She held the giant sword with one hand and continued to press it down.

The Halo of nostalgia on her body only replenished her physical strength slightly before it quickly shut down and madly replenished her star power!

The rich star power gushed into Xia Yan’s body through Ajia’s wound and the blade of the giant steel sword.

Her actions were unforgiving, and in the eyes of the audience, they even felt that it was a little cruel.

However, in fact, Xia Yan had already shown enough mercy. She only wanted to teach the other party a lesson and didn’t really kill him.

If the sword in her hand was the big sword that could transform stars into martial, Ajia’s head would have been cut in half …

Xia Yan turned to look at Jiang Xiao, only to see that he was communicating with asto in a harmonious manner.

In the harmonious atmosphere, Jiang Xiao would raise his hand from time to time and give a precise blessing to Ajia, making him feel comfortable and completely drained of his star power …

The domain tear could sense that the enemy melee fighter’s clothes were already in tatters and he was lying on the ground.

Xia Yan frowned slightly, drew her sword, and kicked Ajia to the side. She sensed that the enemy’s melee fighter should still have the strength to fight.

“Tutu! China wins!” The referee received the signal from the Indian captain, asto, and blew the whistle.

Xia Yan was a little taken aback and stared at the melee fighter lying on the ground. She knew very well that Han Jiangxue had dealt with the melee fighter very badly when she had challenged ah Jia.

However, the enemy’s melee fighter clearly did not lose his combat power, and Han Jiangxue had also stopped attacking.

Was this some kind of tacit agreement?

This melee fighter was lying on the ground and not getting up. Was he admitting defeat?

Han Jiangxue also stopped attacking. Since the other party had chosen to lie on the ground obediently and no longer had any intention of struggling, Han Jiangxue was too lazy to attack.

After taking a few glances, Xia Yan also understood something. She no longer paid attention to the melee fighter who was pretending to be dead and instead turned to look at Jiang Xiao and asto.

Due to the distance, she couldn’t hear anything. Although she could read Jiang Xiao’s lips, Xia Yan was a little dumbfounded. If Jiang Xiao were speaking in Chinese, she might have been able to guess what he was saying. However, he was obviously speaking in English.

What was even more infuriating was that Jiang Xiao seemed to have realized something. He covered his mouth with one hand to block the drizzling rain and said a few more words before patting asto’s shoulder.

Xia Yan looked at Jiang Xiao in the distance with an unhappy expression while the sound of the medical team treating Ajia could be heard from behind.

As she wiped the tears from her eyes, the light rain gradually stopped and the dark clouds gradually dispersed.

The group of four waved to the audience and left in an orderly manner.

Jiang Xiao was immediately stopped by the reporter, he Huan, who gritted his teeth at the sight of the reporters following the national team.

It couldn’t be helped. He was the one who followed the little toxic healer. He Huan had really taken on a good job.

“Congratulations!” He Huan quickly said. God Pi! He had obtained another victory! I’m curious, what were you talking about with the Indian captain asto?”

Jiang Xiao smiled and said,”he’s a humble Star Warrior. I respect him very much. I was just persuading him to surrender.”

Hmm … I’m not going to tell you that he’s my little fan, squatting in the underground garage just to ask for my signature~

“Oh, that’s why he raised his hand and admitted defeat.” He Huan looked as if he had just realized something.”If we don’t admit defeat, the injury of the Indian helper will be delayed, and I’m afraid something will happen.”

“Yes.” Jiang Xiao nodded and said,”so, asto’s choice is very wise …”

While they were talking, a series of intense curses could be heard.

Jiang Xiao, who was being interviewed alone, as well as Han Jiangxue and the others, who were being interviewed by the team, turned around one after another, only to see that asto was helping the healed Ajia up. However, Ajia did not appreciate it and was instead cursing angrily.

They didn’t speak English but seemed to be speaking in their hometown language, which Jiang Xiao and the others couldn’t understand.

However, from Ajia’s expression and tone, one could tell that he was very angry. On the other hand, asto’s face was green and purple. It was not a good look.

“Ha.” Xia Yan snorted in disdain and said,”it seems like I shouldn’t have held back. Some people are unreasonable and don’t deserve to be respected.”

He Huan seemed to understand Ajia’s words. He said,””Player Ajia seems to be complaining that asto didn’t protect his support at the beginning of the game, so the whole team fell into a passive state and didn’t play out the well-planned tactics.”

He Huan’s proficiency in the language was rather unexpected. He looked at Jiang Xiao and said,””You’re the one who cut off the enemy’s support and destroyed the enemy’s tactical engine. Is this also your team’s strategy?”

However, Jiang Xiao kept staring at the cursing Ajia, as if he hadn’t heard he Huan’s question. He shouted,””Hey! You bastard!”

Ajia’s anger did not diminish. He turned his head abruptly and looked in the direction of the voice, only to see that Jiang Xiao was calling him. He immediately glared at Jiang Xiao.

“You’re not really a failure before you complain about your teammates!” Jiang Xiao yelled.

Everyone was speechless.

This scene and this sentence made Gu Shi ‘an suddenly remember why he didn’t personally lead a team to fight in the past. Instead, he chose to be a member of Jiang Xiao’s team …

On normal days, Jiang Xiao would even make some harmless jokes.

For example, he had called Gu Shi ‘an “weakness” in the changing room.

However, in a battle …

From the beginning to the end, regardless of whether it was the domestic or foreign missions of the wasteland reclaimers, the journey to the World Cup, or the countless team battles, Jiang Xiao never seemed to complain about any of his teammates no matter what happened …

He Huan was so excited that his hands trembled. He hurriedly asked,””Is this your Star Warrior path?”

Jiang Xiao was slightly taken aback. He turned around and said in a half-Beijing accent,””What you?”

He Huan said,’Star Warrior Dao! It’s the thing that a Star Warrior perseveres in his heart!”

Jiang Xiao scratched his head and hesitated for a while before saying,””So … Uh, was it that profound? I just wanted to scold him. ”

He Huan was speechless.

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