Nine Star Burden - Chapter 897

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Chapter 897: 897

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Jiang Xiao returned to the locker room gleefully with the 100 skill points that he had obtained from winning the match.

“I can finally take a break.” Xia Yan casually leaned the giant sword against the wardrobe, looking rather relaxed. She even stretched her perfect body and Gu Shi ‘an subconsciously turned his head away.

There was no reason for Jiang Xiao to turn around. He looked at Xia Yan’s lazy expression with a strange expression.

She had just experienced a battle and not just woken up. What the hell was this stretching?

“Hehe, xiaopi, you can’t take a break. Your individual competition is still held once every three days, but our team battle has become a battle every five days since we’ve entered the top 14~” Xia Yan sat down on the long bench and turned to look.

“Yes, yes.” Jiang Xiao nodded in agreement and said,”you just sit at home and watch how your brother xiaopi shows off.”

Gu Shi ‘an suddenly said,”if we don’t count today, the next team battle will be in five days. Do you have any plans for the team?” In the last World Cup, how did you all spend your five days off?”

Jiang Xiao chuckled and said,”you’re overthinking it. These five days are basically the five days for the college entrance examination.”

Gu Shi ‘an was speechless.

Jiang Xiao said,”there were a lot of opponents in the first few rounds. Hence, I could only study my opponents after drawing lots.” “Entering the top 14 also means that our opponent is one of the 13 teams. We can study every team in all aspects.

Without a doubt, the coaching team will definitely make us memorize the information of every team and every student. ”

Hearing this, Gu Shi ‘an smacked his lips and subconsciously reached into his pocket for a cigarette, but unfortunately, he didn’t find it.

Xia Yan pursed her lips and said,”I think it doesn’t matter if we study it or not. It’s not good to be too cautious either. We’re always so tense and exhausted. We need to relax.”

Oh, right, are we going to Bailin city’s star Beast amusement park to play? While it’s still open, let’s go on an apocalyptic tour?”

Jiang Xiao’s eyes lit up and he said,”the amusement park here in will is different from the Japanese amusement park we went to last time. The types of star beasts are completely different. Can we buy some interesting pets back?”

Xia Yan immediately thought of Jiang Xiao’s astral pets amusement park. To be honest, if she were to visit the neon astral pets amusement park again, she would buy a few dozen more swaying bells.

“Alright?” Xia Yan turned to look at Han Jiangxue, her beautiful eyes filled with anticipation.

Han Jiangxue raised her brows slightly and was about to say something, only to discover that Jiang Xiao’s body had suddenly stiffened, and his smiling face had instantly stiffened.

“What?” Han Jiangxue subconsciously looked around and was on full alert.

The siblings ‘reaction made Xia Yan and Gu Shi’ an feel as if they were facing a formidable enemy. They immediately raised their vigilance and observed their surroundings.

“Safe. No situation.” Gu Shi ‘an had a perception-type STAR technique and was the only Scout in the team when it didn’t rain for Jiang Xiao and Xia Yan.

“What’s wrong?” Han Jiangxue asked with concern.

Jiang Xiao shook his head with a sullen expression and said,””I’m fine. I suddenly thought of a problem. I need some time to calm down. ”

Everyone in the changing room suddenly stopped talking. Even Xia Yan didn’t think that Jiang Xiao was trying to act mysterious. She shut her mouth obediently and only looked at Jiang Xiao curiously.

The more she knew, the more Xia Yan knew about Jiang Xiao’s efforts that no one else knew about.

The gardener’s hide in the world of calamity and shadows should not be in any danger. Could it be that second last’s sparring partner had been torn apart by her? Or perhaps …

Xia Yan finally realized something. It would be a big deal if something happened to the Explorer hide in the alien dimension. The Explorer hide had already died many times, and Jiang Xiao had only told her about it.

Xia Yan was well aware that Jiang Xiao would probably die more times than she had mentioned.


10 minutes ago, in the upper dimension, in the ancient tower.

The sky was hazy, and it was drizzling.

It was clearly morning, but the sky was frighteningly dark. The sky was covered with dark clouds, as if the light rain could turn into a heavy storm at any time.

On the training field, Jiang Xiao stood with his hands behind his back and scanned the entire field while fighting on the high platform in front of him.

There were two huge monks with ghostly faces that were nearly three meters tall standing behind Jiang Xiao. One of them was holding a halberd while the other was holding a sword, silently protecting Jiang Xiao.

Below them was a team of nearly 300 people. They had grass partners, Silver Partners, Gold Partners, and clothing partners. They had all kinds of ghost-faced monks, and they all held a giant blade in their hands.

The training camp of more than 300 people was divided into six camps. In front of each camp, there was a golden partner as the leader, who completed every movement with great care.

The six golden partners were, of course, Jiang Xiao’s direct disciples.

Of course, Jiang Xiao had seven direct disciples. The one standing on the stage and guarding Jiang Xiao’s right side was the most meticulous golden fifty-nine. When he was officially acknowledged as his master, he had already been given the name “Jin Hui” by Jiang Xiao.

On the training field, the Ghostface monks were training in an orderly manner, and the drizzling rain could not extinguish their enthusiasm.

None of the ghost-faced monks wearing bamboo hats and straw capes made a single strange sound.

The huge camp was filled with a murderous aura. If it were anyone else, they would have trembled in body and mind under this aura, not to mention fighting.

“Let’s go and take a look at the square sky Ji. ” Jiang Xiao said while jumping off the ring.

Behind him, Jin Hui was holding a giant sword in her hand, and another ghostly-faced monk with a halberd in his hand followed Jiang Xiao silently.

When they were not fighting, the ghost-faced monks had the same figure and clothes, so it was impossible to distinguish their species. They could only be distinguished by the color of their eyes. However, they had a habit of lowering the brim of their bamboo hats, which made it even more difficult to distinguish them.

The man and the two monks quickly moved forward and walked out of the huge martial arts practice field. They followed the sounds of fighting and passed through an ancient-looking Long Street before arriving at the gate of another martial arts practice field.

Different from the silent giant blade monks, this place was filled with shouts of killing. The hoarse roars of the ghost-faced monks alone were enough to make people’s blood boil and their minds surge.

The two ghostly monks quickly stepped forward and pushed open the left and right doors. What they saw was also a neatly arranged square matrix.

Each of the six camps was led by a Silver Partner. They held a huge heaven halberd and performed one basic movement after another: stab, pick, sweep, slash …

The six silver Partners in the lead, as well as the one holding the fangtian halberd beside Jiang Xiao, were the second batch of personal disciples that Jiang Xiao had accepted. They were also given names.

One man and two monks walked up to the high platform in front and looked at the monks training below.

Jiang Xiao’s eyes glistened and he nodded in his heart.

During the time he spent in niguda city, Jiang Xiao had also figured out the characteristics of the different species of ghost-faced monks.

Without exception, the common characteristic of the ghostly monks was that they loved to fight! Moreover, it was the kind of battle where one did not fear death.

Under this premise, each kind of ghost-faced monk had its own characteristics.

The most loyal and brave were the first batch of golden partners who came to acknowledge him as their master. They were willing to lower their pride, and they valued relationships more. They were also more eager to learn, and they were more eager to grow.

The most patient, self-disciplined, and even masochistic people who had the courage to fight against the warlike genes in their bodies were the “guards” and “law enforcement team.” The silver Partners clan.

Jiang Xiao’s second batch of direct disciples were Silver Partners with such characteristics.

Those that used to use long Spears or long pole weapons that were close to long Spears had all been transformed into halberd weapons by Jiang Xiao, and they were all halberd weapons.

There was no doubt that the Ghostface monks were talented in cold weapons, and even Jiang Xiao could not catch up with them.

Their physical fitness was off the charts and their strength attribute was terrifyingly strong. Jiang Xiao felt that the domineering heavenly halberd was more suitable for them than the long spear that had high walking speed and agility.

Moreover, one of the star techniques of Silver Partners was called “seal of holy power,” which increased his strength by a terrifying amount. Previously, Jiang Xiao was almost struck into the ground by the halberd of his personal disciple, who was given the name “silver cloth” in a one-on-one battle. It was too embarrassing …

Standing on the high platform, all the halberd soldiers were training hard, except for a pair of silver eyes that were glowing brightly. Looking from afar, she saw that it was Jiang Xiao’s first Silver Partners disciple. Silver cloth.

Jiang Xiao couldn’t help but shiver under her gaze.

Fortunately, silver cloth was only looking at it. As long as Jiang Xiao did not agree to its challenge, it would be able to bear with it …

“Yin Yun, you and Yin bu were punished to stand outside my house’s courtyard for the entire night. I heard that the two of you sparred in the arena last night?” Jiang Xiao asked curiously.

Silver Cloud stretched out his pitch-black fingers, lowered the brim of his hat, and hissed,””It’s a draw. ”

Jiang Xiao was rather surprised.”If the two of you fight, I’m afraid you’ll either die or be injured. How can it be a draw?”

“After Mr. Heyun saved us, lady three-tailed took control of us,” Yin Yun said.”She said that this is the price of infighting. Even if we get permission to fight in the ring, we still have to pay the price.

Tonight and tomorrow, yinbu and I will be punished to stand at the entrance of your courtyard for three days. ”

“How does it feel to be controlled by the ink flower?” Jiang Xiao asked, amused.

Hearing this, Yin Yun lowered the brim of his hat even more.

“Hehehehe …. On the side, Jin Hui couldn’t help but laugh sinisterly.

Jiang Xiao turned to look at Jin Hui and said,’you still have the cheek to smile! If I didn’t allow you to use your star techniques during the last battle, I’m afraid the seven of you would have been defeated by the seven of you. How can you still have the face to be my first batch of disciples?”

Jin Hui immediately stopped smiling. She pouted and felt very wronged.

If they had star techniques, why couldn’t they use them? Our golden-mate star techniques are different from silver-mate star techniques.

Hong long long …

Suddenly, a loud sound came from a Street far away from the city.

All the ghost-faced monks on the training ground stopped and subconsciously looked in the direction of the voice.

Jiang Xiao stood on the high platform and looked at the ancient-looking building beyond the courtyard wall, but he couldn’t see anything.

“Yin Liao, Yin Lu, take your formation and follow me!” Jiang Xiao said,”the rest of you, continue training. This is an order!”

While speaking, Jiang Xiao suddenly transformed into a Crow and flapped his wings to fly away.

The two silver Partners Yin Liao and Yin ni, who had been called out, led their own ghost-faced monks and quickly rushed out.



The pitch-black Crows had just flown into the sky when they heard a series of howls and roars. It was also accompanied by a series of violent explosions. It was as if the entire land was shaking.

In his line of sight, a shop had been blown up and collapsed.

The black crow flapped its wings and looked down at the ancient Pagoda city. However, its lonely eyes narrowed slightly.


They actually came out of the tunnel?

Skeleton army?

Was this a Desperado?

“Hahaha! Hahahahaha! I’ve been waiting for you!” In another training field, several golden couples barged out with a mix of good and bad.

Following the sound, Jiang Xiao saw the golden couple who was charging forward bravely.

Jiang Xiao didn’t even have to distinguish it carefully. He could tell who it was just by hearing its words.

Jiang Xiao quickly transformed back into his human form and hollered angrily,””Jin Yi! F * cking back off! Let Jin Yong lead the team!”

The leading golden couple got a great shock and looked up to see Jiang Xiao glowering at them in the sky. It blinked its golden eyes and asked,””Master, I’m Jin Shang.”

Jiang Xiao thought, uh … Alright, then you lead the charge. ”

At the back, Jin Yi raised his hat with his ghost hand and looked up at Jiang Xiao.

After that, it spread its hands and opened its mouth wide before looking up at Jiang Xiao in a daze, as if its dark face was filled with question marks.???

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