Nine Star Burden - Chapter 900

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Chapter 900: 900

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He was attacked from the front and back!

The Desperado Army immediately stopped. Jiang Xiao also felt that the Army of ghostly monks led by He Yun had also stopped in their tracks.

On this ancient-looking spacious Street, the troops of both sides stood in the rain, as if waiting for a signal.

“Have you found the leader of this Desperado Army?” A cold voice came from behind.

Jiang Xiao got a great shock, but he didn’t dare to look back. He was still staring at the Desperado Army in front of him and glanced around, only to see the blind girl standing on the roof far away.

The blind girl in the White robe, who had been standing silently, suddenly turned into a pool of black ink and fell to the ground.

The black ink soaked the tiles on the roof. Under the rain, it fell through the eaves and fell on the uneven Stone Road.

Very good!

His train of thought was very clear!

Jiang Xiao was really afraid that the blind girl would be overconfident and was prepared to attack from the front and back.

“Have you found the leader?” The blind girl’s cold voice came again.

With little jiangxue’s voice, it was difficult for Jiang Xiao to like the cold voice of other women. He was afraid that he would have to make an exception today.

He liked this voice too much, especially when it came from behind him!

“Leader?” Jiang Xiao asked.

“We’ve been fighting for so long, but you still haven’t found their leader,”the blind girl said.

His tone was frighteningly cold.

Ever since the two of them got “carried away” in the courtyard, her attitude had improved a lot and she took more care of Jiang Xiao.

It was also the first time Jiang Xiao had heard the blind girl reprimand him since then.

Perhaps, in the long career of forming a team in the past, Jiang Xiao had elevated his image in the eyes of his teammates time and time again, which made her have high expectations of him.

With a bitter expression on his face, Jiang Xiao said,”sister, it’s already not easy for me to survive until you guys arrived. Don’t ask for more.”

“Mm …” A cold palm gently patted Jiang Xiao’s back, seemingly to comfort him and also to apologize.

Immediately after, she picked up a black ink flower and placed it in front of Jiang Xiao.

“Huh?” Jiang Xiao asked.

The black ink flower was still dripping with black stains in the drizzling rain.

Different from the ink flowers that Jiang Xiao had seen before, this one had a rhizome.

“Find the leader. He’s the one who gave the order. He’s very cunning. I don’t know where he is.”

The blind girl said while picking up the flower with her dirty fingers and placing it beside Jiang Xiao’s mouth.””It’s likely to be beyond the diamond rank. It’s hard for my ink flower to catch it. You’re faster. If you have the chance, stick this flower into its skeleton.”

A level above the diamond Division?

Xingchen, leader of the fugitives?

From the blind lady’s words, Jiang Xiao could tell that she had probably fought with the leader of the desperadoes just now.

“As long as it doesn’t die, the Desperados will never fall into chaos. There are many of them, and they are still emerging from the ground.

As long as the leader is here, they will always organize an effective attack, and it will be difficult for us to escape with the monks. ”

“I don’t know if your flower blade can hurt it, but my flower can.” The blind girl held the black ink flower in her hand and placed the stem beside Jiang Xiao’s mouth. She touched it gently and said,”here, hold it in your mouth.”

Jiang Xiao subconsciously bit the black root of the ink flower, which he was no stranger to.

Once, when the three-man team detoured around Dameng province and was ambushed by the star Crown clan, the blind girl had fought with him in such a way.

The blind girl took a step back. Under her white robe, which had been drenched by the rain, a black mist curled up from the wide sleeves, and ink flowers floated out.

On the roof behind Jiang Xiao, Li Haoge’s voice sounded,””Commander Jiang, get your bearings. We’re trying to break out of the encirclement.”

Jiang Xiao still didn’t dare to look back and stared at the Desperado Army in front of him.

Had they already reached the point of breaking out of the encirclement?

On the left side of the street, a figure stood on the roof of an ancient building. It was Yue Yuchen, the Falcon.

“It’ll be hard for us to break out if the leader is not dead,” he said.”There are too many of them. The desperadoes are too fast.”

“Understood!” Jiang Xiao roared loudly,”all monks, give Starlight support! The seal of holy power!”

“Listen to my command.” The blind girl’s cold voice was heard from behind Jiang Xiao again.

Jiang Xiao was speechless.

The Army of Desperados was attacked from both the front and back. After the blind girl’s shout, the ghost-faced monks on the other side of the street quickly charged at the Army of Desperados with all kinds of weapons in their hands.

A series of ghostly wails and wolf howls resounded throughout the fanggu Pagoda. These ghastly wails and howls did not come from the corpses of the ghost-faced monks, but … The illusory ghostly faces that floated out of their bodies.

It was obvious that this was a corpse spirit!

It was a STAR technique from the savage sorcerer in the Arsenal, a representative dimensional space of Zhongji province.

Once a corpse spirit infected the body, it would cause a heavy blow to the living.

It was not physical, but spiritual.

However, Jiang Xiao wasn’t sure if the undead spirit would be effective on the desperadoes.

After all, the desperadoes were in the form of skeletons. However, since they had thoughts, they should be affected?

The blind girl spoke again.”The Desperados are not truly dead. I can’t summon corpse spirits from their skeletons, but I can interfere with the Desperados ‘movements to a small extent. Once the rear of the enemy formation is in chaos, you can charge when I transform the stars into martial arts.”

Jiang Xiao nodded.

“Remember to look for their leader,” the blind girl said softly.

“Seven golden characters! Protect three tails!” Jiang Xiao yelled.

“Yin Liao, Yin ni, Yin CI, lead the Army and form a defensive formation! The enemy will be in chaos, hold on!”

“Yin bu, Yin Yun, Yin Chao, and Yin CE, form an awl with me. Stack your state to the maximum and listen to my command.”

Jiang Xiao felt the vigorous star power in his body and the color of the flower blade in his hand became darker.

Layers of Starlight armor were draped over everyone’s body, and pale green halos stacked up under their feet. A half-illusionary silver mark spread out on everyone’s chest.

Beside Jiang Xiao, the four silver Partners were holding onto their heavy halberds, and under their bamboo hats, their huge silver eyes were emitting a scorching glow.

Just as Jiang Xiao had said, the five of them formed an awl shape and were ready to attack.

The ink flower in the blind girl’s hand lit up, and she said,”Jiang Xiao.”

“Huh?” Jiang Xiao asked.

“Don’t die,”the blind girl said softly.

As she spoke, the blind girl suddenly knelt on one knee and pressed her hands on the stone Road stained with rain.

The next moment, a dim star map suddenly lit up on the blind girl’s body, and a pitch-black flower bud appeared.

The flower bud was not static. As the blind girl activated her star power, the black flower bud slowly bloomed!

The huge black flower petals gently floated in the air. It was extremely strange, but also beautiful.

In the midst of the desperate Army that was slaughtering the ghost-faced monk’s corpse, a huge black flower rose from the ground and broke through the wet stone ground. It broke through the earth and bloomed directly in the desperate Army!

The huge flower seemed to grow endlessly, and only when it reached a height of nearly 10 meters did it gradually slow down.

The eight black flower petals were like a black oil umbrella that covered the sky and the sun, shrouding a large area of the street.

Then, pitch-black flower vines swept out from the surroundings of the black flower!

The pitch-black flower vines were like thick, long black pythons, wantonly whipping all the living creatures around them. They rolled up skeletons and smashed them up and down.

The scene was extremely shocking!

The surrounding houses were swept by the flower vines and turned into ruins.

The desperate skeletons cried out madly and tried their best to slash at the flower vines with their desperate sabers. However, the flower vines were terrifyingly tough and could not be cut at all.

The star beads of the Desperados were scattered everywhere and the street was completely razed to the ground amidst the deafening explosions!

However, how could an ordinary attack like the flower vines shatter the body of a fugitive?

The true attack method of the flowers and vines was pollution …

The White bones of a Desperado that was entangled by a huge flower vine had been stained with a dark color. The hard skeleton instantly became extremely brittle and completely shattered as the flower vines smashed it.

A few desperadoes were swept up by the flower vines and sent directly into the pistil of the huge black flower. They were then swallowed by the strange and black flower.

The half-illusionary dark ghostly faces flew up and down, circling back and forth under the petals. They shrieked miserably, looking for any living creature that could attack.

Jiang Xiao held a black ink flower in his mouth and charged forward with his long sword. He said in a muffled voice,””Conical formation! Charge!”

Jiang Xiao took the lead, with Yin Yun and Yin Chao on the left and Yin bu and Yin CE on the right, charging towards the chaotic group of Desperados.




A hoarse roar came from his Silver Partners beside him. The five-man team was wearing Starlight armor, stepping on the Halo of nostalgia and the Halo of thorns, and their bodies were spreading the seal of holy power as they fought forward!

Everything was as people had expected. The desperadoes were in chaos, and their formation was gone. However, they, who were fighting on their own, broke free from their restraints and began to attack indiscriminately.

Yin Liao, Yin ni, and Yin CI, who stayed at the back, led their troops into formation. Several rows of ghost-faced monks lined up in an orderly manner, with the front row of giant blade monks and the back row of Fang Tian Hua halberds.

He was faced with The Flashing Blade light and the bombardment of the bead of death.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

A series of crisp sounds rang out. The Desperado’s Desperado blade that had slashed at the five-man team was directly reflected, and their bodies were also reflected.

The orbs of death scattered over, and at this moment, an orange bell suddenly spread out from the body of the five-man team in front.

It was spreading because the orange-red illusory Bell came out of their bodies.

Then, the illusionary orange bell shield enveloped everyone like a natural defensive shield, resisting the bombardment of the bead of death.

In the back row, He Yun was standing on the shoulder of a partner.

He raised his head to look at the hazy sky. One of his hands reached out to the horizon, reaching out to the layers of rain, as if he was begging for something from the heavens.

In front of He Yun, an orange illusionary Bell Star map also lit up with a dazzling light.

The two star Warriors had finally shown their true strength. What level was this turning stars into martial arts?

Jiang Xiao looked at the orange-red bell that covered his body and spread out, feeling a little dumbfounded. The flowers in his mouth almost fell out.

He had seen the blind girl’s martial transformation from stars, but he had never seen He Yun ‘s.

‘This …’ What the f * ck was this?

Isn’t this invincible?

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