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Chapter 2933: 2933

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Chapter 2933 Helping Others is its Own Pleasure

The Chu family’s people? Long Chen was first surprised, but then he thought of how big of a ruckus he had caused. The Luo family’s people had come, so the Chu family’s people couldn’t possibly be unaware of it. It would be strange if they didn’t appear.

The Chu family had also brought more than ten people, and their gazes were especially hostile toward Long Chen. Killing intent dripped from their eyes.

Moreover, their leader was someone that gave Long Chen a sense of pressure. This person’s aura was exceptionally intense, so it gave him a feeling of mortal danger.

However, that wasn’t strange. This person should be the Chu family’s top genius in the inner academy. His cultivation base was in the Divine Flame realm. If his talent was on par with Chu Kuang, then Long Chen probably wasn’t a match for him in his current state.

In the Mortal Transcendence realm, a person accumulated power. And in the Divine Flame realm, that power erupted. The Mortal Transcendence realm could be considered piling up firewood, while the Divine Flame realm was igniting that foundation.

The greater the talent, the greater the power that erupted after igniting the divine flame. The Divine Flame realm could be considered lighting the first lamp on a person’s path of cultivation. It was also the most important starting point. Only by entering the Divine Flame realm could a person truly be considered a cultivator of the immortal world.

The head of the Chu family’s forces was a somewhat skinny fellow. His gaze was dark and gloomy, giving people chills.

With Long Chen walking out and them walking in, the two of them almost ran into each other. They were less than ten feet from each other before both of them stopped at the same time.

The Chu family’s people glared at Long Chen. However, their leader didn’t have any rage in his eyes. Instead, he suddenly smiled.

“I have to thank you.”

This startled everyone. Was it the opposite day? Long Chen had just killed the Chu family’s heavenly genius. Moreover, even the two higher-ups of the Discipline Institute had been dragged away and there was no news as to their current state, but he had to thank Long Chen?

“There’s no need to thank me. Helping people is its own pleasure. Spanking people who are full of themselves is simply the right thing to do, so it’s not worth mentioning,” said Long Chen indifferently, clasping his hands behind him.

Luo Bing held back a laugh. Long Chen’s words truly were so funny that she almost got caught off guard.

However, while she almost laughed, beside her, Luo Qingyang had no mirth in his eyes. Upon seeing the way Luo Bing stared at Long Chen, his heart sank.

Although they were both surnamed Luo, the Luo family didn’t prevent marriage within the same family. As long as they weren’t directly related within ten generations, it was allowed.

Luo Qingyang liked Luo Bing, and he had also vaguely expressed it before. However, he didn’t know if it was simply because Luo Bing didn’t understand the relations between men and women or if she was avoiding him, but she had never given him an answer.

In truth, Luo Qingyang was simply blithely unaware that Luo Bing was someone with a strong sense of duty. In her heart, she only cared about the Luo family. She put everything into her cultivation and didn’t wish for romantic matters to disturb her Dao-heart.

Thus, despite her beauty, even after all these years, Luo Bing responded indifferently to any romantic regards. She never had any contact with men.

However, today, she had grabbed Long Chen’s arm so naturally, causing Luo Qingyang’s heart to thump. A wave of nameless anger then rose within him. Fortunately, Long Chen had sensed it and used the opportunity to cup his fists toward him to escape that somewhat intimate hold. It could be considered him showing Luo Qingyang his attitude toward such a thing.

However, now Luo Bing’s gaze toward Long Chen and that smile caused the flames of rage within Luo Qingyang to fully ignite. He couldn’t suppress them any longer.

Not sensing this, Luo Bing continued watching Long Chen, wanting to know what would happen now.

Luo Bing and Luo Ning’s people had already walked over to stand behind Long Chen. This was a clear stand-off. As the Chu family were mortal enemies with them, it was only natural for them to stand behind Long Chen.

The Luo Alliance’s people began to walk before Long Chen as well, but they then stared at Luo Qingyang oddly. He wasn’t moving.

Ultimately, Luo Qingyang also chose to walk over. Although he was unwilling to stand on Long Chen’s side, he had to express his position clearly as well.

That person from the Chu family smiled at Long Chen’s response. “What an interesting response. But I truly have to thank you.”

“And I really don’t need you to thank me,” said Long Chen solemnly.

Zhong Ling actually couldn’t hold back her laughter this time. Despite knowing that this wasn’t the place, she couldn’t stop it.

However, that person didn’t get angry. “Let me introduce myself. I am Chu Yang, the head of the Chu Alliance here in the inner academy. Chu Kuang was my half-brother on my father’s side, and he was also one of the candidates in line to become the next family head. I have to thank you because you’ve helped me out quite a bit in grasping that position. Although that little brother of mine was always pampered, to tell the truth, I really was a bit afraid of his talent. He was even more talented than me, and his mother’s side has greater power. Even my father was somewhat restrained by them, so Chu Kuang was truly qualified to be so arrogant. If he had properly cultivated, he would probably have had the greatest chance to become the family head. Unfortunately, there are no ifs in this world. So I must thank you. I’ve decided that when I kill you, I’ll leave you with an intact corpse. What do you think about that?”

Li Cai and the others were enraged. This Chu Yang was even more hateful than Chu Kuang. He could infuriate people with such a calm expression, and that indifferent tone of his was particularly irritating.

Long Chen shook his head with a somewhat bitter expression. “Those words of yours really make me feel bad.”

“Oh? Why?” asked Chu Yang casually.

“It’s just that I’m not capable of holding back like that. I can’t guarantee that I’ll leave your corpse intact,” said Long Chen.

“Hahaha!” Chu Yang laughed. “Interesting, really interesting. Do you know why I haven’t eliminated the Luo Alliance all this time?”

“What a joke! Do you think that the Luo Alliance is spineless?!” raged one of the Luo Alliance’s experts. During this time, the Chu Alliance had fought the Luo Alliance multiple times, and both sides had had casualties. Neither side had gained any advantage.

“I’d like to hear it,” said Long Chen with interest. He felt that this Chu Yang was a far greater opponent than Chu Kuang.

Chu Yang ignored the one who had interrupted their conversation and indifferently said, “The main reason is because of Chu Kuang. According to the family’s orders, I had to pave the way for him and leave all the flashy things to him. That way, he would have a greater list of achievements when he fought for the family head position. I plant the trees for him, but he plucks the fruit. But now that he’s dead, all the fruit is mine for the reaping. Now you understand, right?”

Long Chen nodded. “I understand. Now you can reap your harvest, as well as get revenge for Chu Kuang. It’s two birds with one stone. It seems that you’re quite lucky.”

“Thus, I need to thank you.” Chu Yang smiled.

“I already said that there’s no need to thank me. It’s simply natural for me.” Long Chen also smiled.

“Then what do you have planned next?” asked Chu Yang.

Long Chen shrugged. “What plan could I possibly have? I don’t like trouble. But I’m not afraid of it. The path of cultivation is long and dreary, so occasionally slaughtering a few people will make it more interesting. That’s not bad.”

From just the tone, people would think that these two were old friends who were talking and laughing. However, their words were chilling.

“Alright, then let’s wait and see. I hope you won’t disappoint me,” said Chu Yang.

“Don’t worry, I never disappoint people. But before you go, can I ask you something?” asked Long Chen suddenly.

“Please, go ahead.”

“Are your knees bent and those two people protect you on the left and right there because you’re afraid that I’ll slap you?” asked Long Chen.

Upon hearing this, Chu Yang’s expression finally twitched. He then snorted and left with his people.

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