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Chapter 112: 112

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Chapter 112: Condensing The Golden Wheel Of Expiation?

“Qingzhou Sword Dao Meet?”

Wei Lin was stunned.

Figures appeared at the entrance to the north gate, all of whom were his subordinates who were recognizable.

‘Why did all of my men come here?’

‘What’s happening?’

‘What Dao expert? Hey, make yourselves clear.’

Wei Lin had no idea what happened, but he felt that something was amiss.

However, at this moment, a golden figure appeared, shrouded in golden light like a divine soldier who descended from heaven.

He lifted his hand and cast a Golden Light of Expiation that expiated the Fiendcelestial Cult disciples who were fleeing, thoroughly.

“Damn, Daoist Master?”

Wei Lin was dumbfounded.

‘Speak of the devil. Who wouldn’t be shocked?’

Even Sikong Jiantian was dumbstruck, let alone Wei Lin.

Daoist Master!

He really didn’t expect that there would be such a young Daoist Master in a small place like Qingzhou.

There were only four Daoist masters in the entire Jin Nation, but all of them were more than 500 years old.

Ye Ping became a Daoist Master at such a young age, what would become of him when he got older?

Even in the Heavenly Supervisory, there wasn’t such a young Daoist Master.

It was no longer as simple as a phoenix appearing in a bird nest. Instead, it was akin to a divine dragon appearing in a bird nest.

Sikong Jiantian inhaled sharply.

All of a sudden, he could not help but think of another thing.

Ye Ping’s Senior Brother was Su Changyu.

‘If he’s already so strong, what about his senior brother?’

‘Is Su Changyu… really secretly an expert?’

However, before Sikong Jiantian could continue thinking, Wei Lin, who was at a stalemate with him, panicked and wanted to take away the Five-Grudge Ancient Emerald Gourd and leave.

Now that there was a Daoist Master, Wei Lin was scared.

No matter how strong Ye Ping really was, as long as he teamed up with Sikong Jiantian, Wei Lin would definitely die.

Hence, Wei Lin decided to flee as a gentleman wouldn’t suffer a loss.

However, Sikong Jiantian immediately sensed what Wei Lin was thinking, and he couldn’t help but holler at Ye Ping.

“Ye Ping, quickly use the Golden Light of Expiation to expiate him.”

Sikong Jiantian roared. The only way he could subdue the demon was with Ye Ping’s Golden Light of Expiation.


Ye Ping agreed immediately. He was there for the sake of subduing demons. Now that Wei Lin was the greatest enemy he had to fight, he naturally wouldn’t let him go.

He cast the Golden Light of Expiation and a golden light shrouded Wei Lin.

In an instant, the Five-Grudge Ancient Emerald Gourd began vibrating while a massive amount of Five-Grudge Ancient Poison was retracted. Thick black flames spewed out of it too. It was a heretical artifact that contained countless resentful spirits that were imprisoned and put through endless suffering that resulted in endless resentment. Finally, it was refined into the Five-Grudge Ancient Poison by the gourd.

It was an ancient treasure.

Basically, only Nascent Soul realm elders would have it and it was also the reason why Sikong Jiantian was restrained.

However, the main problem was that Sikong Jiantian was too careless.

On the other hand, Wei Lin had also received an extremely serious blow, and he really felt like he was being baked under real fire when the Golden Light of Expiation shone on him.

In an instant, Wei Lin let out a miserable scream.

In the next moment, Sikong Jiantian finally made his move.

His gaze became extremely sharp at this moment.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Wisps of pure white sword energy were darted out. They were specially meant for dealing with heretic cultivators.

The sword energy became coated with a layer of faint golden light that penetrated through Wei Lin’s body.


Wei Lin shrieked.

At the same time, tens of thousands of cultivators in Qingzhou also happened to arrive at the Sword Dao Meet venue just in time to see this scene.

Sikong Jiantian was truly furious.

His sword energy shuttled through and hundreds of sword energy crushed Wei Lin’s body.

“I surrender, I surrender. Sikong Jiantian, if you spare my life, I can tell you where the Fiendcelestial Cult’s lair is.”

Wei Lin shrieked.

He could not defeat Sikong Jiantian, and now he was being suppressed by the Golden Light of Expiation. Who would be able to stand it?

Hence, Wei Lin immediately wanted to surrender.

“It’s too late to surrender now!”

Sikong Jiantian didn’t give Wei Lin a chance.

He didn’t have to anyway.

The sword energy erupted and even the void was cracked. Sikong Jiantian was a peak Golden Core realm expert after all, and his attainments in the Sword Dao were extremely terrifying. He had already comprehended the existence of sword intent. Usually, he would be able to kill Wei Lin instantly.

If he hadn’t been careless, how could he have delayed until now?

“Sikong Jiantian, I still have many secrets that you must want to know. Sikong Jiantian, you can capture me alive. Yet, you insist on killing me. Aren’t you afraid of incurring the wrath of the king of Jin Nation?”

Wei Lin panicked.

He was completely flustered and was spluttering incessantly, in hopes that Sikong Jiantian would hesitate.

Unfortunately, Sikong Jiantian did not hesitate and even had some derision in his eyes.

‘King of Jin Nation?’

‘What is he to me?’


In the next moment, Wei Lin was badly mangled and a Golden Core emerged from his body. However, it was crushed by Sikong Jiantian’s sword energy.

It was a bloody scene, but the tens of thousands of people didn’t close their eyes.

The sudden attack of the Fiendcelestial Cult had killed countless cultivators in Qingzhou.

They would not pity their enemies and felt that their fellow cultivators had died innocent deaths.

“Sikong Jiantian, I’m not convinced by you!” Wei Lin yelled hysterically.

His resentful spirit had formed. It was about four to five meters tall.

Besides, the even more terrifying thing was that Wei Lin’s resentful spirit was directly attached to the Five-Grudge Ancient Emerald Gourd.

In an instant, the ancient gourd swayed and the wailing of countless resentful spirits could be heard. The scene of hell on earth appeared again. The cultivators with lower cultivation levels passed out on the spot.

“Ye Ping, Golden Light of Expiation!”

Sikong Jiantian raised his hand and endless sword energy darted out, suppressing the resentful spirits. At the same time, he called Ye Ping along. After all, relying on his strength alone would be difficult to suppress such a horrible resentment.


At this moment, Ye Ping was like an emotionless expiation tool.

He spread his hands out and a golden canopy appeared while countless resentful spirits transcended under the Golden Light of Expiation. They weren’t actually considered resentful spirits but souls of the dead, because they were ordinary people who had been tormented by the Fiendcelestial Cult.

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Now, they all chose to reincarnate under the Golden Light of Expiation.

At this moment, it was as if a golden rain had fallen on the Sword Dao Meet.

At the same time, a large amount of merit surged into Ye Ping’s body too.


However, the Five-Grudge Ancient Emerald Gourd was indeed extremely terrifying. Even under the double suppression of Ye Ping and Sikong Jiantian, it still erupted with terrifying power, and the countless souls surged throughout the entire Qingzhou Ancient City.

“Damn it!”

Sikong Jiantian didn’t expect Wei Lin’s resentment to be so great as it couldn’t be suppressed even with his sword energy and the Golden Light of Expiation.

“Everyone flee quickly!”

Sikong Jiantian yelled and told everyone not to stay any longer.

Chen Yuan spoke up too.

“Exalted Immortal, hurry up and use the Golden Light of Expiation. There are millions of resentful spirits here. If you expiate all of them, you’d definitely ascend. Don’t be stingy with the merit.”

Chen Yuan reminded Ye Ping to hurry up and strengthen his Golden Light of Expiation. Otherwise, if the souls reincarnated, he would be in huge trouble.


Ye Ping didn’t delay any further because he understood the importance of the matter.

He injected all the power of merit in his body into the Golden Light of Expiation.

More than 2,000 power of merit were metamorphosed altogether.

It was the sixth metamorphosis.

As long as he metamorphosed thrice, he would be able to condense the Golden Wheel of Expiation.

As Ye Ping upgraded the Golden Light of Expiation, the golden canopy became larger and its power increased too.


Countless power of merit entered Ye Ping’s body.

The souls in the Five-Grudge Ancient Emerald Gourd were not ordinary. They had been through endless suffering in the heretical artifact and were full of resentment.

It was extremely difficult to expiate all of them and that was also the reason why Wei Lin would rather risk the possibility of never being reincarnated than let go of the opportunity. He possessed the ancient gourd and released the souls with the intention to turn the Qingzhou Ancient City into a ghost city.

He wanted to create a second Linhe Ghost Grave.

Unfortunately, he encountered Ye Ping.

A massive amount of merit entered Ye Ping’s body.

Ye Ping, too, injected the merit into the Golden Light of Expiation.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn out, the Golden Light of Expiation metamorphosed again.

The speed of expiation increased and it became more vigorous.

Some of the souls with great resentment had no choice but to let go of their obsessions and go to the Golden Light of Expiation.

“Ye Ping! You’re courting death!” Wei Lin exclaimed.

He gathered the power of a million resentful spirits and wanted to kill Ye Ping.

However, Sikong Jiantian immediately released his sword intent.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The swords in the hands of all the Sword Dao cultivators began buzzing.

In the next moment, more than ten thousand swords condensed in front of Sikong Jiantian, turning into a shield that resisted Wei Lin’s attacks.

“Ye Ping, put your mind at ease and carry out the expiation.”

Sikong Jiantian spoke again.

He knew that if he wanted to truly solve this trouble now, he would have to rely on Ye Ping’s Golden Light of Expiation. Otherwise, the last attack that Wei Lin launched at the expense of losing his chance to reincarnate would be enough to make the Qingzhou Ancient City turn into a ghost city.


A massive amount of merit gushed into Ye Ping’s body.

15 minutes passed.

He completed the eighth metamorphosis of the Golden Light of Expiation.

However, Wei Lin’s attack got even more ferocious and the million portions of resentment surged into the sky. Even Sikong Jiantian could hardly resist it.

He had invincible sword intent that was blocking the impact of the resentful spirits. However, he was also severely injured.

At this rate, he would be doomed too.

However, Sikong Jiantian understood that as long as he delayed until Ye Ping condensed the Golden Wheel of Expiation, it would all be over.

However, Sikong Jiantian was aware of another fact.

The Golden Wheel of Expiation did not rely only on the power of merit to be condensed.

It required an epiphany too!

However, he couldn’t say it and could only expect a miracle to happen.

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