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Chapter 1599: 1599

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Chapter 1599 Interim Leader Of Daimon City -Part 3

"Citizens of Daimon City. I am Jin, the Lord of Mount Sunn, a title you had not heard of but a place where you probably had heard whispers of in recent weeks."

"In the past few weeks, Edmond Diamondz the CEO of Diamondz Corps had launched an intensive campaign against Mount Sunn because of reasons that we are still investigating. From what we had known, it is most likely that he had enacted the reinforcement of a ban against one of this world's most famous Mecha Smith in history. If anyone were to be in contact with this particular Mecha Smith, they should be annihilated and the Mecha Smith would be sentenced to death."

"However, as an officer of the Archduke's personal army, Dyke's Pikes, we found this reason to be extremely uncompelling and had been riddled with corporate bans. It was in the interest of Edmond that the Mecha Smith does not thrive so that the company and other manufacturing Mechanoid industries can very well survive. Such a close minded thought of process had led to a big conflict where he decided that sending out thousands of soldiers to a remote place just to dot out punishment and have absolute control over it."

"Unfortunately, being the bearer of bad news, that remote territory of mine was able to defend and repel the invaders that had stepped into the surrounding land of Mount Sunn," Jin said and Denise was wondering how this was going. It felt like this was a declaration of taking over Daimon City because of the sins that they had made due to one person's greed. Yet, she continue to monitor and see how Jin would turn this around.

"But Daimon City's army was not as weak as I had described. They were a strong and resilient force that kept coming wave after wave in order to break our morale. And even if there were no news about your loved ones, I can only say that they had worked hard to break through the front gates of our impenetrable Mount Sunn. It was a feat that could not be underestimated and it's not something that any other cities' armies could boast about."

"That is also the reason why I am standing here. I was sent as part of the mission to stop Edmond Diamondz from going hell bent crazy to sacrifice the rest of the army just to take down a Mecha Smith who was armed to the teeth, willing to do anything to protect what is rightfully his. Unfortunately, you all had seen how it ended. He had scores of fiendish Mechanoids under his wing and even had one rampaging throughout the city without care of his citizens. Next, he turned himself into a dragon Mechanoid and flew off, breaking the city's barrier to the point that it would take at least weeks to repair."

"And that is how the situation is right now. I regret to inform you that you will going to be under attack. By monsters. A major monster outbreak that could be unprecedented in scale. It is short notice but still, some available time is better than no time. And you might be wondering, shouldn't the more concerning issue be the person standing in front of you to speak to you? Why am I addressing all of you this particular problem? Is it to spite you for the damages you had done to my land?" Jin stopped to take a deep breath before giving the most serious look he could.

"No. Absolutely not."

"I am here because the Archduke knows that the only villain in this picture was Edmond Diamondz but not the citizens of Daimon City. I have no information on what he had done previously and perhaps he could have been a good man to a few of you. But right now, to me, he is the perpetrator that had destroyed the barrier of this Daimon City and you are all the victims of his vile act. So, with my expertise to be able to defend Mount Sunn against Daimon's Army, I am now here as approved and appointed by not only the Archduke but also the current acting CEO of Diamondz Corps, Denise who had decades of service under her name serving Diamondz."

"If you are worried that I am here for revenge, worry not. I had been given assurances that if I protect this city successfully, I will be rewarded generously. So generous that I am also willing to share that wealth with all of you as well. So driven by greed, by points, by the amount of gold that I might possibly take a lifetime to spend, I am determined to see this to the end. Yet, I had also seen the spirit of Daimon City in action. I saw how in the recent events where you all band together to bring now that rogue Tri-Rex down. Are you gonna see your city fall prey to monsters? Do you wish for your families and dear relatives to be eaten alive by those monsters? Or perhaps let the rest of the neighbouring countries sneer at how useless Daimon Citizens are?"

"Oh, one more thing. I heard that your so called friendly neighbours are going to close their doors on us because they are too scared to take on refugees in case any of you are going to take the chance to run away. So, unless you have extremely strong connections with people from other cities, we are left alone in this fight." Jin blurted out hurtful truths.

"But I am not walking away from you and if I am going to protect this city, I need your corporation especially now that the Daimon City's Army is still returning from its expedition from Mount Sunn. "

"So, are you with me? If Yes, as the new interim leader of Daimon City, I will announce a state of emergency and will send the necessary information to Diamondz Corp Media Group to prepare for this invasion. Ladies, Gentlemen and even other Mechanoids who are listening to this. I will say it again. I cannot protect Daimon City without your help. Help me, protect this place and I will reward all of you generously." Jin cleared his throat as he bowed slightly once and left the room.

"How was it?" Jin asked Denise who was waiting outside the room.

"It was... magnificently terrible. I have never heard a leader talking about their problems, their personal motivations and ultimately giving reassurances because of the said motivations. Its definitely not leadership material." Denise sighed with a smile.

"But, I can bet you fully with my life savings that those citizens had heard you, feel you and understand where you are coming from. If they do not get roused up by that speech, they are more heartless than I can ever remember." Denise said as she said with a raised hand while a camera drone emerged from her front and back.

"As the acting CEO of the Diamondz Corps, we are ready to provide whatever resources that Lord of Mount Sunn requires in order for the survival of Daimon City. I publicly acknowledge Lord Jin as the Interim Leader of Daimon City."

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