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Chapter 1600: 1600

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Chapter 1600 Interim Leader Of Daimon City -Part 4

"Ding!" Xiong Da's phone had been pinging for a while now but he had been busy dealing with a client that he had no time to check not just his phone but also his meal times. He figured that since Jin was in isolation training, this was probably the best time to take on big cases and get some nice moolah so that when Boss Jin comes back, Xiong Da can go to his favourite past time store to spend it all.

All the quality goods he had been getting from Dungeons and Pandas were so terribly great that it was to the point that he felt he could never live without them ever again. From day to day snacks to super fast deliveries, it was already becoming a norm that Xiong Da ordered from Dungeons and Pandas and sometimes even the Tree Mall for his daily essentials.

Thus, the moment he closed the major case, he thought of getting one of those Chilli Ban Mian to end the day. Thinking that it was an ordinary closure for the day, and relaxing for the rest of the night with his now wife. (Also ironically gotten from Dungeons and Pandas as well. Hehe!) He realised that the notifications were different from the usual.

"Dungeons and Pandas presents a Brand New Simulation Room!" There were no other subheadings for the notification and as curious as he was, Xiong Da opened it up to check it out. He remembered that Xiong Da and the others had tested this particular virtual simulation. It was something that he always envisioned as a kid. To be able to step into Virtual Reality and explore with others, wasting lots of time on it. And somehow Jin was getting there with the previous beta testing that he had done with the group as well as other 'experts'.

"Did his employees finally finish everything?" Xiong Da had some doubts that without Jin around, the employees were not as...hardworking as they should be. Granted, Qiu Yue was merely guarding the place until he returns and once in a while releases some short content for people to try it out. It was fun for sure but it did not have the big Oof! impact that he had always been experiencing with Jin's created dungeon instances.

Yet, there was still some kick to those arena fights but it got stale after a while even though he did read up that there were some people who were asking for more of such instances. Quick PVP/PVE fights that could allow them to push their limits in a short time frame. The Hippo Cultivator had no doubts that it's a pretty good addition since not everyone was like him, that was particularly invested in a Dungeon Supplier store. Some just wanted to have a quick fight and go off which the latest installment was quite a hit.

To the point, there was a ping that went off in the forums, started by Qiu Yue asking whether anyone would be interested in a fast tourney match that involved this kind of PVP scenario. Xiong Da would have participated in a heartbeat until he realised there were no plushies except Panda Coins which he had too much of. Thus, it was a skip for him but not for a few of his fellow Pandawans.

Yet this time around it was different. When he pressed the notification, it was actually an event that was going on. There was a short story and it felt a little cutoff, as if the cultivators that had been invited this time were something similar to the Quick Time emergency event that Jin had created previously, the Salamander Castle Raid Instance.

This time around, its theme was closer to the PVP guns theme that had been appearing recently but the rewards list was more comprehensive. But what had captured Xiong Da's attention was this particular line. "Boss Jin is inside commanding the entire fight! Be sure not to miss him as he is finally out of this 'enlightening' process but that idiot of a boss went diving into creating the next thing he could see lying around his bed!" Qiu Yue wrote with an angry red panda face sticker at the end of the line.

"Hooooooooo! Now this is worth my time!" Xiong Da knows that anything that has Jin inside would definitely be something absurd. He knew that if he had missed the notification previously, the others could have done the same as well and thus, he quickly went to find his Pandawan Chat Group and saw that no one had discussed it at all.

Hippo: Yo guys, there is a new plaything at our old hangout place.

Beetle: wats is it about?

Carrot: Probably some PVP thing again right?

Hippo: You be surprised, Jin is in this.

Xiong Da could see that the messages from the chat group started to be read and multiple people were typing at the same time.

Gorilla: Holy shit, finally some new content.

Womble: Urgh, and here I thought Boss Jin had abandoned us after learning so much money from us.

Gorilla: Only you will think that way. Who asked you to spend so much time and money on Supa Robo Wars? How can you find someone like how Se Lang did?

Wolf: I am still in this chat you know...

Giraffe: Don't worry, those girls were just manipulating dear Wolfie from the start. It was a tease to see how he could stand up to it. After all, someone seemed to be interested in Womble.

Hippo+Gorilla: WHAT?!

Beetle: Suddenly the main topic had digressed ;/

Monkey: Considering how we always see our dear womble being so disheartened, this is undoubtedly a double happiness news.

Flower: We should meet up soon and join this event! They said it's a virtual simulation, so I doubt it's as straining as those usual events.

Gorilla: You have no idea...

Womble: how narcissistic Boss Jin can be...

Gorilla: Even in games/events that are not cultivator based...

The messages went on and ultimately, everyone agreed to meet up after such a long period of time.

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