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Chapter 1830: 1830

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1830 The Problem With Gymnastics Exercises

Since the members of the Blood Alliance committed extremely dangerous crimes that involved a wide range of people, they were secretly interrogated almost at the same time as when arrests were being made.

As the news of Lu Zhongqi and Yun Feidian’s deaths spread, more and more members of the Blood Alliance gave up resisting and were forced to speak.

As the saying went, “the arrest of a criminal leads to the exposure of another criminal.” The secrets they revealed were truly shocking.

Any random interrogation record could shake the foundations of Dragon City.

For example, a member of the Blood Alliance had inquired about “gymnastics exercises for primary and secondary school students.”

The Dragon City civilization, which matured in the war era, had a requirement that teenagers needed to be a hundred times more physically fit than they were in the Earth era.

Whether it was to cultivate qualified military talents or to open up their spirit meridians and lay a solid foundation for awakening extraordinary power, the relevant departments needed to issue an authoritative, unified, easy, and effective beginner-level cultivation plan for individuals between the ages of seven to eighteen. The plan could be used together with beginner-level martial arts such as the three basic force execution methods and One Hundred Saber Technique.

It was not hard to imagine how much profit was hidden behind the development of such an authoritative entry-level training program and its forced promotion to all the primary and secondary schools in the city, making it a compulsory subject for daily teaching and entrance exams.

Even if the entry-level training plan was provided to the Ministry of Education for free, the long-term and stable profits brought by the refined in-depth learning plan and the matching training drugs were astronomical.

Therefore, as early as a few decades ago, the nine cultivation families behind the nine mega corporations had spent a lot of money to explore and develop various unique entry-level cultivation plans. They would replace the gymnastics of the Earth era and become a compulsory course for every student.

Today, this set of “gymnastics exercises” had been upgraded to Version 9.0.

This version took into account the opinions of many experts in the field of cultivation and youth education, optimizing the various shortcomings found in practice, and, it was close to perfect in every aspect—at least, that was what all citizens thought until today.

However, according to the Blood Alliance member, Version 9.0 of the gymnastics exercises was not the perfect solution for the youth.

According to him, the Youth Gymnastics Editorial Review Committee had always had two plans.

The movements in Plan A were complicated and more difficult. The training risks were also higher. After a long period of training, the teenagers would need to replenish themselves with a large amount of training medicine made from the essence of high-level monsters. They would also need various secret medicines, essential oils, and even medical cabins to repair their damaged cells and broken muscle fibers. Only then would they be able to perfectly process and absorb the results of their training.

Otherwise, all kinds of accidents would likely happen, and fatigue, as well as internal injuries, would continue to accumulate. Even if one became increasingly strong physically, the probability of awakening extraordinary power would keep decreasing.

Plan B had a lower difficulty and lower requirement for cultivation resources.

Even the descendants of the ordinary citizens who were born in the slums could cultivate on their own and progress step by step while simply replenishing themselves with cheap monster flesh and blood.

Of course, the effects of Plan B were not as significant as that of Plan A. However, in this case, they had to choose because they could not have both plans.

To put it more bluntly, Plan A was more advantageous to the rich and the descendants of the wealthy families with inheritances.

This was because they could easily pile up cultivation resources, enjoy tailor-made cultivation equipment, and have a famous teacher on call twenty-four hours a day to guide them. They almost did not have to worry about not being able to maintain good nutrition, or going berserk, or getting seriously injured and dying.

Plan B, on the other hand, was more advantageous for ordinary people who had average family backgrounds and no money or special channels to obtain high-level cultivation resources.

As it was a more stable and conservative plan, it could greatly reduce the cost and risk of cultivation. If it was a success, everyone could afford to cultivate and understand it. All the teenagers would be standing on the same starting line.

As a result, the Youth Gymnastics Editorial Review Committee controlled by the nine big cultivation families would chose Plan A every time they made an update.

Up to this point, one could still say that there had not been too many problems.

There was definitely a secret operation, but it could be explained. The Monster War had been in full swing, and Dragon City needed to cultivate more higher-level superhumans in a short time to fight against the increasing Hell Beasts and Apocalyptic Beasts.

As such, it was completely understandable and acceptable to take a little risk and pay a little price.

It was a legitimate reason.

However, the Youth Gymnastics Editorial Review Committee could have published both Plans A and B.

The ordinary schools near the slums could have chosen Plan B, which was good and cheap.

As for the private elite schools with expensive tuition fees and harsh conditions, they would choose the more effective and more difficult Plan A.

However, the Youth Gymnastics Editorial Review Committee never did that.

Instead, Plan B was completely sealed.

All the schools in the city, regardless of whether they were ordinary or noble, all chose Plan A.

The reason was simple: The number of private elite schools was too small.

Even if the fees for each student were high, all of them added together would not be as good as the investment that tens of millions of ordinary citizens willingly made in their children’s education. These investments could be converted into magical shining figures on the nine mega corporations’ financial statements.

No, it was not just a matter of profit.

There was another long-term and hidden benefit to Plan A.

Since the competition was about resources and inheritance, it was naturally more advantageous for the children of the rich families.

As long as they started from the basic education stage, they would make use of Plan A for the long term.

When it came to crucial tests that could decide one’s fate, they would only be tested on the contents of Plan A.

That way, the children of the rich families would have a higher chance of entering various official institutions and enterprises. Thus, they would have a higher chance of permanently controlling Dragon City than those from poor families.

Of course, there were also disadvantages.

Once Plan A was adopted, the children of the poor would face a higher difficulty and a higher risk in their cultivation. If they did not have the guidance of a great teacher and failed to maintain their nutrition, they would be more and more confused about how to cultivate and gradually feel more frustrated. In the end, they would give up on cultivation and accept their fate to be ordinary people for the rest of their lives.

Some of them would be like Meng Chao in high school. They would not believe in heresy, would not admit defeat, and would not acknowledge their fate. They would train madly until their cultivation went berserk, and they would die from serious injuries. In fact, they would even fall so ill that they would never get up again.

However, just like what was said earlier, to win the Monster War, it was completely understandable and acceptable to “take a small risk and pay a small price.”

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