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Chapter 1832: 1832

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1832 A Deadly Confession

This matter had been hidden from almost everyone, except the Blood Alliance.

Hyenas were more likely to detect other hyenas that were hidden in the dark.

Sharks were also more likely to smell the blood between the teeth of other sharks.

That was because they were of the same kind.

Of course, the Blood Alliance never reported the highly-respected grandmaster who was influential in the academic and martial arts circles. He was also from a wealthy family and held important positions in several committees and review organizations.

Furthermore, he was very meticulous and had helped to erase a few of the Blood Alliance’s traces.

Then, he went to other martial arts grandmasters with a smile and sang the Blood Alliance’s praises.

Following that, it was only natural for other martial arts grandmasters to join the Blood Alliance in secret.

There was far from one scandal, shady deal, cheating case, and even real crime case.

Many martial arts grandmasters had been forced to pledge their loyalty to the Blood Alliance too.

Most of the time, the Blood Alliance did not need them to join completely.

The alliance only needed them to act as a protective umbrella. In fact, it only needed them to turn a blind eye to its activities. It would be a happy ending for both the alliance and the others.

According to what the Blood Alliance said, the important figures in high positions did not need to know what the alliance was actually for. They did not even need to know its terrifying name, “the Blood Alliance.”

They only needed to know that there was an organization that was willing to use forceful means to fight for more benefits and power for the majority of the superhumans. They only needed to acquiesce to the existence of this organization, which was beneficial to all superhumans, and that would be enough.

Every word of the shocking confession was like a railway gun that had been filled with special ammunition. The truth was, it should not have been leaked before the situation was completely settled and order was fully restored.

However, last night’s situation had been very special.

Too many members of the Blood Alliance had been exposed and found to be fleeing in a panic. All the battlefields were stretched out and in dire need of manpower as well as resources.

The Blood Alliance had infiltrated the nine great families, and many law-enforcement officers from wealthy families had to avoid them.

Also, the structure of the Blood Alliance was very secretive. With the exception of Lu Zhongqi and Yun Feidian, who had just died, few people knew who the third most important person of the Blood Alliance was. They could not identify the big fish among those who had surrendered or had just been arrested either.

As a result, many members of the Azure Alliance and Battle God Palace who had not received professional training and long-term tests were forced to join the arrest and interrogation team. So, they heard a lot of things that they should not have heard.

The deadly confession was eventually leaked by a member of the Azure Alliance who was acting as a temporary guard.

This member of the Azure Alliance came from a poor family, and he had reached the two-star Spirit Transformation Realm with his own hard work. However, he was also covered in wounds because of over-training and overdrawing his life force. Aside from confession, he also managed to get the surveillance video, and he spread that irrefutable evidence together with every word that the member of the Blood Alliance said.

When this confession spread like a virus throughout the city and appeared on the mobile terminals of several million ordinary citizens, the Azure Alliance member took the initiative to confess what he had done to his superior.

Facing his dumbfounded superior, he softly said, “I know that what I’ve done has violated the regulations and even the law. Chances are that my future will be ruined, and I may even be thrown into prison.

“Despite that, I had to reveal it.

“Because this matter is too serious.

“It’s so serious that it involves dozens of highly-respected experts and professors in the academic circle, dozens of educational institutions with mysterious backgrounds, dozens of powerful cultivation equipment manufacturers, and even dozens of war heroes who once risked their lives for Dragon City.

“It’s so serious that even if the Azure Alliance was fully in charge of the case, for the sake of the big picture, it’s very possible that we would tamper with the confession and put all the crimes on the heads of a few people. Meanwhile, most of the big shots who are responsible will be able to fool around again.

“It’s so serious that the martial arts grandmaster who personally planned war journalist’s murder might not be sentenced to death. Even if he’s sentenced to death, it would be for other crimes.

“It’s so serious that I can’t trust anyone. I don’t even dare to trust myself.

“I was afraid that if I didn’t leak the truth while I was inclined to, I would really, really lose the courage to do anything the next morning after thinking and hesitating all night and when you or they put pressure on me, as well as my family, in various ways.”

Indeed, the cannonball had already left the chamber.

Now, there was no power that could stop such a violent storm from engulfing the entire city.

Through the confessions of the Blood Alliance members, tens of millions of ordinary citizens realized that there was such a dirty inside story behind the beginner’s exercises that their children had been practicing.

Their anger instantly increased by ten times.

Yesterday, both the Blood Alliance’s corruption and the nine noble families’ oppression had just been abstract and vague concepts.

At most, it was related to the numbers in people’s stock accounts.

However, no matter how important money was, it was just an external object.

The fall of the stock prices was painful, but it did not have to do with the soul. At least, it did not tip the scales of the soul.

But today, everyone was talking about children—children’s learning.

For the ordinary people who had been influenced by the eastern civilization since they were young…

Their children’s studies were their measure of success.

It was their toughest armor and the sharpest weapon, and the softest and most precious thing they had to protect at all costs.

Once violated, it was enough to spur them into mustering all their courage to fight Deity Realm experts and Apocalyptic Beasts to the end.

This was especially so when the members of the Blood Alliance mentioned such a violation in their confessions.

It was said that the Overkill Style grandmaster who oversaw the Youth Gymnastics Editorial Review Committee did not want to kill people to silence them at first.

After all, they were all human beings.

There was no need for them to fight and kill each other like humans and monsters.

Between fellow human beings, money should be used instead of swords to solve problems… no, misunderstandings.

He offered a price that the war journalist could not refuse.

Not only did he become rich, but he also had training resources, key positions in large media groups, the most professional medical teams, and the most expensive medical plans. It was guaranteed that his children could recover completely without any injuries and awaken extraordinary powers.

So, the war journalist remained silent for a long time and stated his condition.

“If you can allow the children of all the people in the city to enjoy the training and medical treatments that you just mentioned, I’ll stop investigating and seal everything.”

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