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Chapter 412: 412

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While listening to the Demonic Abyss Eye talk tirelessly, Meng Chao had a really strange feeling.

He was not against the thought of talking about life, ideals, and his values with other humans.

For example, he could talk overnight with Lu Siya about the fight of ideals between the Colonization Party and Home Party and about whether the strong should really bleed for the weak so that he could make Lu Siya serve the people.

He would not feel tired even if he talked for three days and three nights like that.

But he had never tried engaging in psychological discussions with a huge eyeball covered in tentacles and speaking in a young girl’s voice.

Speaking of which, the questions from the Demonic Abyss Eye were questions that plagued Meng Chao as well.

‘Who am I?

‘I am an Earthling.

‘But what are Earthlings?

‘If Earthlings are just a race that came from Earth and controlled their own fates, then how should I explain things like the dimensional tunnel between Earth and the Other World, the similarities of genes in humans and monsters, and how easily humans could adapt to spirit energy?

‘Just where did Earthlings come from?

‘Who are we and how do our fates and futures look like?

‘Who created us and who cleared the tunnel between Earth and the Other World?

‘If there is really a Creator in the universe, did he summon us here?

‘What is his goal?’

Meng Chao sank into deep thought, and his focus was robbed by these questions.

The Demonic Abyss Eye gradually stopped being monstrous and ugly in his mind. It even began to look a little pleasing to the eye. It slowly began to fit with the image of how people would usually imagine those with its voice would look like.

‘Wait!’ Meng Chao’s heart froze. ‘What am I thinking? Why would I think that the Demonic Abyss Eye looks pleasing to the eye? Damn it, if I continue falling, will I really think that it’s an innocent and harmless girl?’

Meng Chao’s mind raced. He gathered together the information he read about the Demonic Abyss Eye on the monster forum in his previous life and realized that he had already fallen for its tricks.

It was no wonder why the Demonic Abyss Eye had asked him the questions that he always asked himself.

They were the questions buried in his mind!

The Demonic Abyss Eye used its mind control and magnified the questions he had in his mind so that he would lower his guard without noticing it.

If Meng Chao was not a returnee and didn’t know about the Demonic Abyss Eye’s skills, he would have been befuddled by his own questions and wonder why the monster had the same questions as he did. Then, subconsciously, he would be fascinated by the Demonic Abyss Eye.

Now, it was naturally not so easy for him to fall for its tricks.

But he did not intend to immediately expose the Demonic Abyss Eye’s tricks.

After all, he was the one who needed to stall for time.

So, he tried his best to control some of his thoughts and bury them in the deepest parts of his brain.

In the meantime, he pretended to go along with the creature’s thought processes and snorted coldly. “Monsters have killed countless humans over the past half a century. Tonight, millions of innocents died in your hands, and you’re talking about working together? Do you think I’m some dumb three-year-old that will be easily fooled?”

He sounded very unyielding with his words, but if so many thoughts had risen from the bottom of his heart, it meant that he did not reject talking to the creature. In fact, it opened a gap for the Demonic Abyss Eye to further invade and bewitch him.

His words meant that he was already wavering.

The Demonic Abyss Eye did not suspect anything. It swung its tentacles, and its voice became even more innocent. “Humans have also killed countless monsters over the past half a century. For each human death, at least ten times the number of monsters have died. What does that mean?

“If we push the time further back to when human civilization was still on Earth, where there are no monsters, you humans killed each other. The two world wars alone led to billions of deaths. No matter how many humans monsters have killed, the number is nowhere near close to billions.

“Of course, before the humans descended among us, the monsters also killed each other. And the number of monsters killed by monsters is hundreds of times greater than the number of monsters killed by humans.

“We’re both killers. There’s no difference between humans killing monsters, monsters killing humans, humans killing humans, and monsters killing monsters, no? At the end of the day, it’s just the strong killing the weak.

“This is the law of survival, and those who adapt survive. Each civilization or ecosystem needs to keep killing to continue evolving, and it happened on both Earth and the Other World. There is no creature that is able to survive without killing. Why are you humans so unsettled by the past killings?”

Meng Chao was originally just thinking about stalling for time.

But when he heard the Demonic Abyss Eye’s words, he let out a bark of laughter. “The killing between humans and monsters is not just limited to the past, but the present and the future as well! I have no interest in talking to you about what is right or wrong. There’s only the simplest logic between us, and that is that no ruler will allow another person to encroach upon his territory. Do you have the guts to say that the final goal of monster civilization isn’t to completely destroy human civilization?”

He played a small trick here and cast out the idea of a monster civilization.

He wanted to see what sort of reaction the Demonic Abyss Eye would have toward these two words.

“Our goal isn’t to exterminate humans.” The Demonic Abyss Eye swung its tentacles and spoke calmly. “In truth, the killings over the past half a century have not only caused us to be unable to kill humans, but also made you stronger.

“When there is pressure, there is motivation, and the pressure of death is the strongest motivation.

“When you just transmigrated to the Other World, you were just a bunch of ignorant normal people. Even if you were infected by the zombie virus and sensed the existence of spirit energy, you were far from creating a complete cultivation system.

“It was the appearance of monsters that stimulated your desire to survive. It made the flames of your civilization burn brilliantly in just a short few decades. Countless geniuses and heroes showed up, and they climbed to the peak of physical strength, intelligence, and spirit energy.

“If there were no monsters as an external threat, it would have been impossible for you to become so strong. You wouldn’t have even had the foundation to unite. The difference between superhumans and normal people alone would have been enough for you to slaughter each other and divide.

“Similarly, the originally ignorant monsters did not use their strength to do anything meaningful, even the Apocalyptic Beasts who possess destructive strength were the same.

“But the appearance of humans have forced monsters of different races—who only knew how to use their claws and fangs to solve problems—to work together and start using the brains that had been sealed for tens of thousands of years to think about things beyond hunting. We had to start thinking about the power of civilizations.

“Based on this, we helped each other attain success. We created each other. We’re the ones who helped each other become stronger and more perfect.

“The unpardonable killings in your eyes are just sparring sessions, cultivation sessions, and simultaneous evolution as two civilizations try to catch up to each other. It’s a good thing that you can only wish for.”

The Demonic Abyss Eye had partially admitted to the existence of a monster civilization.

Meng Chao was stunned for a long time, then he said, “Sparring sessions? Cultivation sessions? Simultaneous evolution? What nonsense! What about the people who died? What about the lives who died for nothing in the ‘sparring sessions’ of both civilizations?”

The Demonic Abyss Eye said faintly, “There is no one who can live forever. New lives are always born. They grow, become old, and then die. To a civilization, maintaining a suitable ratio of winners who live and losers who die and the state where the new supersedes the old is the way to continue going forward.

“Regardless of whether it’s the humans or monsters, both of them have countless weaklings who just waste resources and drag down the strong. They can’t release all their energy and lead their civilization to greater heights so that they can survive in an even more brutal battlefield in the Other World.

“The cultivation sessions over the past half a century have allowed us to help each other get rid of many weaklings, and the strong have stood out. They obtained more resources and passed down their powerful genes. It led to the entire race becoming stronger.

“Humans and monsters are opponents of equal strength. We’re both sabers and whetstones that can make each other incredibly sharp. Then, is the rust that has been cast aside while we’re sharpening our weapons important?”

“…” Meng Chao sucked in a deep breath and mumbled, “No matter what, I won’t believe in your nonsense.”

“I don’t need you to believe me nor do I need you to submit to me. If you’re strong enough and have the chance to run away, you can kill more monsters and even cut me up into pieces to take revenge.”

The Demonic Abyss Eye smiled. “In any case, the monsters who died in your hands were all weaklings who have no right to waste resources. They don’t deserve to live on this brutal planet, and you, who are able to kill them, are a truly powerful person. You have the right to be in control of everything, including this planet.

“Similarly, while you kill the weaklings among monsters, the strong monsters kill the weaklings among humans. This way, we have become each other’s filters. We help each other get rid of the weak, foolish, and inferior genes and ensure that the strongest genes are passed down.

“The Other World is incredibly brutal, and there are countless existences that are even more terrifying than us beyond Monster Mountain Range. It might seem like living hell in Monster Mountain Range, but in truth, this is just the training room for our civilizations. Let us continue sparring and cultivating until we reach our limits. Then, we can work together to get out of Monster Mountain Range and conquer all of the Other World!”

Along with the innocent and bewitching voice, blurry figures also popped up in Meng Chao’s mind. They were all the extraordinary beings of the Other World who were even more terrifying than monsters.

Meng Chao had clearly made up his mind to only stall for time, but without his knowledge, he had sunk into the Demonic Abyss Eye’s circular logic and began to ponder it. ‘That’s true. The true civilizations of the Other World are ten times more terrifying than monsters. If Dragon Citizens rely only on themselves to fight, it’ll be very difficult for us to stop the arrival of the Apocalypse.

‘If human civilization, however, came to work together with the monster civilization and even merged together— Wait! I’m under its power again!’

Meng Chao suddenly realized that he had just thought of an Other World race called Ice Demons.

The habitat of the Ice Demons was miles away from Dragon City and Monster Mountain Range. It was far in the north, which was isolated by lava, and had ice covering miles of the area.

Regardless of whether the Demonic Abyss Eye was an abnormal beast born through natural evolution or a Supernatural Entity created in a biochemical lab, there was no way it would know of the existence of Ice Demons.

Hence, most of the things the Demonic Abyss Eyes said just now were still just Meng Chao’s own thoughts.

They had been hidden in the deepest parts of his mind, where even he himself did not notice them.

They were… thoughts of Meng Chao from the apocalypse.
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