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Chapter 423: 423

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This was a chain reaction created by him changing the future.

The storm stirred up by the butterfly effect had resulted in both the good and the bad.

At the same time he prevented the complete wipeout of the transmigration specialists team, he increased the chances of his sister being exposed. It might even result in the Dark Witch being born ahead of time.

But Meng Chao was not at all saddened because of this result.

Fighting spirit burned hotly in him.

In just a short year and a half, he had reached Heaven Realm and was unprecedentedly confident in himself.

He believed that if the monster civilization or other enemies lurking in the dark dared to hurt his family, he would definitely catch them and cut off the claws of evil before cutting those creatures into pieces and reducing them to ashes!

Of course, right now, he already knew that Bai Jiacao’s corruption and transformation into the Dark Witch was not due to her own intentions, but because the forces behind the X-shaped eye were causing trouble.

Even if she was really unlucky and turned into the Dark Witch, he would still spend 120% of his patience to properly educate her, influence her, and use the truth to convince her so that she would return to the side of humans.

After all, she was his sister.

Who said that the Dark Witch could not contribute to human civilization, anyway?

With that thought in mind, Meng Chao was eager to do something.

The notifications given by Kindling also burned brightly before his eyes.

[The Fire Relayer risked his life and won against an enemy stronger than himself. He won against Supernatural Entities Earthquake and Demonic Abyss Eye one after another. Your deeds have motivated many Dragon Citizens. Countless citizens have gained the determination to keep getting stronger, and the overall fighting strength and fighting potential of Dragon City has increased. Increased contribution points by 9,999. Obtained special skill: Fear Bomb.]

[Fear Bomb: A normal skill of mind-attack-type monsters. You can use the fluctuations of your brain waves to affect your target’s brain so that your target’s visual system will produce all sorts of hideous and terrifying illusions. It will cause the target to sink into great fear, and the target’s mental strength index might even drop to 0.]

[The normal Fear Bomb produces terrifying illusions out of the blue, and it can be easily seen through by those with resolute hearts. They will not be affected and will even launch counterattacks to hurt you. The Fear Bomb from the Demonic Abyss Eye can activate and magnify the fears that have always been lurking in the target’s mind. Those illusions will be even more fatal and unexpected.]

Meng Chao blinked rapidly.

The notifications turned into faint golden light that slowly flowed into his brain’s blood vessels, nerves, and spirit meridians. They formed a brand new, profound, and complicated spirit energy magnetic field.

When he activated this spirit energy magnetic field, his spirit energy shot out through his forehead and eyes. It could land on a spot more than ten meters away.

Meng Chao’s mind raced, and he instantly understood what this was.

‘At the final moment, the Demonic Abyss Eye wanted to use this skill to die with me.

‘It didn’t know that my soul had been refined by the apocalypse, so my will is as tough as nails. It wouldn’t be shaken by a Supernatural Entity who is not fully developed yet.

‘That’s why it didn’t manage to drag me to the grave with it, but instead, it handed a lot of its memories and mind attacks to me. In the end, it didn’t succeed with its plot and ended up losing.’

The Fear Bomb was a very common mind attack. Illusion Wolves, Brain-rotting Insects, Demonic Air-ripping Eye, and many monsters knew it.

Plenty of superhumans who were skilled in meditation and specialized in mental power also treated the Fear Bomb as a beginner’s skill.

When normal Demonic Air-ripping Eyes used this attack, they could produce terrifying images out of the blue in a human brain, such as a fierce monster suddenly showing up.

They were, of course, frightening, but they did not make any sense.

Once a person managed to get over the jump scare that caught them off guard, all they needed to do was to think carefully and would realize that it was just an illusion.

If they did not panic when they saw something strange, it would stop being horrifying.

But the Demonic Abyss Eye’s Fear Bomb was an upgraded version.

It would not forcefully create scary illusions.

Instead, it would activate and magnify the fears that existed in the human heart. It would infinitely magnify the things the target feared the most.

This way, it would attack the target in a way that that the target’s mental strength index would instantly fall to zero.

This was a different method compared to the magnifying of the darkness in a soul and making a person become extreme and obsessed with an idea, but it worked based on a similar principle.

This was the first time Meng Chao was in control of a real mind attack.

The Skillfulness of the Fear Bomb in his skill list was Specialist Level: 53%.

The moment he obtained it, he was already very skilled with it, which was all due to the Demonic Abyss Eye.

But it was not easy for him to further his Skillfulness with it.

Even after throwing thousands of contribution points into it, he only managed to increase his Skillfulness by 10%.

A sharp pain also appeared in the depths of his mind. It was as if there were thorns growing madly in him, and they wanted to gush out of his orifices.


“Looks like mind attacks are different from physical attacks. I can’t rely purely on contribution points to upgrade them; otherwise, before my enemies’ mental strength index drops to zero, my own brain would explode.

“It’ll be better for me to obediently train my brain first so that all my brain cells, blood vessels, and spirit meridians are upgraded and can withstand stronger psychological impacts.”

Meng Chao focused on and researched the spirit energy magnetic field of the Fear Bomb with great interest.

He continuously disassembled and analyzed this spirit energy magnetic field to see which blood vessels, nerves, sulci, and spirit meridians it would involve, and which areas of the brain it would stimulate so that it could achieve the effect of resonating brain waves and magnifying fear.

Without his knowledge, his brain waves became stronger.

It caused the medical equipment monitoring his physiological parameters to start beeping.

And the large tub of medicinal fluid that a normal superhuman would spend three to five days to absorb was also fully absorbed in just a short ten minutes.

The sticky liquid was originally fragrant and faint green in color, but in the blink of an eye, it turned as clear as water.

Disorderly footsteps came from the corridor.

Dressed in a patient’s gown, Lu Siya was the first to enter the room.

Meng Chao stared at her deeply through the clear medicinal fluid.

Lu Siya looked as if she was struck by lightning. Her face turned pale, and she looked as if she saw something incredibly terrifying, because she actually took two steps back and fell on her butt.

Meng Chao scratched his head.

It seemed like he was too engrossed in his training and had subconsciously released a domineering presence that was as fierce as that of a wild beast.

Lu Siya was a Spirit Sensor, so she was especially sensitive to all sorts of radiation, spirit energy fluctuations, and brain waves.

Did she… get scared because of him?

Ten minutes later, the doctor finished checking up on Meng Chao. Once he was certain that Meng Chao had completely recovered, he congratulated him for successfully reaching Heaven Realm.

He then left, and Meng Chao and Lu Siya were the only ones left in the room.

“Big Sis Ya, are you okay?” Meng Chao asked tentatively. “You look… like you saw something.”

“It’s strange. The moment I saw you, I shivered out of the blue. Then, I had the scariest nightmare.” There was still no color on Lu Siya’s face. She looked so pale that it was as if she was a vampire.

“What nightmare was it?” Meng Chao asked.

“I dreamed that Sky Pillar Corporation went bankrupt, and I lost everything, my cars, mansion, savings, and cultivation resources. I could only live in a small house that was around 100 square meters, and I didn’t even have a jacuzzi. I couldn’t eat Hell Beast sashimi, and I saw plenty of normal people square dancing under my balcony!” Lu Siya shuddered uncontrollably again. “Ah, it’s too terrifying!”

“Um…” Meng Chao understood just what was different about his Fear Bomb and the normal Fear Bomb.

“Dreams and reality are completely different.” He could only comfort Lu Siya dryly and change the topic. “By the way, is this an affiliated hospital of the abnormal beast research department? Why are we so lucky as to stay next to each other again?”

Lu Siya sucked in a few breaths before she calmed down a little and explained. “No. This is a private hospital that has investments from Sky Pillar Corporation, and we’re staying in the best VIP rooms. They usually don’t receive patients who are not part of the corporation and the Lu family.

“That day, after your fight with the mastermind, you were severely injured and entered a coma. We originally wanted to send you to a medical facility designated to the abnormal beast research department.

“But after investigating you, we found that your recovery abilities are pretty terrifying. There weren’t many problems regarding your internal and external injuries. Even your blocked and shrivelled spirit meridians would be healed automatically by the Ultimate Style.

“The main problem was that the spirit energy from the Red Radiance Jades and Blue Origin Crystals were instantly released from your body after having accumulated in you for an entire year. Even though it pushed you to Heaven Realm, it also dealt a certain amount of damage to your cells, which created something similar to radiation sickness.

“There’s another problem. You became stronger too quickly, and you didn’t have enough nutrition. You were in urgent need of high-calorie nutritional fluid made with special recipes.

“Sky Pillar Corporation had started out with crystal miners, so we have rich experience when it comes to treating radiation sicknesses caused by radioactive crystals. The high-calorie nutritional fluid that we created using hundreds of crystals and monster materials is also one of the best in Dragon City. That’s why we sent you here.”

Lu Siya made it sound really simple.

But Meng Chao wasn’t ignorant, and he knew that the high-calorie nutritional fluid he just took in was the best of the best. It was even more expensive than liquefied gold.

And he had to have taken in an unknown amount of it while he was unconscious.

Then, he remembered that when he fought against the Demonic Abyss Eye, Lu Siya had drained herself to the limits even though she was already exhausted to clear a tunnel and come behind the Demonic Abyss Eye.

If she had not hit the Demonic Abyss Eye first and caused it to reveal an opening, Meng Chao did not know how he could have broken through the Demonic Abyss Eye’s tentacle defense!

When he thought of this, he felt warmth in his heart and said sincerely, “Thank you, Big Sis Ya,. I didn’t expect…”

“Didn’t expect what?” Lu Siya narrowed her eyes, and a dangerous light shone in them. “You didn’t expect that I would stay back to fight with you but thought that I would flee to safety?”

Meng Chao had nothing to say to that.

When he thought about it carefully, Lu Siya was a woman who constantly placed the word “benefit” at the tip of her tongue. To reap more benefits for herself, she would use every method at her disposal. She would not even care about the sacrifices she had to make personally.

But she had really never done something like having others rush forward to take risks while she hid behind to “give commands”.

Every time, she would lead the charge and fight until the last moment.

She was a good person with a firm and unyielding character.

It would cause others to be unable to help but want to become siblings in all but blood with her.
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