Omniscient Reader - Chapter 299

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Chapter 299: 299

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"I won't go."

It was an unexpected answer so I looked like a fool. "Why?"

"Without me, they will all die."

I doubted my ears. I couldn't believe that Han Sooyoung could talk like this. My voice involuntarily became louder and aggressive.

"Didn't you want to make your own world?"

"...I can make my world later. Somebody has to lead them."

"Why all of a sudden..."

"Yoo Jonghyuk is no longer a character. What do you think that means?"

I closed my mouth.

"It is no longer a novel."

My heart pounded at Han Sooyoung's words.

[The exclusive skill 'Fourth Wall' is strongly activated!]

"It isn't about being forgiven for everything. No matter how the developments flow, we should end the story properly."

Han Sooyoung's face couldn't be seen properly because of the brim of her hat. Before my words finished, Han Sooyoung left the situation room. I saw Han Sooyoung talking to the people outside the situation room. I kept watching.


Before leaving, there were a few things that needed to be addressed. One of them was Uriel.

I looked down at the confined Uriel doll. She was currently in a state of calm but once the confinement was over, Uriel would wake up again as the Angel of Flames. She would burn all living things around her.

Gabriel's true voice entered my ears. [What are you going to do with Uriel?]

"I am thinking."

I looked down at Gabriel who was waving her helplessly drooping petals. Perhaps she was shocked by the situation here. According to the original setting, Gabriel was someone who took good care of other angels.

[I'll stay.]

"It isn't possible."

[Why? Is it because I betrayed this place?]

I didn't answer. Gabriel acted like it was unfair.

[Why did I betray Eden?]

"It must've been an unavoidable decision for you."

[Tell me the details accurately. What happened? You know something!]

"I don't know exactly. If you are curious, go back and talk to Metatron."

It wasn't good for me to intervene in this thing. There was a possibility that the development of the third round could find unexpected difficulties because of misinterpreted information. Gabriel's leaves trembled.

[If I go back, won't I betray Eden again? Then I would rather remain here―]

"The future can change. We have to go back." I spoke with confidence. This world wasn't our world.

[Then Uriel...!]

"I told you, I'm thinking."

For now, the best option was to leave Uriel to Han Sooyoung. However, I wasn't sure if she could control the Archangel of Flames.

「 The Fourth Wall is saying, "Do you want me to come out?" 」

There was a way to tell Uriel the story of the third round. However, as I said many times, there was no guarantee that Uriel would hear the story and react like Yoo Jonghyuk. Perhaps the story of my world line might further ruin Uriel's insecure spirit.

Still, there might be a bigger problem if I really left Gabriel here. Moreover, Gabriel couldn't use Confinement of Good and Evil... I would also like to stay a bit longer and help Uriel...

[I will stay, Gabriel.]

The petals of the red cosmos swayed. I reflexively bowed my head and the startled Gabriel shouted, [...Jophiel?]

[It is best that I stay.]

It was an unexpected declaration. Even I was stunned. It wasn't another archangel. Jophiel was declaring to stay here?

[I decided after careful consideration. I can control Uriel through Confinement of Good and Evil. Thus, it is right for me to stay here.]

"Jophiel, if you don't return to the original world now, you might never be able to return."

[There are a few ways to cross world lines.]

"I know but they all require a tremendous price."

[It doesn't matter if I can't go back.]


Jophiel didn't back down despite Gabriel's cry.

[This world line also has value. I don't want to depend on this insidious guy but I think it is better to find out more about this world. I have an obligation to find out why the Eden here was destroyed, what things will happen in the future and to inform the original world.]

Jophiel's remark was reasonable. This world was very different from the old 1863rd round and it would certainly help if information could be sent to the third round.

[Wait, Jophiel! Why are you making this decision―]

[There is no turning back Gabriel.]

A gleam of light emerged from the red cosmos and this turned into a white light that bound the white lily. It was Confinement of Good and Evil. Gabriel's petals drooped like he fell asleep. Jophiel told me. [Please look after Gabriel.]

"Why are you doing this?"

[Uriel needs Gabriel. And Gabriel... both of them are unstable.]

I thought like Archangel Jophiel. Eden was a nebula made up of archangels.

"Then you?"

[I don't believe in you but I have one thing to ask.]

I hesitated before nodding.

[After returning to the original world line, please visit Eden. Then I hope you can tell the scribe what happened here. Can you do that?]

"I understand."

Certainly, it wasn't a difficult request. I was already planning to visit Eden.

Soon after, Jophiel's cosmos flower drooped. It was a seemingly sleepy and tired appearance. I changed the water bottles of the two flowers.

Someone was left and someone was leaving. No matter what was chosen, everyone would eventually reach their end.


The next morning, I was sent off by the party members. Many things had happened but the party members said they would send me off. To be precise, it was Lee Hyunsung who said it.

I turned my head and saw Han Sooyoung staring at me with her unique disgruntled face. I handed her a wrinkled notebook. Han Sooyoung bluntly wondered, "...What is this rubbish?"

"The information you need now."

I had selected a few more pieces of information that would be useful for the 1863rd round from Ways of Survival.

Sparks rose around Han Sooyoung's body. I vaguely knew its identity. The sparks were related to Han Sooyoung's identity as a 'character.'

"Don't throw it away and look at it whenever you have time."

Han Sooyoung stared down at the notebook I gave her and asked, "...Is this okay?"


[The Fourth Wall is strongly activated!]

Han Sooyoung stared at me carefully as if reading something on my fate. Then she shook her head. "No, it's nothing. Never mind."

...She was unreliable.

Lee Hyunsung listened to the conversation and opened his mouth. "It would've been nice if we couldn't carried out the scenario together. It is unfortunate."

Lee Hyunsung, who became close to me, said goodbye first and then Kim Namwoon stared at me.
"Bah, get lost. Give my best regards to the me over there."

Of course, it wouldn't happen. I had to go to the next world to speak to Kim Namwoon of the third round.

The moment I finished the goodbyes and was turning around.


Something with a soft weight came flying towards my back. I hurriedly turned my head and grabbed it. A white coat was caught. It was the Infinite Dimension Space Coat.

"Didn't you never get a clear reward? Take this."

It was the coat that Han Sooyoung was wearing. I was dumbfounded. "Coming to the 95th scenario and only getting something like this―"

Han Sooyoung looked at me like I was pathetic. Then a thought crossed my mind. This bastard, don't tell me? I placed my hands in my pocket with a bemused expression and Han Sooyoung asked, "The
question I didn't ask yesterday, can I finish it now?"


"Why did you say you wouldn't go back to the third round?"

It was an unexpected question. Han Sooyoung continued to ask. "You are playing my part over there... if you didn't go back, that world would've perished. You should know this so why―"

"Let's see... why?"


"Even without me, the third round would've been fine for a long time."

"How can you be sure?" Han Sooyoung stared at me suspiciously.

"You are there."

Han Sooyoung's expression slightly hardened at my words. Her eyes were shaking with vague surprise.

"I believe in the you of the third round."

Han Sooyoung stared at me for a moment before turning her head away. "Quickly get lost. I don't want to see you anymore."

"I'm going. Stay alive and well."

I looked up at the sky.

[The constellation 'Demon King of Salvation' is looking at the night sky.]

[Secretive Plotter! Please fulfil the contents of the covenant.]

A new portal was created under my feet. It felt like something was pulling at me as the world started to collapse. The world of the 1863rd round was becoming dim.

A world different from the original that I knew. It was a short time but I felt that many things had changed.

Lee Hyunsung waved while the others sent me off with complicated expressions. Just like Yoo Jonghyuk did and I did, they would walk through a world different from the original that I knew.

Maybe someday, our worlds might be able to meet one another. However, even if we couldn't meet again, there was no doubt that the world existed. Just like Ways of Survival was to me.

The world was dark. I felt dizzy while hearing the voice of an outer god.

[ On ly the sto ry with out a be gin ning or end will re main. ]

The ground disappeared and I was sucked into the portal. The metaphysically distorted pathways narrowed and expanded several times.

I closed my eyes and let my body flow in an unmeasurable passage of time. I shouldn't have been gone for too long from the third round.

After a while, I fell to the ground with a loud sound.

[The Outer World Covenant has been completed!]

[The compensation will be settled.]

To be precise, it wasn't the ground. It was the galaxy of the Star Stream that I had seen before. My body was floating in the emptiness of the universe. I groaned and saw the hem of a black cloak dragging against the ground.

[ You came. ]

It was Secretive Plotter.

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