Online Dating Boyfriend Is Actually An Alien

Online Dating Boyfriend Is Actually An Alien
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My WeChat friend… he might not be human.

Jian Mei added a WeChat friend by accident. The other party didn’t follow any celebrities or surf the internet, living as if he were in ancient times. Jian Mei cherished this friendship, even if the other party was exceptionally cold and seemed… a little abnormal.

Jian Mei: “I had fried chicken and a hamburger today. What about you?”

The other party: “Nutrient solution.”

Jian Mei: “I usually like playing games and watching movies. What about you?”

The other party: “Assembling mechas and reading  memorials to the throne.”

Jian Mei: ?

In the 26th year of Xingyuan’s establishment, the universe entered an era of rapid development. Lu Xingwang, the third prince of the strongest planet, Stan Star, was weak and sickly. He was criticized by the outside world for his physique. He had a dark personality and never communicated with the outside world.

One day.

Lu Xingwang found that his communication terminal would inexplicably receive strange chat messages.

Although boring, the strange sticker packs and wordy nonsense slowly became his only hope through his dark years.

In the 29th year of Xingyuan’s establishment.

The royal family was in turmoil, and the Third Prince Lu Xingwang was formally established as the crown prince.

It should have been the liveliest of time, but the only issue was that the person who had always reached out to him every day seemed to have lost contact. There was no news from him anymore.

Until a year later.

His Highness, the Crown Prince, unexpectedly saw a missing person report on the interstellar network: “Lu Dazhuang from an unknown planet, your friend Jian Mei is anxiously looking for you. If you see this message, please call us.”

Lu Xingwang: “……”

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