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Chapter 718: 718

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Zhou Zhuo showed embarrassment on his face, and he was also asking for help, raising his hand and tossing one million gold coins directly.

"Quan should be your compensation!"

Zhou Zhuo is not bad for money, and one million gold coins is even drizzle, and the income of killing an epic boss will not be much worse.

It is quite cost-effective to spend some money to save yourself a lot of trouble.

A moment ago, he looked at Zhou Zhuo as a black market businessman who had killed his father and enemy, and when he saw 1 million gold coins, his face changed instantly, as if he was looking at his own parents.

Give yourself a million gold coins and be your own father.

"My face is worthless, you can use it whatever you want."

"The giants are located on the top of the polar region, very far away from here, the sky is freezing, and it will take at least a month for you to reach the top of the polar region."

"Even if the teleportation array through the Northern Territory can reduce the time by half, it still takes a lot of time on the road."

"I have a mount here that can travel, it flies like a super fast, can save you ten times of time, the price is not expensive, as long as 500,000 gold coins will do."

Seeing the supernatural black eagle brought out by the black market merchant, Zhou Zhuo took a look much more lazy.

Not to mention that he has a Void Spirit portal to reach his destination.

Even if you want to ride a ride, Cai Ling'er, the Phoenix bird, is more than a hundred times stronger than this guy.

"no need!"

"Just tell me the location coordinates!"

After obtaining the approximate coordinates, Zhou Zhuo didn't stop much, and used the teleportation array to reach the destination.

The entrance is not on a huge mountain, but a desolate snowfield.

I looked up and looked around, but I couldn't see a huge mountain at all.

"Is this a bit biased?"

"It's a bit outrageous!"

The coordinates obtained by the black market merchant are not accurate. This is the approximate coordinates he learned from others. He has not been here in person, and it is not clear how far away he is from his destination.

Zhou Zhuo understood that even if the black market merchants were pulled out, they would not be able to obtain more accurate coordinates.

Too lazy to continue to find this guy, it is best to find someone to ask for directions.

Summoned the undead bird Cai Linger. As for Tianma, after obtaining a new pet, it can officially announce its retirement.


"It's so cold here!"

The Phoenix itself is a creature that likes to live in flames, otherwise it would not compete with the dragons for the Flame Mountain.

I don't like to plant snowfields by nature.

Zhou Zhuo clapped her hands to comfort her, motioned her to transform back into her body, riding the giant phoenix, soaring out of the sky.

Standing tall, looking farther, and flying in a direction for dozens of minutes, I still didn't see anything related to the mountain.

It's too bad!

Zhou Zhuo even wanted to retreat.

It's a waste of time.

"Huh, there are people over there!"

At this moment, the released Night God Crow had a harvest, and saw a huge snow bear lying in a white pond. Its blood was not solidified, and its blood was still flowing slowly on the ground.

Snow bear's vitality is stubborn, not dying, but struggling to get up.

······· Ask for flowers········

Violent in his scarlet eyes, regardless of the broken blood on his stomach and the out of intestines, he suddenly slammed into the distant trees.

An arrow made a sound of breaking through the air, and suddenly fell into Xue Xiong's right eye.

The painful snow bear has long lost his mind and hit the giant tree hard.


A lot of snowflakes fell on the canopy, as well as a person.

The severely injured Snow Bear had no chance to take the opportunity to kill him, shaking his head and fell to the ground.

The person who fell quickly took out a dagger, slashed it decisively on the bear's neck, and then drew away and retreated.

It wasn't until the blood coming out of the neck no longer contained bubbles, that he was relieved.

The white bearskin hat was lifted, revealing a face flushed with cold.

"Huh, is it a woman?"



The woman who had just breathed a sigh of relief jumped from the ground like a conditioned reflex, bending her bow and pulling an arrow, looking around, trying to find the owner who made the sound.

Looking around, no one was found, and the footprints were left by himself and the snow bear.

No good, heaven!

The woman looked up to the sky, but saw a huge scarlet bird falling from the sky and stopping not far away.

Flame giant bird?

Came to the snowy field?

Is there something wrong with your head?

Seeing the man on the flame giant, the woman increased her vigilance.

There are no rules on the snowy field.

Want to live depends entirely on your own strength.

Humans are more dangerous than the snowy creatures they see.
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