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Chapter 1

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Even though our lives are our own, there are not many things in life that we can choose for ourselves.

Take parents, for example.

I would have preferred having rich, kind and caring parents, but life doesn’t always turn out the way we want it to.

However, such a thing may be inevitable.

The world would collapse if all moms were beautiful, stylish, kind, cooks well, and usually unleashes two-hit multi-target attacks.

Bloody battles between fathers and sons over a woman would break out here and there.

The world is maintained by a delicate balance.

I understood this well even in the short 25 years of my previous life.

My life began without me wanting it to, and ended when I was it by a truck.

It wasn’t a death that I wanted.

In other words, my choice did not intervene at either the moment of my birth or the moment of my death.

And now, even in the time between rebirths, I am not allowed the freedom to choose my occupation.

In this room, people that are to be reincarnated gathered.

It was a small conference room with only a few pipe stools.

There was nothing special about the room that would make one feel like they were in the afterlife.

I was killed in a traffic accident and found myself here.

At what seemed to be the head seat in the room, a man in a suit is interviewing the dead one by one.

He is confirming each people’s next reincarnation and gives out Unique Jobs.

It seems that there’s no careless big-breasted Goddess that would bestow people cheats huh……

Well, I guess it’s a mistake to seek encounters before reincarnation.

Besides, rather than an airheaded Goddess, I prefer slit-eyed lady knights more.

Yeah, that might be a rare attribute, but exactly because it’s rare that competition is lower for it.

I look forward to meeting such a person in the next life.

At any rate, it seems that it wasn’t an urban legend that if you are hit by a truck, you will be transported or reincarnated in another world.

Even now, there are several people in the room waiting to be transported or reincarnated.

[Heehhh…… You were hit by a 4-ton truck huh. I was hit by a 10-ton one.]

I guess, no matter where it is, there would be people who would want to make meaningless boasts.

An acne-faced guy was bragging to a thin boy.

I mean, it’s not like he wanted to get hit by that 10-ton truck, right?

If he had wanted to kill himself by getting hit by a really big truck, he should have gone to the US and threw himself in front of a trailer truck.

Heartbreakingly, he was sent off to the next world with a shabby Unique Job “Novice Mage”.

He must have wanted a better Job.

After all, when he was told his Job, the man had an obviously mortified look on his face.

Incidentally, the boy who was hit and killed by the 4-ton truck started his isekai trip as a Hero.

It seems that there’s no causal relationship between the size of the truck and the goodness of the Unique Job you’d get.

At least, it seems that bigger isn’t always better.


I was splattered by a lightweight truck, so I was a little relieved.

[Next, Yahagi Yuusuke-san.]


I stood up vigorously when my name was called.

While it may seem strange for the deceased to be so vigorous, I believe that feelings are important.

[Yahagi-san won’t be reincarnated, but transported.]

As the man flipped through papers, he spoke to me.


[Yes, you will go to another world as you are.]


I guess that even if I defied being transported somewhere, this will not be overturned.

I accept my new life with open arms.

As I said before, there are few things in life that you can choose for yourself.

[As for the world Yahagi-san will be heading to, it will be a so-called world of swords and magic.]

I have no objection to that either.

In my next life, I will probably spend my days fighting.

If I received a cheat ability, I will be satisfied with that.

I intend to live life to the fullest.

[As for the Unique Job Yahagi-san will receive, it has been decided to be “Dagashi Shopowner”.]

I see, I see, that’s my cheat job huh…… Wait, Dagashi Shopowner?

[Ummm, this Dagashi Shopowner is……?]

[You don’t know what dagashis are? They’re inexpensive snacks that even children can buy.]

Of course, I know that.

[If you solemnly think “Open”, the shop opens. Conversely, if you solemnly think “Close”, the shop disappears. It’s a useful ability, isn’t it?]

The man in the suit in front of me said confidently.

Seeing the smug look on his face kinda pisses me off.

[May I ask you a question?]

[Well then, please enjoy your new life.]

I didn’t even get to ask my final question before I was thrown out into a new world.

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