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Chapter 12

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For breakfast, I had vegetable soup and a large sausage from a food stall.

I am glad to be able to eat what I like now that I have more room in my pocket.

The price is 150 rims for the soup and 350 rims for the sausage.

I feel that dishes using meat are generally expensive.

With my stomach full, I walked along as planned until I came to the plaza in front of the royal castle.

On the way, I also bought a leather bag at a bag shop.

It was large enough to be used by adventurers and would be useful for storing daily necessities.

I have spent almost all of my money, and now only have 3000 rims left in my pockets.

The plaza in front of the castle was much bigger and cleaner than the open space in front of the dungeon.

It seems that they have hired professional cleaners for this place.

Thereupon, I saw the large bulletin board in the corner with the announcements from the government.

For example, “tolls on the bridge have increased” or “a felon has been arrested”.

It’s like a rough official gazette.

As I restlessly looked around for what I was looking for, I quickly found it.

The wanted poster for the witch Michelle.

It was a portrait drawn on a piece of paper about the size of a movie poster.

Listless, dark eyes that looked somewhat tired, with a few dark circles beneath them.

Jet black hair longer than her shoulders.

Her breasts that lifted up her white blouse were large, and although she looked gloomy and plain, there was no doubt that she was a beautiful woman.

She seemed to be making a somewhat sulky expression in the portrait but……

[So she’s the witch Michelle huh…… Isn’t she quite the beauty?]

I mumbled to myself, but a hoarse voice suddenly called out to me from behind.

[You think so?]


I jumped involuntarily, and when I looked around, there I found the Grim Reaper in his silver mask.

[Minerva-san, please don’t startle me!]

[It’s not like I mean to do that though……]

Perhaps because of the dorachoco’s effect, my fear of Minerva has diminished.

[What are you doing in a place like this?]

[I thought I should get to know the face of the rumored witch.]

Me and the Grim Reaper stood side by side, looking at the wanted poster.

[Are you also aiming for the witch?]

[You jest. I’m just a street vendor. Besides, I kinda feel sorry for this witch……]

Ah, wait, wouldn’t I be in trouble if I said that?

I had been warned by Bottakuro’s proprietress, but I had forgotten about it.

However, Minerva didn’t seem to mind.

[Why do you think so?]

[After all, she had her engagement unilaterally broken off, didn’t she? Well, I think it’s going too far to put a curse on people, but I do have some sympathy for her.]

[Fumu…… By the way……]

The Grim Reaper kinda feels like he’s fidgeting about……

The heck is this guy squirming about?

[That…… was that true?]

[What was?]

[T- That thing you said earlier, that she’s beautiful……]

[Ahh, you mean the witch huh.]

[Umu. W- What’s so good about this woman?]

Hmm, contrary to his appearance, does Grim Reaper like the outgoing ones more than the plain ones?

I did hear how people seek what they themself lack, but it seems to be true.

[She’s quite good-looking, isn’t she? She may have a gloomy personality, but she might be a nice person to be around if you get to know her.]

[Hmmmm, that’s one way to look at it…… However, it is said that she wasn’t popular at all. Well, that’s just from the rumors I’ve heard……]

Seems like the conversation was going to be a long one, so I took out some snacks.

It was a new product, Carol Choco.

These bite-sized chocolates come in a variety of flavors.

The packaging is colorful and fun to look at.

Product name: Carol Choco

Description: Bite-sized chocolates. Eating one makes you feel a little happy.

Price: 20 rims

[Please take one, it’s chocolate.]

[S- Sorry……]

The Grim Reaper, who has a sweet tooth, hurriedly opens the wrapping paper.

[Continuing what I said earlier, I find it surprising that the witch wasn’t popular.]

[In this country, cheerful women are popular. Besides, the witch doesn’t have any charm……]

[Eh, you think so? Doesn’t that slightly tired look on her face look sexy? She also got big breasts, so if you were to ask me, she’s pretty high up.]

[Y- You think so? Her buttocks are rather large though. Don’t you think they’re rather unshapely?]

[Rather, that’s a really great charm point for her! She really smells like danger, but she has more than enough charm to compensate for it.]

Why am I having a boy’s talk with the Grim Reaper?

Moreover, I don’t know how it happened, but I ended up supporting the witch.

Even though we have never met, how strange.

[By the way, you seem to know a lot about the witch?]

[I’ve only happened to see her in the past.]

[Could it be that Minerva-san is also a fan of the witch?]

[Hmph, I don’t like her……]


Minerva-san popped the carol choco into her mouth from the edge of her mask.

[Ah, strawberry flavor……]

[We have four kinds right now: strawberry, caramel, milk and pistachio.]

[I- I’ll take your entire stock!]

As expected of a sweet tooth!

I’ve suddenly got a 2400-rim sale.

[……Your name?]


[I’m asking your name……]

[Ahh, I’m Yahagi Yuusuke .]

[Yuusuke huh……]

Is it because I had eaten some carol choco? Even though I’m with the Grim Reaper, I’m having a somewhat pleasant and joyful time with him.

Over time, I’ve also become frank with him.

[I’m glad you’re buying my wares, but you shouldn’t eat too much sweet stuff.]

[Eh, but I like them~~]


What’s with that cutesy way of speaking……

The voice, however, is still that hoarse voice of a man.

[N- No…… I like them so much that I can’t stop.]

Speaking of which, Minerva had a pair of women’s underwear.

Pink and silk underwear.

I don’t really mind those kinds of stuff, but maybe he has circumstances he doesn’t want to share with others.

I think I’d better not get too deep into this though.

Minerva and I chatted about sweets and other recent topics until almost noon, and I think we became closer with each other.

[By the way, I’d like to ask again……]

[What is it now?]

[Did you really think the witch was cute?]

[Don’t make me say it again. Well, it’s just a matter of preference. I won’t really know until I meet her myself.]

[Fumu fumu……]

I don’t really know what is with him, but the Grim Reaper was quite persistent on this subject.

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