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Chapter 13

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The blood-red setting sun is dyeing the western sky with its colors.

I couldn’t compose myself since this morning.

For some reason, I have this bad premonition and my chest won’t stop pounding.

I ended up tripping on my newly opened shoulder-pole stall, destroying the display setup I had just put up, and gave too much change to the wrong person.

On days like this, I feel like nothing good would happen.

The most unusual thing today was Merle, who had only been winning large round candies and 10-rim gums one after the other, even won a rare card from the Monster Chips.

[Uwoooohhh! I got a Ghost Knight card!]

It’s just an R card, but that’s already a miracle for Merle.

[Amazing…… Mere, you might die tomorrow.]

[Can you not say terrible things, Mira? Today is my lucky day, which is said to come only thrice in a lifetime!]

Don’t spend such an important day in a dagashi shop……

Also, rather than Merle’s lucky day, it feels more like this is my unlucky day.


[Yuusuke-san, I’ll challenge the 10-rim chocolates this time! Today is the day I’ll make up for my daily losses!]

[Losses you say, the way you say that really sounds bad for my reputation!]

While we were having this exchange, the open space became noisy.

As I looked around to see what was going on, I saw a group of soldiers heading in our direction.

[We are now conducting permit inspections. Merchants, show your permits!]

Hearing those words made me break out in a cold sweat.

By permits, they meant business permits, right?

I had just been doing business as I pleased, so I don’t have such a thing.

Doesn’t this look bad?

I thought about whispering “Close” and putting my shoulder-pole stall away, but I didn’t want to do anything illegal in front of Merle and Mira.

[Display your permit.]

I confided honestly to the soldier who came to me.

[I’m sorry, but I didn’t have one.]

[What? How long have you been doing business here?]

[About 8 days now.]

[Is that true?]

It isn’t just me who said this, as the other regulars nodded in agreement.

[I would have thrown you in jail, but it was very admirable that you honestly reported this. I will let you off with just a special fine this time. If you continue doing business in this city in the future, make sure you properly buy a business permit!]

I managed to get away with only a fine.

[I did think you were kinda ignorant of society, but I can’t believe you didn’t have a business permit.]

Merle said, looking at me astounded.

[No, I’ve only just arrived here……]

I’ve properly paid my taxes back in Japan, but coming here in a different world, I had completely forgotten about it!

[However, I wonder how much is that permit? After paying the fine, I have almost no money left on me.]

[If I’m not mistaken, it was 12000 rim a month for street vendors.]

Mira told me.

[12000!? What should I do, I only have 4200 rims left……]

[Ara, that’s troubling……]

I have enough money to stay at Bottakuro and my meals.

However, if I can’t start doing business tomorrow, I’m gonna end up starving sooner or later.

[I have a good idea.]

[Really? You have one, Merle?]

[Unnn, there’s only one place in this city where you can do business without a permit.]

[I see, he really could do that.]

Mira, seemingly understanding what Merle meant, nodded her head in understanding.

[Ohh, so there was a place like that!? Tell me, Merle. Where is it?]

At my words, Merle smiled and pointed to the ground below us.

What is Merle talking about now?

[No, no, I can’t sell here! You just saw how I was fined earlier.]

[Not above ground.]

[Not above ground…… Wait, don’t tell me…… You want me to do business in the dungeon!?]

[Exactly what I meant.]

Even though she said that, I’m just a civilian without a single weapon……

[Hey, monsters appear in dungeons, right?]

[Of course they do, it’s a dungeon after all.]

[I understand that you’re worried…… However, if you set up your stall near the entrance, it will be less dangerous.]

If the need arises, I can just run outside.

However, Mira told us that was not a good idea.

[The law prohibits people from doing business near the entrance. Even without that law, if you block the passage, you will also be scolded by other adventurers. If you want to set up a stall, you must start from District 2.]

District 2 is about 500 meters away from the entrance.

Even there, monsters are said to appear from time to time.

[Hey, can’t Merle or Mira be my guard?]

[Even someone with my skills earns about 5000 rims a day. If you pay me more than that, I can think about it.]

If I end up having to pay 5000 rims, there won’t be much left for me.

If there aren’t many customers on a given day, I would be in the red.

[You don’t have to be that worried. If it’s just the monsters in District 2, you should be able to handle them yourself with Monster Chip cards.]

Come to think of it, I have a Flying Snake card.

Tonight, in place of my dinner, I’ll eat a lot of Monster Chips and prepare for tomorrow’s business……

If I can gather about 10 cards, I should be able to make it through the day.

[Hey, how about we go together when you go into the dungeon? I’ll treat you both to your favorite snacks.]

Merle and Mira looked at each other and smiled.

[If it’s just that, you can count on us.]

[If it’s on the way, we can send you off.]

Going into the dungeon all by myself is just too scary.

However, with these two people who I know so well, I could feel safe.

Since I don’t have a permit, I can’t continue selling my items in this place any longer.

Having this in mind, I went back to Bottakuro as soon as possible.

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