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Chapter 14

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In preparation for the next day’s dungeon raid, just as I had planned, dinner was Monster Chips.

I opened up everything in my inventory, which was 10 pieces.

The cards that came out were in order……

C Kobold Warrior: Cute and loyal

C Giant Crow: A big crow

R Zombie Knight: Scary and strong

C Pixie Fairy: Disturbs enemies

C Piranha Bird: Flying piranha!?

SR Turtle Ninja: A turtle ninja with a sword on his back

C Goblin: A classic of all classics

C Dancing Knife: A tinier version of the Dancing Sword?

R Stone Golem: Excellent in offense and defense

C Jack-o’-Lantern: Has menacing eyes

According to Merle and Mira, common cards are enough to deal with the monsters that appear in District 2.

If I’m really having a hard time, I can use two cards and I won’t lose.

While looking at the cards, I nibbled on a bag of potato chips.

I could afford up to three bags, but by the fourth bag, as expected, even I’d get tired of it.

Throwing them away would have been a waste though, so I gave them to Bottakuro’s proprietress, who was quite delighted.

I feel like I’m getting closer to the proprietress……

I waited at the entrance to the dungeon in the early morning, and Merle and Mira came as promised.

[Good morning!]

Merle, who usually looks so carefree, feels very dependable this morning.

[I- I’m in your care.]

[Ei! Yuusuke-san, you’re too nervous! It’s not like we’re going to the 2nd Underground Floor, so you should relax a little more.]

[She’s right. Why don’t you have an anzu-bou?]

If I ate an anzu-bou, it would give me courage.

Doing as she suggested, I had one for breakfast.

[Unnn, I’m starting to feel more relaxed.]

[That’s good, let’s keep that up.]

[Well then, let’s go!]

Merle leads the way, with Mira protecting the rear.

Now that I was walking between the two of them, I was even less scared.

And thus, that’s how my first entry to the dungeon went.

The entrance to the dungeon was somewhat similar to the entrance to a subway.

It wasn’t as bright as that, but the walls were faintly luminous, so there was no lack of visibility.

It was also about the same size, so I felt a sense of familiarity with it.

[The stairs here have sixty steps.]

Mira said from behind.

When monsters appear, I will have to run up these stairs to escape.

Thinking about how troublesome that would be just made me feel depressed.

If that’s the case, it would just be easier to fight with the monster cards I got last night.

For me to have these thoughts, was it because of the anzu-bout I just ate?

When we went down the stairs, I found myself in a large entrance-like area.

There, a few adventurers were checking their equipment and discussing their plans for the day’s battle.

I’m relieved to see that there were more people than I had expected here.

[Now, let’s go to District 2. From here on out, tighten up your focus, okay?]


I grasped a monster card, ready to activate it at any moment.

The first card I decided on was the Goblin card.

I proceeded through the dimly lit corridor with other adventurers.

Along the way, there was this pathway that led to a narrow alleyway, but Merle ignored it and we continued on.

Eventually, we passed through a large gate with carved reliefs and came to a slightly wider entrance-like area.

Up to this point, no battles had occurred and no monsters were to be seen.

It seems like I may have been too much of a scaredy-cat.

[Good work. Here on out would be District 2.]

[Thanks. There were more people than I thought there would be, so heading to this area wasn’t really that big of a deal.]

[Today, that is. Depending on the day, large amounts of insect-type monsters could spring up, so you shouldn’t let your guard down.]

That makes sense.

If this really is a safe zone, there should be more street vendors around.

Including myself, there were only three of us here.

Having imagined I would be all alone here, I feel reassured that there were other people around.

[Thanks, Merle, Mira. As promised, you can take 300 rims worth of snacks, Pick whichever you like.]

[Then, I’ll take Monster Chips!]

[Sorry, that’s out of stock.]

I had opened up all of them after all……

Please don’t look that sad.

My life is at stake here too.

After Merle and Mira left, some of the regulars stopped by my stall.

[I was wondering why I hadn’t seen you, but you opened up your stall inside the dungeon huh.]

[I have some circumstances in hand. What can I get you today?]

[Give me a squid skewer and a 10-rim choco.]

[Here, that’s 40 rims.]

The place is now different, but what I do is still the same as usual.

Although sales decreased a bit, customer traffic was still adequate.

After the morning rush was over, District 2 suddenly became quiet.

I heard that most adventurers go below the 2nd Underground Floor.

The only people on this floor were rookies, and every once in a while, I would hear angry shouts or the high-pitched sound of clashing metal in the distance.

I thought this would be a good time to leave, but the two other street vendors besides me showed no sign of closing up their store.

One is an old man, thin as a branch, and he brings with him the tools of a field smith.

Perhaps, his business is about repairing weapons.

The other was a woman about 30 years old, with a stall that had a sign that said “Herbal Tea”.

I guess I should at least say hello to them.

[Good morning. I’m Yahagi, a dagashi vendor. Pleased to meet you.]

[I’m Mirai, I sell restorative tea.]

[Ou, I’m Sanaga.]

Both of them aren’t very talkative.

[Are you two still continuing your business?]

[My business starts now. After those brats dull their weapons, that is.]

I see, there certainly aren’t many people who would stop by a smithy first thing in the morning.

[It would be the same for my herbal tea. My customers are the injured adventurers.]

It seems like her herbal tea has the effect of healing wounds.

It seems that these two have no intention of returning aboveground.

This is kinda troubling.

Merle and Mira dropped me off on the way here, but I’m on my own on the way back.

There are no adventurers nearby, and if monsters appear, I’ll have to fight them alone.


Even if I returned to the surface, I would have to come back again in the evening when it was time to do business.

Moreover, I have come here alone this time.

If that’s the case, I should probably stay here too……

As I was pondering this and that, thick fog suddenly appeared out of nowhere.


Sanaga-san, who had been sitting leaning against the wall, quickly sat up.

Mirai-san, who was sitting at her herbal tea, also pulled out a spear from somewhere and held it at the ready.

[What’s going on?]

[They’re coming!]

[Coming, what is……]

[Monsters are coming.]

Are you serious!?

I took out the Gobin card I had tucked away in my breast pocket and braced myself.

However, I didn’t even have any composure to say that catchphrase “Alright, I choose you!” right now.

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