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Chapter 15

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The monsters that emerged from the fog were four Goblins.

The card I am holding in my hand is also a Goblin card, but would it be able to deal with them?

However, I don’t have the time to re-select among my cards right now.

Following what was written in the manual, I cast the card and chanted the spell.

[Monster summon, activate!]

What appeared from the summons was, as expected, a Goblin.

I was wondering if it could win in a four-on-one fight, but the Goblin I summoned suddenly jumped on an enemy and used its knife to cut their carotid artery.

The Goblin whose neck got cut crumbled to the ground and vanished in a puff of luminous smoke.

All that was left in its place was a small copper coin and a green magic crystal.

[That’s great, Goblin. Keep going and beat the others down! ……Arehh?]

My excitement only lasted at that moment, as my Goblin was beaten down by the other three Goblins.

It was outnumbered, so I guess it can’t be helped.

Even so, Merle’s information is so unreliable.

The heck is with “one common card is already enough”.

Thinking of this, I stopped being stingy and casted my next two cards at once.

[Monster summon, activate! Go, Piranha Bird! And one more time, monster summon, activate! Pixie Fairy!]

The Piranha Bird bit an enemy Goblin from behind with its sharp teeth, while the Pixie Fairy flew around at high speed and distracted the others.

Thanks to this, my Goblin once again managed to wield its knife and at last, all four Goblins were defeated.

[Fuuu…… It’s finally over.]

Thereupon, I called out to the two who had been watching with bated breath.

[That was surprising, I didn’t expect four of them to show up at the same time.]

The blacksmith wiped the sweat from his forehead.

[Is that unusual?]

[Yeah, most of the time when a monster is born out of the fog, it would just be one.]

Hmmm, I didn’t know that monsters are born from fog.

Moreover, they only appear one at a time huh.

If that were the case, Merle didn’t tell me wrong information, as what happened this time was just a coincidence.

It’s a good thing I prepared several monster cards for today.

I also had a pop rocket in my pocket just in case, but I didn’t even need to use it.

I’m glad I didn’t expose how lacking my technical skills are.

Even in my previous life, I had been bad at stuff like baseball and darts.

[And for that matter, I’m glad you’re here, Summoner-san.]

I hurriedly denied Mirai-san’s words.

[I’m a dagashi shopowner, not a summoner.]

[Then, what was that earlier?]

[That was a freebie from a product I sell.]

I explained to them about the dagashi I was selling.

[What a convenient card. If it’s just for 100 rims, I’d like one too.]

[Sorry, I’m already out of stock for this one.]

[Oi, bro. Aren’t you gonna pick up those money and magic crystals?]

The drops from when I defeated the Goblins were still on the floor of the dungeon.

[Is it okay if I take those?]

[You defeated them, bro, those belong to you.]

Mirai-san didn’t seem to have any objections either, so I guess I’ll take them.

The money that came out was 200 rims.

That makes 50 rims per Goblin huh……

The purchase price of these magic crystals also seems to be about 10 rims per piece.

I used three cards to defeat them though, so this brings me in the red.

[Even so, if you can summon those monsters, why are you a street vendor, Yahagi?]

Sanaga-san tilted his head, seemingly not understanding my way of thinking.

[I told you, I’m not a summoner, I’m a dagashi shopowner.]

[But with that power, you could make money on lower-leveled floors, couldn’t you?]

Mira-san also seemed to be wondering about this.

[I don’t want to do anything dangerous. Besides, I like my job.]

No matter what they say, Dagashi Shopowner is my Unique Job, and I myself like doing this.

For a while, no customers or monsters appeared, but as noon approached, rookies who had been hunting monsters on the 1st Underground Floor began appearing in groups of twos and threes.

Those with minor injuries went to Mira-san’s place to drink tea, while those with chipped blades and armors that needed repairing went to Sanaga-san.

A few hungry adventurers gathered at my place as well.

[Ahh~~, I’m starving. I think I’ll get myself some umaibo.]

[I’ll have a curry cracker.]


It was lunchtime, so it seemed like the adventurers were hungry.

They had probably already eaten their lunch, their young stomachs emptied quickly.

That’s when I had an idea.

I have never been able to sell this product, but with Mirai-san’s help, I would be able to sell my stock.

[Mirai-san, may I have a word?]

[Is something the matter, Yahagi-san?]

[Would you mind collaborating with me? I want to sell this.]

Product Name: Butamen (Tonkotsu Flavor)

Description: Mini-sized cup noodles, prepared by pouring 180ml of hot water. Although small, one serving of this will fill you up.

Price: 80 rims

Mirai-san sells restorative tea, so she has brought the tools to boil water.

I would sell the butamen to the hungry adventurers and they would buy the hot water at Mirai-san’s place.

[Yum! This is the first time I’ve tasted this flavor, but it tastes great.]

[The meat broth tastes really good!]

The plan worked, and my stock of butamen soon ran out.

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