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Chapter 16

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After noon, the entrance to District 2 became deserted again.

Adventurers who had taken a break scattered around the dungeon in search of monsters.

As for me, finally being able to get my break, I’m going to eat the bread and apple I brought with me.

[Someone, help me carry someone wounded! Anybody!?]

Just as I was about to bite down though, I heard a voice calling for help from within the dungeon.

It wasn’t that far away from here.

It would be dangerous, but I just couldn’t abandon them.

Holding the Flying Snake card in my hand, I ran toward the voice.

The deeper I went into the dungeon, the louder the voices became.

It seemed that there was still a battle going on.

[Where is it!? Where are you!?]

[This way! Our porter got hit in the leg. Please get him to safety.]

I went toward the voice and found 5 adventurers engaged in battle with a rhino-like monster.

In the vicinity of the room, there’s a boy lying on his back.

It was the same boy who had come to my stall.

[Regal, get a hold of yourself!]

[Uuu…… Ngghh……]

The adventurers are fighting while trying to protect Regal, and they seem to be having trouble moving freely.

[Quickly take him away!]


I picked up Regal and headed back the way I came.

When I returned to the entrance of District 2, I examined Regal’s wounds.

The flesh of his thigh was split open and blood was pouring out.

[Mirai-san, please give me some restorative tea.]

Restorative tea is a drink, but pouring it over the wound would also be effective.

Cutting apart the cloth in Regal’s trousers near his wound, I poured the cooled restorative tea over it.


Perhaps feeling the sting from his wound, Regal bears with it with some tears in his eyes.

The bleeding had stopped slightly, but the wound was still not healed.

[More restorative tea.]

[I don’t know. With a wound this bad, I don’t think he can be healed with just restorative tea.]

Even so, I want to do what I can.

[If it’s money, I’ll pay for it, so I’d like to have some more.]

[What’s the matter?]

A voice suddenly called out in the dungeon, and the Grim Reaper appeared out of the darkness.

His sudden arrival made both Mirai-san and Sanaga-san reflexively let out a short shriek.

Even Regal, who was wounded and lying on the ground, began to tremble.

However, I’ve already gotten used to the Grim Reaper.

There were rumors that he was a murderer, but when I talked to him, he seemed more normal than I had expected.

[It’s just as you see. This child is wounded. Ah, Minerva, do you have any bandages? If so, please share them with me.]

[No, I don’t.]

[I see. It can’t be helped then.]

I have to find something to tie his wound shut and stop the bleeding.

As I was rummaging through my bag for something to use as a tourniquet, Minerva approached.

Then, he put his hand close to Regal’s thigh.


A burst of green light came from Minerva’s hand, and Regal’s wounds healed quickly.

[Oi, oi, you can use Recovery Magic!? That’s amazing.]

[Being at least able to use this is no big deal.]

The Grim Reaper replied bluntly, but despite not showing it outright, he seemed to be pleased with the praise.

[U- U- U- Ummm…… Thank you very much.]

Regal too, even though he was trembling, thanked him.

[By the way, why are you here, Yuusuke?]

Minerva turned to me and asked.

[Actually, I didn’t have a permit, so I can’t do business in my earlier spot anymore.]

[So that’s how it is. I’ve been looking for you for a long time, and was surprised that you’re not there.]

[You were looking for me?]

At my words, the Grim Reaper exaggeratedly waved his hand in denial.

[I was not! I wasn’t wandering around the open space in front of the dungeon looking for you!]

[You just said you were looking for me though.]

[Uh, w- well…… I meant I wasn’t frantically looking for you. Don’t get me wrong……]

The heck is with this guy.

[Ah, alright. You’re craving for something sweet again, aren’t you?]

[U…… mu……]

[However, it’s not good for your health if you eat sweets all the time. Here, I’ll share my apple and bread with you, so eat them with me.]

[N- No…… If it’s lunch, I have them with me.]

[Minerva’s going to eat now huh. Guess I’ll eat mine too.]

Thereupon, Minerva suddenly stood up.

[Oi, Yuusuke!!!]

With a shout, he glared at me.

Did I do something to offend him?

[W- What’s the matter, suddenly talking so loudly……]

[……I- If you want, how about eating together with me!?]


[H- Here…… I’ll give you this……]

Minerva brought out a cute light blue lunch box.

The side of the box has a picture of a cat walking in a meadow.

[However, what about your lunch, Minerva? You won’t have anything to eat though?]

[Don’t worry. I have another one.]

Saying this, Minerva took out a different colored lunch box, a pink one this time, from her luggage.

Matching lunch boxes……

[Sorry. I’ll eat them without reservations then.]

[Umu, I made two of them by accident.]

He apparently made two by accident.

How is that even possible?

Well, whatever. One of my good points is that I don’t sweat the small stuff.

Yep, I’m singing my own praises.

Opening the lid, I found sandwiches and fruits neatly arranged.

The sandwich had sauteed chicken, vegetables and bacon.

[Whoa, these look delicious. Minerva is good at cooking huh.]

[It’s no big deal……]

[Alright then, let’s dig in. Ah, I’ll buy you some tea. Mirai-san, I’d like some tea for him.]

[Y- Yesh!]

The tea was handed to me by Mirai-san with trembling hands.

[It’s alright, he looks and sounds scary, but in reality, he’s not such a bad guy.]

[I- Is that so……]


[What are you doing, Yuusuke!? Stop talking to other women and come over here already! Being swayed by the allure of a mature woman……]

He started grumbling about incoherent stuff.

Was he getting irritable from hunger?

[Are you some possessive boyfriend or what? Saying stuff like that could cause misunderstandings.]

[Not like I care.]

[Geez. Anyway, I’ll start eating. Oh, this is tasty!]

[You think so? Ufu…… ufufu……]

Even if you giggled ufufu like that……

With the way he looks, it just feels like some vicious criminal laughing.


By the way, why is this guy wearing a mask?

Does he have a burn scar by any chance?

If so, it would be better not to ask questions carelessly.

He may be a man, but he probably wants to hide such scars.

In any case, as we ate lunch, I don’t know why, but Minerva seemed to be in a good mood.

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