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Chapter 20

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When I woke up, I was surprised to see a silver mask very close to my face.

I should be in the guest room of Minerva’s apartment.


[Good morning.]

I checked again and found Minerva sitting on the edge of the bed, looking into my face.

[What are you doing?]

[I was just…… observing your sleeping face……]

[What the heck is that?]

Is this some magic-related matter or something?

Like, that phrenology or what……

[Breakfast is ready, so come.]

Minerva ignored my question.

The table was filled with fresh pancakes, omelets, bacon, salad, and sliced fruits, all of which looked delicious.

Minerva’s cooking really captivates my heart in an unbelievably remarkable way.

It’s as if they’re magical dishes……

[You sure have no blind spots, Minerva.]

[Absolute Resonance Domain was indeed my specialty, but how did you know that?]

[I’m not saying that, I was just admiring how you handle everything. Not just swordsmanship and magic, you’re also good at cooking? It was delicious this morning too.]

[I- I worked very hard on them……]


It seems that he has a habit of fidgeting when praised.

Yeah, that doesn’t really suit him, but I’m not gonna say that out loud.

It might hurt him.

[Now then, time to clean up. Let me do this part.]

[Yuusuke could just sit down……]

[I feel bad leaving everything to Minerva alone. Oya, what’s this?]

There were several pieces of paper scattered on the floor with magic circles drawn on them.

All of them have partially drawn lines that were either scribbled out or ended up being messed up.

Were these failed magic crystals?

[That’s the “Infinite Spiral Tower”!]

Looking distraught, Minerva snatched the pieces of paper from me.

[Whoe? Ahh, it’s part of your magic research huh. Sorry for touching them.]

[I don’t mind, but I managed to endure until sunrise last night, fighting the onrushing temptation. I’d like to at least be praised for it.]

[I don’t really know what you’re talking about, but that’s amazing. You did great.]

I tapped him on the shoulder, to which Minerva shivered.

[W- What’s wrong?]

[Nothing. It’s nothing, but if you could just stay like this for a little while longer, I’ll offer my everything to Yuusuke……]

[Huh? Offer, like sacrifice? What, I’m getting treated like an Evil God now? Ah, I get it.]

[Eh? What?]

I went behind Minerva and put my hands on both his shoulders.

[You’ve worked really hard all night and your shoulders are stiff, right? As thanks for letting me stay, I’ll give you a massage.]

[Wha…… Ahh…… Auuu……]

Minerva writhed in agony, his hoarse voice letting out groans.

[Is it here? Should I apply pressure here?]

This guy surprisingly has a delicate body.

Since he was a skilled swordsman, I thought he would be more muscular.

He definitely uses magic to strengthen his body when he fights.

I carefully relaxed the area around his shoulder blades.


[Does that feel good?]

[Unnn…… I feel like I’m melting……]

[Fuhahahahaha! Thus, vow thee to be becometh mine, and relinquisheth all unto this Evil God!]

JK lol

[I vow. My everything belongs to you……]

Minerva also went along with the joke.


[Nah, not happening!]

I patted Minerva on the shoulder.


[People can’t own people. I’m against things like slavery, and the idea of owning another person is way too burdensome and unpleasant to me.]

[Is…… that so?]

[Obviously. Ah, could it be, there’s a slavery system in this country?]

[Slave trading is forbidden by law.]

That’s good to know.

[Well, there’s that, you know? I think being overly possessive in a romantic relationship is questionable, and being excessively controlled is tough as well.]

[So that’s…… how it is……]

Arehh, does Minerva think differently?

[Are you the type of person who would control your girlfriend, Minerva?]

When I asked that, Minerva looked very troubled.

Of course, it’s not like I can be entirely sure with his mask on.

[I myself don’t think it’s good, but I think when I fall in love, I’d be someone who’d likely become possessive.]

[I’m having doubts about that way of thinking. If you go overboard, they might end up running away, you know?]

[So that they won’t run away………… I’ll be careful……]


That was a questionable way of saying it.

Well, if he’s going to be careful about it, I guess it’s okay……

That marked the end of our conversation, and we cleaned up the dishes together.

Minerva had grown quiet after that, but I didn’t mind it that much.

We left for the dungeon together.

[Speaking of which, are you aiming for the witch Michelle too, Minerva?]

[I have no business with the witch. My own task is this.]

Minerva took out an orb tied with a leather strap and showed it to me.

It glowed a pale purple color.

[Is that some kind of magic tool?]

[Yeah, it’s a magic item that stores mana. My research involves this item.]

Is it like the batteries in my previous life?

[When it’s perfected, it will be possible to perform magic on a large scale that no one has ever been able to do before.]

[However, what does that have to do with the dungeon?]

[At the deepest part of this dungeon lies a rift in the earth, from which a high concentration of mana is leaking. I have been experimenting with filling magic orbs such as this with it.]

[So that’s why you’ve been diving deep into the dungeon.]

[Yeah. I actually really wanted to leave this city, but I don’t know of any other magic spots with such favorable conditions.]

Minerva shrugged.

I took his hand and made him hold a certain item.

[Y- Yuusuke!?]

[It’s the Elixir that I got from the 10-rim game yesterday. I’ll give it to you as thanks for letting me stay last night. Minerva, you may be strong, but keep a hold of that just in case.]


[Don’t worry, I’ll try challenging it again to keep some for myself. I think I’ve got the trick for the game, so I should get it before long.]

Even though Minerva looked sorry for receiving it from me, he still carefully tucked the Elixir into his pocket.


I understood one thing.

What is truly important can be immediately felt when one actually comes in contact with it.

The moment Yuusuke’s hand wrapped around mine, I understood.

He was the man fated for me, the person more important than anything else.

Is this what people call “lovesickness”?

If that’s the case, then it makes me feel afraid to consume this Elixir.

After all, I want to keep this lovesickness within my heart.

And I want to keep hold of Yuusuke, never letting him go……

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