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Chapter 22

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When I walked out of Bottakuro early in the morning, I found Minerva standing nearby.

It’s been three days since I’ve seen him since he went deep into the dungeon.

[What a coincidence, Yuusuke. I never expected I’d meet you here.]

With how much we’ve been meeting each other lately, I don’t really feel like it’s a coincidence at all……

[Good morning, Minerva.]

[Yuusuke, you’re going to the dungeon now? I’m just on my way there myself, so why don’t we go there together?]

Somewhat forcefully persuaded, we set off for work together.

[By the way, did you manage to buy a permit?]

[No, I’ve decided to do my business in the dungeon for a while. I’m hoping to save up some money soon so I can rent an apartment.]

[I see……]

The expense of 12,000 rims per month is painful, and it was better for the customers with me working in the dungeon.

The daytime customers were especially a big contributor to sales.

Since yesterday, I have been traveling alone to the rest room in front of the stairs.

I had been going there and back with other adventurers, and I decided that as long as I had monster cards, it wouldn’t be too dangerous.

Today, I will be descending with Minerva, so it would be even safer.

I don’t know what he’s planning, but there’s no one more reliable as an escort.

Once I’m in position at the rest room, I opened the shop with an “Open”.

[Arehh, there’s a new game here. A different 10-rim game from before and a capsule toy!]

Product Name: 10-rim Game “Continental Conquest”

Description: A game played with 10-rim copper coins. The prize is Defense Barrier Charm

Price: 10 rims per try (only 10-rim copper coins can be used)

[Ohh, isn’t this Kunitori Gassen!? It’s a bit different from what I know though.]

[Fumu, drawn here seemed to be a map of the Nautis continent.]

Minerva also seemed interested and came closer.

The front of the cabinet has a map of the continent, and it seems the place we are in is called Nautis continent.

[How do you play this?]

[It’s just like the Dungeon Crawler Game beside it. First, you insert a 10-rim coin here.]

After inserting the coin, the left and right roulettes at the bottom of the screen started spinning.

The left roulette has numbers and the right roulette has pictures.

[Use this stop button to stop the left roulette first.]

[Fumu, the number landed on a 10.]

[That’s a big number. That’s a big opportunity. Next, press the right button to settle on a picture.]

There are four types of pictures:  Princess, King, Witch, and Skull.

[If you get a Princess, you take over the country according to your number. If you get a King, you get twice as many countries. However, if you get a Witch, you lose countries you occupied by that number.]

[Witches are treated as evil huh…… And, what happens when you draw out a skull?]

[Death is the end of everything. It’s a game over.]

When I pressed the stop button, the picture that appeared was a Princess.

Thereupon, the lights of 10 countries on the screen lit up.

[If you occupy all 50 countries on the continent in this way, you will get the prize. Oops, a skull appeared.]

That’s a game over.

[Do you want to try, Minerva?]

[I’m good. It’s more fun watching Yuusuke do it.]

There was a girl I knew who said that kind of thing too……

Even though he got that frightening hoarse voice, there would sometimes be times like this that make Minerva seem like a girl.

[I see. So, what’s this gachapon over here?]

It’s a relatively large capsule toy, and it seems to be a new variety.

Product name: Capsule Toy: Miniature Furniture (8 types in total + a secret)

Description: Miniature furniture made by a famous furniture manufacturer. Each piece is handmade by skilled craftsmen. The first series features chairs and sofas.

Price: 300 rims

The front description includes photos of a leather sofa and a velvet-upholstered chair.

All of them are made of real materials and look very expensive.

Shall I try out getting a complete set and display it in the shop?

The lineup tickled a collector’s fancy.

However, this capsule toy wasn’t even looked at by adventurers.

I wonder why……

[That’s because they’re expensive.]

Mira told us while eating a frozen anzu-bou.

Mira and Merle are back for a break.

It certainly was as she says, 300 rims is on the higher end among Dagashi Yahagi’s products.

[They also don’t seem to be special magic items either.]

Merle didn’t seem interested either.

[However, they are cute, aren’t they? Doesn’t it make you feel like arranging them side by side?]

[We’re not at an age to play with dolls. If we had to spend 300 rims, we’d buy something else.]

The adventurers are all browsing at my wares realistically.

I don’t think this product will sell.

By the way, I wonder what will happen in this case?

Will the contents of the product be replaced after a certain period of time passes?

It’s not something that directly affects me, so I’m not taking it too seriously, but I’m curious what would happen in this situation.

Using my own money, I pulled out one of the capsules.

What comes out is a single black leather sofa.

The stitching is beautiful and it looks like it would be comfortable if I could use it as a reading chair.

It’s too small for me though.

After enjoying myself observing the sofa for a while, I put it on the shelf.

It was almost time to close the shop when an unusual customer came to Dagashi Yahagi.

[Excuse me.]

I stood up and looked around because I heard a strangely high-pitched voice, but there were no customers in sight.

[Arehh, was that just my imagination?]

[No, no, I’m over here.]

There, I heard the voice again, but there was still no one there.

Could it be that there’s some invisible guy here?

[Yuusuke, at your feet.]

After Minerva told me to look down, I found three small people, each no taller than 15 cm.

One was an old man with a long beard, and the other two looked like young men.


[Shopkeeper, one of our youngsters mentioned seeing a lovely chair in your shop. If you still have the item, we would like to see it, if possible.]

By chair, I assume he was talking about that one I got from the capsule toy.

I gently placed the miniature sofa on the floor.

[Is this what you’re talking about?]

[Ohhh! This is wonderful. What a comfortable chair.]

[Isn’t it so, Elder? It was as I said, wasn’t it?]

I wanted to close up shop, but the small people started to make a big fuss around the sofa.

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