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Chapter 26

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The newest addition to my shop was a refrigerator surrounded by plate glass on all four sides.

It was made in such a way that the products inside could be seen.

[What is this box? There seem to be colorful bottles inside.]

[This is a refrigerator, a tool that keeps things inside cool. This is great, there are two kinds of drinks included inside it!]

Product name: Ramune

Description: A soft drink. Carbonated beverage with a citrus flavor. Drinking this will put one’s mana circulation in order.

Price: 100 rims

The term “Ramune” is said to have originally been a corruption of the word “lemonade”.

Lemonade → Lemone → Ramune

I have always loved drinking it.

When I was a child, I used to open the lid and take out the marble inside when I finished drinking.

[Yuusuke, is that colorful stuff over there some kind of medicine?]

[That’s Nikki. It’s a sweet drink with cinnamon in it. It has this fizzy sensation on the tongue and throat, but it’s delicious.]

[There seemed to be three kinds of this thing, but is there any difference between them?]

[No, they’re just different in color.]

It brought back vivid memories of me and my friends showing each other the color of our tongues stained with food coloring.

Product name: Nikki

Description: A cold beverage containing cinnamon extract. Has an antipyretic effect when drunk.

Price: 100 rims

It’s a good thing that cold drinks have been added to the product lineup.

After all, the place just doesn’t feel like a proper Dagashi Shop without it.

It would be perfect if they also added hiyashiame or mikansui.

[That drink that puts mana circulation in order seemed interesting. I’ll have one of these ramune.]

[Why don’t you drink it after the bath? It tastes better that way.]

The coldness of the ramune would definitely permeate into his flushed body.

[I see, that’s a good idea.]

Minerva and I played a game of Continental Conquest, played dart ball, the prize of another game, and waited for Merle and Mira to come out.

[Phew, that was a nice bath.]

[It totally feels relaxing, isn’t it?]

Merle and Mira came out.

In their hands were the squirt guns they had bought from my shop.

[How was it?]

[It was the best!]

Mira explained with unusual gusto.

[I’ve been suffering from stiff shoulders for a long time, and this has helped me alleviate it. I’m really glad I bought this!]

The massaging effect of the squirt gun seems to be real.

[I’m glad to hear that. In that case, I guess I’ll try it too.]

[By all means, I highly recommend it.]

I grabbed two orange squirt guns from the shop.

[Alright then, let’s go in too.]

I invited Minerva to join me in the bath.

However, Minerva didn’t move an inch.

[What are you doing?]

[Eh? What?]

[Like I said~~ Let’s get in the bath already.]

[…………We’re going in there together?]

[Yeah, that’s what I was thinking……]

Minerva suddenly began to tremble.

His mouth also opened and closed, but no words came out of it.

What’s with him?

[Ah, do you not like it when people see your body? In that case, you don’t have to mind me. Go in first.]

There are probably people who don’t like their bodies being seen by others, even when they’re fellow men.

There’s no need to force them to go in together.

I’m also not interested in Minerva being nude.

[I- I- I don’t mind. Let’s go in qyuickly……]

Minerva’s voice was trembling, but he also slid into the bathroom.

[Anyway, we’re going in. There are some cold drinks in there you can have. There’s ramune and nikki.]

Leaving Merle and Mira behind, I also headed for the bathroom.

The sound of the hot water was echoing and the surface of the bathtub was shimmering.

Even though this is the second time I’ve seen it, the water really just looked nice.

I quickly took off my clothes.

[Now then, let’s get in…… Wait, the heck are you staring that intently for?]

Minerva, who was staring at me, froze.


[Oi. don’t stare at me so much. Even though we’re both guys, being stared at still feels embarrassing!]

[I- I- I- I’m sorry! I just saw something I’m unfamiliar with……]

Something he’s unfamiliar with?

[Could it be that there are no public bathhouses in this country? Or perhaps, is there a rule in this country to cover the lower half of your body with a towel when taking a bath in such public bathhouses?]

There’s that saying that goes “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

I’m a man who always goes utterly stark naked in the bathtub, but I am willing to abide by the rules of this country.

[No, there are public bathhouses here. I don’t think it was required for people to cover themselves with a towel, but this is more of a personal problem……]

I see, he just isn’t used to going to such places huh.

[Alright. If it bothers you, I’ll wrap a towel around my waist.]

[No, that’s okay! Stay like that. I think it’s better for me to get used to it now too…… for the future……]

What does that even mean?

Ahh, he must be thinking of actively going to public bathhouses in the future huh.

[In that case, I’ll stay as is.]

[Umu. By the way, Yuusuke.]

[What’s the matter?]

[As for me, it’s just, because of my circumstances, just like my face, I really can’t show others my body. Do you mind if I use Recognition Inhibition Magic for today? I’m sure I’ll eventually be able to show my everything to Yuusuke but……]

I don’t really want you showing your everything, Minerva……

Heck, I might just get depressed……

[Suit yourself.]


With a wave of Minerva’s hand, it was like a big mosaic covering her body from head to toe.

In that state, his body becomes unclear to my eyes.

[Unnn, you turned into something incomprehensible. Not even the outlines of your body are showing.]

[I see.]

Leaving Minerva behind, I went ahead and soaked in the water.

I also felt the tingling sensation in the skin for the first time in a long while.

[Hmmm, the bath feels nice. Come on, Minerva too, quickly get in.]

[I’m coming.]


[I said I’m going.]

[Ahh, I see.]

Minerva came in beside me.

Can’t tell how he’s like with the mosaic though.

[It feels good, doesn’t it?]


I’m not sure if it was just my imagination or not, but I kinda feel like Minerva was glancing my way.

Well, I don’t really know with that mosaic.

[Next time I come here, I should bring an onsen chair. I brought a bucket, but I didn’t even think about bringing a chair.]

[If you don’t mind it being made of stone, I can make them.]

Minerva quickly made a chair for me with Earth Magic.

[As expected of Minerva. Well then, let’s sit on this chair……]

I got out of the hot water, pointed the squirt gun I had brought to my shoulder and pulled the trigger.

The water current, amplified by mana, stimulated my pressure points with its exquisite strength.

[Ohh! This really works.]

I pulled the trigger several times with great enthusiasm.

Each time I pulled the trigger, the fatigue in my shoulders, lower back, and calves would be completely gone.

[You should try it too, Minerva. It feels really good.]

[I see……]

Minerva came over and sat down next to me.

I can’t make out the details because of the mosaic, but I think he has very fair skin.

He also seemed to have well-developed pectoral muscles……

Minerva seems to have used his squirt gun to his neck.

Even still, I can’t make out much from the mosaic.



[How is it?]

[Very good……]

[I know, right!? I’m surprised it’s this good. That’s right, I’ll shoot you in the back, Minerva.]

[Eh, but……]

[Don’t be shy! You can’t shoot yourself in the back, right? You can do mine later. I’ll start then.]

I went behind Minerva and aimed my squirt gun.


[No…… Stop, stop, stooooooop!]

Why the total refusal?

Also, doing that in a slightly cutesy way……

He’s saying all that with his hoarse, manly voice though.

[What’s wrong?]

[I feel like…… it’s too early for that.]

Is there such a thing as too early to shoot warm water with a squirt gun?

Since this is a different world, I guess it wouldn’t be strange that there were rules here that I didn’t know about.

Well, I wouldn’t dare to do something that he doesn’t want to do.

[I’m kinda starting to feel dizzy……]

[Me too……]

[Let’s get out of the bath and have a ramune.]


We got dressed and went back to the front room.

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