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Chapter 29

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Thanks to my thriving business, I finally got an apartment of my own.

This marks the end of my life in Bottakuro.

It’s a small apartment that only consists of two rooms and a kitchenette, but it’s nice and comfortable for a single person to stay in.

No matter what other people say, I’m glad that I no longer had to endure verbal abuses like “I’ll kill you!” or “Get the f*ck outta here!” just for making a slight noise.

However, there’s still a problem.

There’s this guy who keeps on coming to visit me every day……

[I bought the ingredients for our meal. I’ll cook us dinner.]

When I opened the door, I found Minerva behind the door again today.

[You’re here again……]

[I’m going to make stew today.]

Minerva walked into my kitchenette, looking quite accustomed to my place.

For some reason, my kitchenette ended up becoming Minerva’s camp, where he stored many of his personal belongings.

[You know, why the heck are you storing strange tools in my home again?]

[This is a cookware called a blender. ……Am I bothering you?]

[I don’t mind now, but when I get a girlfriend, I’m sure she’ll hate you being here.]

[You got a girlfriend!?]

[No, I don’t have a girlfriend yet. However, even I want to eventually have one. I don’t think it would look good if I had a male friend who came into my house every day.]

[That’s right. Guys like that are nothing but trouble!]

[Right? So, when I get a girlfriend, take all your stuff here and bring them back home.]


Minerva nodded honestly.

[Yuusuke really wants to have a girlfriend?]

[That’s obvious, having a girlfriend makes life more enjoyable. We can talk about various things and go on dates, having one would enrich your life, don’t you think?]

Minerva nodded in agreement.

[Besides, it’s not like I’m some sort of saint or anything like that. Even I want enjoyment in my nightlife.]


[Is that really so surprising? Do you not feel the desire to do that, Minerva?]

[No…… To be honest, I’m interested…… quite interested……]

This guy, even with all his eccentricities, is just like me.

You freaking closet pervert!

[However, if Minerva stayed over every night, you wouldn’t be able to do that, right?]


[It’s not like I hate you, Minerva. It’s just, no matter how good of a friendship we have, I don’t think it’s right for you to stay over every night. Do you understand?]

[I understand. In other words, Yuusuke wants to be with your lover all the time.]

[All the time……? Well, I guess you can say that……]

I think it would be a bit stifling being together with someone all the time though.

[If it’s that feeling, I know exactly how it is. I’ll also do my best.]

Minerva, for some reason, suddenly became in a good mood and started cooking.

Cooking for us two, eating together, cleaning up together, talking after dinner over tea or other drinks, sometimes playing chess or reading books……

Arehh, something’s strange, isn’t it?

This sounds a lot like the way lovers act around each other……

No, no, no, no, we haven’t done anything lewd together.

Even though he’s staying over, we’re sleeping on different beds.

Minerva uses the sofa that he had given to me as a housewarming gift as his own bed.


After dinner, we relaxed on the sofa and drank brandy.

This was also a gift from Minerva.

It was a very expensive-looking drink, but Minerva kept pouring more and more into my glass.

Is this guy trying to get me drunk?

I was a little wary, but the taste of the alcohol made me forget to restrain myself.

As my consciousness began to fade, Minerva began to ask me questions.

[Tell me honestly. Do you really not have any girlfriend?]

[Of course not. if I did, I wouldn’t be drinking with a guy friend like this night after night.]

Chatting like this with Minerva is fun, but that wouldn’t make me give up some aspects of one’s life.

[So, what is Yuusuke’s preference?]

[My preference……? Hmm~~ Dunno!]

[Dunno, you say, there’s no way that’s true……]

[I wouldn’t know what I dunno!]

In my previous life, I liked slit-eyed lady knights, but if I’m asked if I would like them in real life, I’m not that hung up on them.

Until now, my only romantic experience had been when I fell in love with someone close to me before I knew it.

I don’t have any particular preference.

[I guess you must like big-breasted ones like Mira huh?]

[Hmm? Unnn, Mira is cute and nice. She has big boobs, and she has this gentle and healing feeling around her. I also like energetic girls like Merle. She’s a bit blunt, but she’s quite compassionate and cute.]

[Those two really had……]

I feel like I could hear the sound of gnashing teeth from behind his silver mask.

[However, they’re too young.]


Phua, I’m getting sleepy……

[In that case, what if it’s not like the slutty brats, someone older than them, has big breasts, a big butt, is great at cooking and the strongest adventurer?]

[Ehh~~ ……What about face and personality? Fuaaahhh……]

I can’t stifle my yawn anymore.

I should go back to bed now……

[Her face…… is a bit plain……]

[Unnn, that’s not that big of a deal, isn’t it? The most important thing is her personality. [Someone gentle really would be nice…… Unnn……]

Minerva was still talking about something, but I’ve reached my limit.

I let myself fall into the pleasant world of dreams.

[Alright. I’ll be gentle……]

Before I let go of my consciousness, I felt like Minerva said something.

[That’s…… a good…… thing…… z z z z z z.]


I gently removed my mask in front of the drunk Yuusuke.

The magic robe that hides my womanly body is also taken off on the floor.

If Yuusuke wakes up now……

A mixture of anxiety and anticipation clenched in my chest.


I picked up Yuusuke, who was sleeping defenselessly, and carried him to bed.

[Geez, you really are helpless without me……]

Yuusuke doesn’t wake up even when I poked his cheek with my finger.

Should I do the usual thing now that I have the chance?

I quietly crawled next to Yuusuke and snuggled up to him.

Feeling his body warmth on my skin, I’m also feeling sleepy.

How happy would I be if I could just fall asleep right here next to Yuusuke?

[Someone gentle huh……]

If that’s what Yuusuke wanted, I felt like I could be as kind as I could be.

My head hurts. I’m completely hungover.

I must have drunk too much last night.

[Here, drink some water.]

Minerva magically produced a glass of water for me.


Every dry cell in my body is starting to get moistened.

[Fuuu…… Feels like I’m coming back to life.]

I feel like I’ve been relying on Minerva a lot lately……

[Do you want to take the day off work today?]

[No, I can’t do that. I’ve got a lot of regulars waiting for me.]

I take out one of my snacks.

Product name: Sky Mints – Blue

Description: Refreshing mint-flavored soft candy. Eating this will help sober you up.

Price: 100 rims (15 pieces)

The spring breeze blows in through the window Minerva has opened.

The smell of flowers whose names I don’t know mingled with the scent of mint and wafted through my nose.

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