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Chapter 31

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Four days had passed since its launch, and the Mobile Force series was selling like hotcakes.

Forty boxes were replenished every day, and within two hours, they were sold out.

The customers consisted not only of adventurers, as the general public also showed an interest in the series, even going so far as to employ guards to bring them to Yahagi Onsen down on the 2nd Underground Floor to buy plastic models.

[This is the perfect toy for practicing mana manipulation.]

While making his Gyan do a graceful dance, Minerva told me.

It seems like the Mobile Force has established a position as an educational toy.

The Mobile Force is only as powerful as a radio-controlled car, so it’s not dangerous.

It’s a toy that even children can safely play.

[My Zako is on a different level! Get them!]

[Don’t underestimate me! I’m the best Gungalf operator!]

In a special ring set up next to the shop, a heated match using the Mobile Force is being played out again today.

I built the ring for the customers, but I honestly didn’t expect things to get this exciting.

People are gathering in the morning and in the evening, participating in the games and enjoying the spectacle.

[Easy peasy! Good game, well played! Yuusuke-san, I want a ramune.]

Merle approached with a smile reaching her cheeks after the game.

[Did you win again?]

[That’s right. My Red Shoulder is just built different.]

Merle painted her Zako’s shoulder protectors red.

Being born in Japan though, seeing that Zako makes me have mixed feelings.

In the beginning, there were a lot of wrestling-style matches, but recently, there have been more and more close combat matches using weapons.

Amused with the boom of the Mobile Force, Sanaga-san, the blacksmith, made miniature weapons, which became a big hit with the players.

[Thanks to Yahagi, I’m making a lot of money. I’m busier doing this than at my actual job.]

Sanaga-san has received so many orders that he can no longer keep up with production.

Since yesterday, he has even taken on an apprentice to produce weapons for the Mobile Force.

The Mobile Force has a characteristic that if it receives a certain amount of impact, its mana link with its owner will break.

When that happens, it’s a knockout and the winner is decided.

[Yuusuke-san, since things are this exciting, let’s hold a Mobile Force Tournament.]

Mira suggested, caressing her Dom.

[Hou…… That sounds interesting.]

Minerva seemed to be on board with the idea as well.

With how crazy everyone is about it, there should be a lot of participants.

It certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea to host a tournament to thank them for their patronage.

[That sounds interesting, so I guess I’ll try hosting one. I’ll also sponsor some products from Dagashi Yahagi. Well, I can only offer an assortment of snacks and toys though.]

If I include the Elixir, its status as an additional prize should elevate the tournament, right?

Not many people can win the Elixir at the moment after all.

[In that case, I’d enter the tournament too. I’m going to prove to everyone that my Zako is the best!]

[What absurdity about Zakos are you prattling about, slutty brat? My Gyan has no enemies. My Gyan is a top-notch machine.]

[My Dom won’t lose.]

The three of them were immediately engaged in the spark of competition.

A little before noon, a noble arrived with his guards.

It was Baron Essel, who I’m already acquainted with.

[We have come to visit, Yahagi-dono.]

[It’s been a while. How is His Majesty, the King feeling?]

[The Elixir has taken effect, and he’s relatively well. The curse itself, however, has not disappeared.]

Baron Essel’s men are already working on the 10-rim game “Dungeon Crawler Game”.

Having learned from their previous experience, they have prepared a large number of 10-rim coppers themselves this time.

[By the way, Yahagi-dono, I heard that a toy called Mobile Force is all the rage these days.]

[Yes, thanks to everyone, they are very popular. No one is around at the moment, but at dusk, battles start every day in the arena over there.]

[Hohou, do you still have any Mobile Force in stock?]

[We happen to have two leftovers today.]

One is the most popular one, Gufufu, and the other is the hard-to-handle Z-Zeong.

Gufufu comes with a whip by default, so it can participate in the arena right away.

I also hear that if you equip it with a sword and shield sold at Sanaga-san’s place, it is quite strong.

On the other hand, Z-Zeong is a machine for advanced users.

It has no legs and moves by floating in the sky.

Its arms can stretch out and attack from all angles, but it’s said that this makes it more difficult to control your mental image and mana.

I tried it myself, but just making it move freely in the air was already difficult for me.

[Interesting. Sell me both of them.]

Baron Essel opened a box and assembled the Mobile Force on the spot.

After a little practice, he was able to move it around and had fun fighting with the other Mobile Force controlled by a soldier under his command.


[This is really good! It’s no wonder everyone is fascinated by it.]

This man’s a noble, but he really doesn’t have that pretentious air around him.

[We are holding an MF Tournament in the near future, and if the Baron would like to join us, you’re welcome to participate. The prize for the champion will be an Elixir.]

[Oh my! Can I also take part in it?]

[Everyone with a Mobile Force can participate.]

[That makes me excited. I’ll have to start practicing hard today.]

Baron Essel finished his snacks, curry cracker and ramune, and after getting into the onsen, he drank another bottle of ramune.

He then bought five more bottles as souvenirs on his way home.

He must have liked them very much.

If there are too many participants, I’ll have to make 5 special rings.

I guess I’ll have to ask my reliable partner for this.


[W- What’s with that strange way of calling me?]

[I have a favor to ask you.]

[I- I’ll at least hear you out. (Quickly say it, I’ll grant it for you!)]

[I want you to make four more MF rings with Earth Magic. Can I ask you to do that?]

[Hmph, it’s no big deal. (I’m happy to help Yuusuke♡)]

As expected of Minerva.

No matter what he said, he willingly accepted it.

[What would you like as a thank you? Take any of my products you like.]

[It’s not necessary.]

[Don’t be shy. How about our new product, mikansui?]

[In that case……]

[What’s the matter? You can tell me.]

Minerva sometimes becomes extremely reserved.

There are times when that can be troubling.

[Lately, my magical research has been stagnant, and my shoulders are…… A- Auu……]

[What, you have stiff shoulders and want another massage? If it’s just that, isn’t it fine? I’ll even give you the mikansui I mentioned earlier.]

[U- Umu. (I’m glad I got the courage to say that. The me from three seconds ago, good job!)]

Minerva immediately made a ring for me and I carefully massaged him.

Touching his body like this, Minerva’s body really is slender.

His skin also feels kinda soft.

As if he’s a woman.

A woman……?

[What’s the matter?]

Nope, must be just my imagination.

How could there be a woman with such a hoarse voice?

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