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Chapter 37

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In the afternoon, Yahagi Onsen suddenly became noisy.

[Move aside, there’s an injured man here!]

[Four cups of restorative tea please!]

It seemed that injured adventurers had been brought in.

I went to check on them, but was relieved to find that they weren’t seriously injured and had recovered with Mirai-san’s restorative tea.

However, one of the mages looked completely exhausted, lying there limp and motionless.

[What’s wrong with her?]

I asked a nearby adventurer.

[That mage was hit by a Gas Ghost. They always go after the mages first.]

As the name implies, Gas Ghosts are gas-like creatures.

They are weak to Fire Magic, and if you kill them, they drop at least 10,000 rim silver coins.

It’s one of the more tasty monsters on the 2nd Underground Floor.

However, it is said that the Gas Ghosts are aware of their weaknesses, so they target mages first.

Moreover, they inflict people with the “Silence” curse to prevent a mage’s ability to chant.

It’s said that those who are possessed by them become powerless and can’t even speak.

I walked up to the fallen mage and squatted in front of her.

The woman’s face was pale and her lips had turned purple.

She was also slightly trembling, and drinking the restorative tea didn’t seem to have helped her recover.

[Wait a moment, I have something good for you.]

Product name: Vinegared Kelp

Description: Kelp seasoned with vinegar-based seasoning. Eating this lifts the Silence curse.

Price: 100 rims

I picked up an item from the shop and slid the white-powdered vinegared kelp between her slightly opened mouth.

I could have given her a grape-flavored powdered juice if I wanted to break the curse, but it’s rather troublesome how it has to be dissolved in water.

The vinegared kelp is specialized for the “Silence” curse, so it’s easy to use.

[How are you feeling?]


Arehh? Is it not working?

[Keho! Keho, geho! Keh, sour! What is this!?]

[Ohh, seems like your voice is coming out properly.]

[Ehh? Ah, you’re right!]

It seems like the mage has regained her voice.

Thanks to this, I also sold four vinegared kelp.

However, Michelle, who had come to hang around today as well, had her back turned to me and started doing something against the wall of the dungeon.

When I went to see what it was, I found that she was using her Mobile Force Gyan to punch the stone wall.

That…… doesn’t exactly look like she’s training her MF.

She somewhat looked like she was sulking, but I can’t exactly make out her expression because of her silver mask.

[What are you doing?]


That doesn’t look like it’s nothing.

It seems like we need to discuss this, but Michelle is a wanted criminal.

She usually acts as the Grim Reaper Minerva, so we have to refrain from the lovers’ talk.

I checked my surroundings.

There are no customers in the shop at the moment, and the place is deserted.

If it’s just for a bit, I should be able to do it now.

I gently pat Michelle on the shoulder.

[It’s not nothing, right? Tell me, did I do something wrong?]

[……You fed her.]


[Vinegared kelp. You went and did the “ahhn” with a woman other than me……]

Is she sulking because I fed vinegared kelp to that cursed mage?

[That can’t be helped. The woman is sick.]

[I know that……]

Even though she said that, Michelle’s Gyan doesn’t stop pounding the wall with its fist.

[Yahagi-san, let me draw pop rockets.]

Whoa, looks like there’s a customer.

[Hold on a second. Stay there.]

I left Michelle and went to serve the customer.

Then, after I picked up something from my shop and then returned.

[Minerva, stand up and look at me.]


[Here’s something for you. Open your mouth and say “ahhn”.]

I put a blueberry cigarette through the gap in her silver mask and put it gently between Michelle’s lips.

I also took one out and put it in my mouth.

(Don’t be angry now. Overwrite your memory with this. It’s a new product, blueberry cigarette.)

With cocoa cigarettes or blueberry cigarettes, those who hold them in their mouths can talk to each other with their thoughts.


This way, we can exchange our thoughts without having to say them out loud. Are you still mad at me?)

(I’m not mad……)

From the sound of her voice, it seems she really isn’t angry.

(Even so, I wish I had thought about the cocoa cigarette earlier. Then, we could have talked like this in public.)


(But be careful, if someone with a cigarette in his mouth comes within a 10-meter radius, they’ll hear our conversation.)

(You’re right.)

Even though we’re finally able to have a private conversation, Michelle isn’t saying much.

However, rather than sulking, it feels more like she’s embarrassed.

Speaking of which, her Gyan had stopped punching the wall.


(What’s up?)

(Sell 10 boxes each of cocoa cigarettes, blueberry cigarettes and cola cigarettes. I want to keep on doing this.)

(Haha, thank you for the purchase! Wait, I don’t care about the money, so just take it.)

(That won’t do.)

Michelle is dutiful in a strange way.

I guess I’ll have to keep holding onto one of the cigarette series in my mouth for a while.

It’s like I’m a chain smoker.

In all sorts of ways, I feel like it’s too sweet.

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