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Chapter 4

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Probably because my senses had been heightened by the squid skewer, I soon found the water station.

I had imagined it would be something like a well, but it seems like it was slightly different.

Here, water was gushing out of a lion’s mouth like the ones I had seen in onsen inns.

Come to think of it, I didn’t have a single cup or water bottle with me.

Having no other choice, I scooped some water with my hands and gulped it down.

The thought that I might get a stomach ache after drinking this world’s water crossed my mind for a moment, but I don’t have the time to worry about appearances.

That’s how thirsty the squid skewer made me.

Gulp, gulp, gulp…… Delicious!

Why does the water I drink after eating squid skewer taste so sweet?

It tastes so good that I could eat a squid skewer just for the sake of drinking the sweet water.

Anyhow, with that, I was finally able to calm myself down.

I looked around the city again.

There were many buildings, but there was this undeniable feeling that the city seemed somewhat desolate.

If I were to use an analogy, it was like an onsen resort that flourished in the Showa era but became deserted in the Reiwa era.

The buildings are old and sparsely populated.

If they were given a European touch, it would probably end up like this city.

I started wandering around, letting my feet lead me somewhere.

Come to think of it, I needed to find a place to stay for the night.

The season here is a little chilly, about the same as spring in Japan.

It’s too cold to camp outdoors.

Besides, it would be troubling if it suddenly rained.

As I was walking along, I saw a signboard for an inn.

“Reliable Inn: Bottakuro. Prices 850 rims and up.”

The name of that inn doesn’t really make it feel reliable, but 850 rims per night seemed quite inexpensive to me.

From what I felt from my earlier sales, 1 rim is about 1 yen.

In Japan, it costs more than 7000 yen to stay in a business hotel.

Even a capsule hotel or a stay in an internet cafe would cost about 3000 yen per night.

Compared to that, I guess 850 rim seems reasonable, wouldn’t it?

What the inn was like inside would probably not be that bad……

But though I said that, I only have 40 rims in my pocket.

My purse is far from enough to stay even in such a cheap inn.

I’ve made up my mind that I need to put all my effort into my business.

As the sun set in the west, the open space in front of the dungeon suddenly began to liven up.

Adventurers who had been beneath the dungeon returned to the surface.

[Hey, mister!]

While I was setting up my stall at the edge of the open space, two girls came running up to me.

One of them was a cheerful girl with pink hair, the adventurer who had bought a 10-rim gum this morning.

[Mira, come quickly!]

The one called Mira had blue hair and looked much more demure.

She was wearing a wide-brimmed hat and a loose-fitting robe.

From the way she was dressed, I guess she’s a mage.

In her hand, she held a long wooden staff.

[You don’t have to be in such a hurry, Merle.]

Spreading a soft and gentle atmosphere, the child named Mira also came to the front of the shop.

[Uwaaa, it really was as Merle said. Are these all sweets?]

Mira looked thrilled and clasped her hands together in front of her chest.

She had such big breasts that are noticeable even from on top of her loose-fitting robe.

[How was the 10-rim gum?]

[Unnn, it was delicious and helpful. It was only a little, but it really recovered my MP.]

[Wasn’t it just like I said?]

[Unnn. However, the taste went away quickly and the MP recovery also stopped.]

That’s what the 10-rim gum is like after all.

It’s cheap and tasty, but the taste doesn’t stay around much.


Mira, the blue-haired girl, timidly asked me.

[I opened the wrapper and found this……]

“WIN: You can get another piece of gum at the shop”

Speaking of which, this was gum with a lottery in it.

[Congratulations. Here, I’ll give you another gum.]

[Uwahh! Is that alright?]

[Of course. That’s the kind of product it is after all.]

I handed Mira a new piece of gum, which she carefully tucked into her pocket.

She will probably eat it tomorrow when they go exploring in the dungeon.

Thinking that this gum would be useful for Mira, I feel happy.

On the other hand, Merle looked envious when she saw Mira receiving the gum.

[That’s nice. I also want to win gum!]

[If you’re looking for lottery, I also have these.]

I opened a box of 10-rim chocolates.

This also cost 10 rims each.

[Hehh…… They look just like 10-rim copper coins.]

[There’s chocolate inside.]

[Chocolate!? Isn’t that something only the rich can eat?]

Not just spices, it seems that chocolates are also considered luxury items.

In that case, should I raise their price?

No, no, that is something my pride as a now-dagashi shopowner won’t allow.

Dagashis are products that have been researched and developed to be sold at a price that even children can afford.

How can I trample on the efforts of my predecessors for the sake of my own greed?

[If I win, will I get another piece of chocolate?]

Merle looked at me with expectant eyes.

Grinning at her question, I wagged my finger.

[Nope. You’ll find a voucher inside?]

[Voucher? What for?]

[Different kinds of vouchers. There’s a 50-rim, 30-rim, 20-rim, and 10-rim purchase voucher. You can exchange them with items on par with your vouchers.]

[I’ll buy one!]

Merle handed me a 10-rim coin and stared at the numerous 10-rim chocolates.

[What are you doing, Merle?]

[I’m picking out which one is the winning chocolate…… Be quiet for a moment, Mira.]

It’s not like staring at them makes it possible for you to find the winning chocos though.

I think whatever Merle’s doing would just be useless.

However, her having fun like this is one of the best parts of buying snacks.

I just stayed silent and let Merle do what she wanted.

Before long, Merle seemed to have made up her mind and put her hand inside the box.

[It’s this!]

In Merle’s hand was her carefully selected 10-rim chocolate.

With her hands nervously peeling off the film, what she found…… was the word “FAIL”.

[Too bad, it’s a failed draw.]



Merle bit her lip in disappointment.

[However, you should just eat it. It’s delicious after all. Moreover, it also helps you slightly recover your vitality.]


Merle popped the chocolate into her mouth and happily smiled.

[It’s true, it really is delicious! I also feel like some of my fatigue was relieved.]

Hearing that, Mira was also motivated to buy some.

[I’ll have one too please.]

[Yes, yes, choose whichever you like.]

Mira takes no time to select one and dexterously flips through the film.


Oh my, isn’t that a “10-rim voucher” written on the back of her film!?

[Congratulations! I can exchange it for any 10-rim item.]

[Is that alright? That kinda makes me feel bad.]

It seems that Mira has a lot of luck to win so many prizes in a row.

However, seeing Mira win again, Merle couldn’t keep quiet.

[Why is it only Mira that’s winning!? Are you showing favoritism just because she has big breasts!?]

[Of course not!]

[T- That’s right. Also, can you lower your voice? That’s embarrassing……]

However, Merle wouldn’t stop.

[If that’s the case, I’ll buy three!]

[Oi, oi……]

[Here, 30 rims!]

Merle seems to be the type of person who gets easily heated up.

However, thanks to the ruckus Merle is making, other adventurers began coming along.

[What’s all the fuss about? You found something interesting?]

[Keh, you guys stay away! The vouchers are mine!]

Ignoring Merle, I explained what dagashi are to the young adventurers.

[That sounds kinda fun. Give me some gum and chocolate too.]

[I’ll have some of these round candies.]

Completely unlike this morning, the shop remained bustling until it got dark.

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