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Chapter 43

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Grantham, Baron Essel’s territory, was a large city surrounded by walls.

Both agriculture and commerce seem to be developed, and the people’s faces are brighter than in the capital.

The Baron seemed to be a plump, good-natured old man, but perhaps, is he actually a sharp and capable lord?

Our carriage arrived at the Baron’s mansion in the center of the city, but my whole body is aching.

As expected, it’s probably due to the poor condition of the roads and the poor quality of the carriage.

If I hadn’t been healed by Michelle’s Recovery Magic, I might have had a terrible backache.

[Yahagi-dono, how was your trip?]

In the reception room, Baron Essel greeted us in a good mood.

[Baron, it has been a long time. Thanks to the carriage, we’ve made it here safely. It’s a well-developed city, isn’t it?]

[Thank you. Come, sit down. I’ll have some tea prepared.]

I offered him the additional Mobile Force sets I had brought as a souvenir.

[This here is the easy-to-operate Jam, and the powerful Z’Kot.]

[Ohh, thank you!]

The Baron had tried all the snacks I’ve released in my shop so far, but he was pleased with the two newly released items.

[After you both have a short rest, I’ll have someone guide you to the hotel where you are staying. While we’re at it, would you like a preview of where you’re going to set up your shop?]

[I’d love to. We also had our preparations ready.]

The maximum number of Mobile Force that can be replenished is 40.

The more I can sell, the more people will be able to acquire it.

After leaving Baron Essel’s mansion, we arrived at the hotel we seemed to be staying in.

It was a luxury hotel with a magnificent stone building with a doorman at the entrance.

I think this may be one of the best hotels in this world.

Going out of his way to prepare such a hotel for us, I could feel the Baron’s enthusiasm for Mobile Force.

[Hello. I’m Yahagi, referred here by Baron Essel.]

[Yahagi-sama, yes? We have heard about you. This way please.]

After checking in at the reception hall, a staff member carried our luggage and led us to our room.

As expected of a luxury hotel.

[This is your room.]

[Ohh, it’s a lovely room.]

The suite that Baron Essel had promised us was a double room with a wide bed and a reception set in the back.

The room also had a large bathroom and toilet, a far cry from Bottakuro where I used to stay.

[From the balcony here, you can see Kanpu Plaza.]

Kanpu Plaza is also where it’s planned for Dagashi Yahagi to be set up.

There aren’t many people there now, but I was told it would be filled with people on the day of the festival.

[Well then, please enjoy your stay.]

[Thank you very much…… Wait, eh?]

[Is something the matter?]

You don’t ask that here.

The way things are going……

[Ummm, was there only one room prepared?]

[We don’t have single rooms during the festival season because it gets very crowded. Would that be a problem?]

Of course, that’s a problem. That would mean Michelle and I will be staying in the same room.

[If it’s possible, I would like to have two rooms prepared for us. Of course, we will pay the twin rate for the two rooms.]

[Unfortunately, we are already fully booked, so my apologies.]

The attendant apologetically left the room.

Michelle and I were left helpless in the room, but she didn’t say a word the whole time.

[I’ll see if I can find a place to stay somewhere.]

[I- I don’t really mind though. You’ve stayed in my room many times before, haven’t you? You don’t have to be that perturbed about it now.]

[Michelle, your hands are shaking. You’re the one perturbed here, you know? Besides, this and that are two different things. I didn’t know you were a girl at the time, Michelle]

Michelle stammered for a moment, but then refuted.

[I- It’s just a sleepover. We’re just gonna sleep together, right? Then, it’s not a problem, is it?]

[That is…… That is true but……]

[Considering how there’s an incoming festival, there’s no way I’d get a room anywhere.]

It’s not like I don’t have a sexual desire.

In fact, I would love to have sexual relations with Michelle.

The trouble is, Michelle is also quite attractive.

But you see, there are no condoms or pills in this world.

If we have sex without contraceptives, there’s a good chance that we’d suddenly have a child.

[Papa…… Abuu~~]

I imagine our baby having dark circles under her eyes.

Her name is Machelle, and she’s as cute as a button…… not!

My love for Michelle grows stronger with each other, but I’m not ready for that yet.

Besides, it’s hard to raise a child calmly if the baby’s mother is a wanted criminal.

We’re gonna delve into this topic only when we clear all those issues and can have peace of mind.

However, if we’re just gonna sleep together……

[Alright. I promise I won’t do anything strange to you.]

[Ah, wait. Ummm, I don’t mind if you do it a bit……]

How much is a bit?

No, no, no, that won’t do. I feel like I’m definitely gonna be swept away.

[Come on, let’s drop off our luggage and set up shop at Kanpu Plaza. Things are going to be busy……]

Without giving her a clear answer, I cheerfully began to prepare my stall.

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