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Chapter 49

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The three-day festival was over, and I was in my hotel room calculating the sales.

[Hehh, a sale of nearly 170,000 rims in just three and a half days. The effect of festivals in sales really is great.]

In addition to the Mobile Force, toys such as the Super Ball and high-cost beverages sold well.

[Good for you, Yuusuke.]

Michelle took off her mask and smiled.

She changed her clothes in her loose-fitting loungewear and made herself at home.

[With this, you can now buy those boots you’ve been wanting to get.]

The sneakers I’ve been wearing from my previous life are becoming battered from my daily trips to the dungeon.

The soles are about to wear out.

[How about I buy you a present, Michelle?]

[For me!? It’s true that it’s almost our 30-day anniversary since we started dating but……]

Sorry, I don’t remember how many days it has been since we started dating.

[You remember even such small details?]

[I have this after all.]

Saying this, Michelle took out her waterproof notebook with a dark crest.

It seems to be her tenth Cursed…… rather, her tenth Poem Notebook.

Speaking of notebooks, the contents of the gachapon will soon run out of stock.

I wonder what items it will contain next……

[That’s right, let’s leave a note of that exchange just now. “What would you like as a present for our monthsary?”, Yuusuke asked.]

With a hum, Michelle wrote with her small pencil.

[You don’t really have to document our life in that much detail, right?]

Moreover, she’s kinda distorting what actually happened just now.

I’m not really a fan of history revisioning.

[It’s okay. I can be happy just rereading this notebook. That’s why I carry them with me all the time.]

What, will she be carrying around a hundred notebooks in the not-too-distant future?


After reading her poem, Michelle sidled up to me with moist eyes.

It seems like she was enraptured with her own writing.

Michelle sat down beside me and leaned towards me just a bit.

It seemed that she was already satisfied with that, as she smiled with a blush on her cheeks.

[Even so, keeping a diary does sound nice. Maybe I should write one too.]

The one saying this is this me, who doesn’t even write a sales log, but taking notes on my daily life does sound fun.

[Unnn, Yuusuke should try it too.]

Resting her head on my arm, Michelle read her poem to me again.

Our days in Grantham are quickly coming to an end, and today is the day we return to the Capital.

Michelle and I came to the Baron’s mansion to say our greetings.

[Thanks to you, we did a good business.]

[No, no, we’re glad that you’re spreading the Mobile Force in our city. By the way, I have something good to tell you.]

[What’s that?]

[There was a proposal to have Dagashi Yahagi open in a prime location in the Capital?]

What is this old man talking about?

That’s like opening a Dagashi Shop in a prime location in Ginza.

Having such thought in mind, I kinda imagined a wooden house dating back from the Showa era, sandwiched between buildings of famous brands.

[I’m just a Dagashi Shopowner. The only people who need me are child porters and newbie adventurers. You may not think much of it, but that isn’t something fitting for me.]

[You say that, but some of the items in your store aren’t worth the price. I’m talking about Mobile Force and the Elixirs. I think that even if you priced Mobile Force for 3000 rims, it would still sell like hotcakes.]

[It’s not about making money. I believe that the reason I can be a Dagashi Shopowner is that there are people who want me to be one……]

If I’m surrounded by Chanel and Gucci, I could only shrink back, couldn’t I?

You asking me to open up my store next to a famous chain grocery?

I don’t like that.

I thought the Baron might be offended by my refusal, but he only gave a small laugh.

[As I thought, Yahagi-dono really isn’t one to care about riches and prestige.]


[Well, don’t sweat the small stuff. Forget what I just said. It’s just, I have a favor to ask of you.]

[What is it?]

[I would like the Mobile Force to be sold above ground. I want Mobile Force to be popular in the Capital.]

That’s nice and all, but I basically operate my store in the dungeon……

Baron Essel, perhaps reading my thoughts, makes a suggestion.

[In that case, I would like to ask you to accept consignment sales. Of course, I won’t take any commission for it, nor do I have any intention of making money from resale.]

Since the Baron is a wealthy man, I certainly am not worried about him becoming a greedy reseller.

He just wants to promote MF.

[I understand. In that case, I will give the Baron 30 boxes per day.]

[I see, that’s very helpful! With this, we can hold another Mobile Force tournament in the near future.]

[A MF tournament?]

[That’s right. I would like to organize a grand one myself, but would that be a problem? Well, I’d like to host one so grand that His Majesty the King would hopefully preside over it.]

[His Majesty!?]

[Yes. As a matter of fact, I’m presenting this tournament to His Majesty, who’s into Mobile Force.]

Before I knew it, things had turned into quite a big deal.

However, I don’t really care who organizes the tournament.

As long as everyone has fun, that’s all that matters. That was my stance.

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