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Chapter 51

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The first customer to arrive that morning was the porter named Regal.

[Yahagi-san, good morning!]

[Good morning. You seem to be full of energy today.]

Hearing my words, Regal held out his palm to me with a big smile on his face.

What, did he trap a fart in his hand?

[Please look at this!]

Regal opened his palm upward, and what appeared there was a small flame.

[Ohh!? You can now use Fire Magic?]

[That’s right It’s all thanks to the Mobile Force!]

Operating the Mobile Force robo is a good exercise for mana manipulation.

Regal diligently operates his Gungalf every day.

As a result, he, who had never had Offensive Magic before, seemed to have learned a new kind of magic.


[Isn’t that great, Regal? I guess you will graduate as a porter before long.]

[Yes. Garm-san promised to make me an official member of the team when I can shoot 3 fireballs.]

[That’s great. Here, a congratulatory gift from me.]

I grabbed a handful of 10-rim gums and handed it to Regal.

This gum helps one restore their mana.

[You can practice your magic while chewing this.]

[Thank you very much! I will practice a lot and be able to make a bigger flame.]

It’s nice to see someone you know grow.

Somehow, I felt like Regal had suddenly grown taller.

Next came Merle and Mira.

In Merle’s excited hands was a pamphlet printed on rough paper.

[Yuusuke-san, have you seen this!?]

[You mean the Mobile Force tournament? It certainly was surprising.]

[It’s not just surprising! It’s a tournament organized by His Majesty the King. Moreover, the prize money is 1 million rims. We have no choice but to participate here!]

When Baron Essel told me about this, I didn’t think it was possible, but it turned out that the King was really going to hold the tournament.

I’ve asked the Baron how the consignment sale for the Mobile Force was like, but he still sells out every day.

Even though my shop’s level has risen and the amount I could acquire has increased, that’s 50 boxes a day I’m entrusting to them.

There have even been thefts and robberies in the city over the Mobile Force.

It has become quite a social phenomenon.

[This time, my Red Shoulder will be getting that championship!]

Merle’s record at the last Yahagi Onsen Tournament was 4th Place.

With her performance back then, it wouldn’t be strange for her to become the champion.

However, the number of competitors has increased significantly compared to last time……

[This time’s tournament would have more participants, so you need to do your best.]

[That’s it! Yuusuke-san, stop selling Mobile Force anymore. I can’t have any more competitors.]

[Like heck I can do that. The Top 8 will be rewarded with a prize, right? Go win it with your own skills.]

[Please, aren’t Merle-chan and Yuusuke-san friends……]

Merle sidled up to me with upturned eyes.

[Get away from Yuusuke, you slutty brat.]

After she finished cleaning the bath, Michelle came to the shop.

[Thank you for the hard work, Minerva.]

[Yeah, I’ve cleaned up the bath with magic.]

Overwhelmed by Michelle’s intensity, Merle backs away.

[You boys sure get along quite close as usual……]


Because of her Recognition Inhibition Magic, Merle and Mira still think Minerva is a man.

Not even trying to hide her displeasure, Michelle sits down next to me.

Seeing such a Michelle, Mira asked.

[Are you also going to participate in the tournament, Minerva-san?]

[I will not.]

If it was just as big as Yahagi Onsen’s tournament, it wouldn’t be a problem, but if she played an active role in a tournament hosted by the King, she would stand out.

It would be unthinkable for a wanted criminal to do something like that, so she refrained from participating.

Michelle probably could have won that tournament though.

When I asked her if she wasn’t even interested in the 1 million rim prize, she just said that she could earn that much in no time at all.

The monsters in the deepest part of the dungeon apparently drop a lot of money.

Though she said that, Michelle apparently uses her money to pay for her research, so she technically isn’t very rich of a person.

Still, she seems to make much more money than I do.

Michelle did say “I can always support you”, but I’m not gonna live a sponger life here.

[What about you, Yuusuke-san? Aren’t you going to compete?]

As I had such thoughts in mind, Mira unexpectedly spoke to me.

[Me? I’m not going to participate. There’s also the Mobile Force’s sale on the same day.]

[Ehh~~ That’s a shame. Even though Yuusuke-san’s quite strong……]

In fact, I have been training with Michelle.

I’m strong enough that in practice matches, I can beat even Mira and Merle.

You see, if I can operate the Mobile Force well, I might be able to use new magic like Regal, right?

That’s why I’m working hard at it.

So far though, I haven’t seen any signs that I can use any actual magic.

[Mira, don’t say unnecessary things. I don’t want any more rivals!]

Meanwhile, here’s Merle who’s quite honest with herself.

[Well, you two do your best in my stead. That aside, I have new products in stock, you know?]

I recommended my newly added candy to Merle.

Product name: Dodon Pachin

Description: A candy that crackles and pops in your mouth. When one physically attacks while the candy is popping in their mouth, their attack will be imbued with lightning attribute. Orange flavor.

Price: 100 rims

If one’s attack is imbued with the lightning attribute, the power and speed of their attack will increase.

[It burst in your mouth? That sounds fun!]

Merle, who loves new things, immediately bought one.

[Don’t put too much in your mouth. If it pops too much, it can be quite painful.]

This was a lesson I had learned as a child.

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