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Chapter 53

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The King’s eyes were glued to the Char Zako in my hand.

[What’s that you got there?]

The King approached me and as if it was the most natural thing in the world, snatched the Char Zako from my hand.

[Isn’t this a Zako? However, it’s a little different from what I know.]

[It’s a special-made robo, Your Majesty.]

Baron Essel explained on my behalf.

[A special-made, you say? How is it different?]

The King asked the Baron more questions about the Char Zako, but someone interrupted him.

[Wait a minute! You……]

Queen Consort Titti is staring at Michelle.

Michelle’s Recognition Inhibition Magic is so perfect that she doesn’t even let others feel anything out of place with her wearing a mask.

The Queen Consort, however, is staring at her silver mask with a stern look on her face.

The Queen Consort is also a famous witch, so I guess she had realized Michelle’s true identity?

This feels like a bad situation.

[You there, you are being disrespectful in the presence of the King. Take off your mask.]

The Queen Consort orders Michelle to take off her mask.

[I have been badly burned. I can’t let you see something so unsightly.]

[Unsightly huh……]

The Queen exaggeratedly shrugged her shoulders and deliberately sighed.

[Yeah, your gloomy face is unsightly, but this is a reunion after a long time. Show your face without the mask, Michelle.]

As I thought, she really had noticed.

I looked at Michelle to see what she would do, but to my surprise, she readily took off her mask.

I guess she decided she couldn’t cover it up anymore.

What in the world is going to happen now……

[How did you know?]

[There was something off with your actions. After all, even though you’re acting like a guy, you didn’t look at me at all.]

Queen Consort Titti is a seductive beauty.

Most men would have paid attention to her.

And yet, Michelle has been averting her gaze. It’s because of this that she found out huh.

[Besides, you’ve always curled up your fingers that way when you’re nervous. Haven’t you noticed?]

When I looked at her hands, I saw that all of the fingers in both of Michelle’s hands were complicatedly intertwined with each other.

So she had that kind of habit huh……

The Guard Knights all drew their swords, and an explosive atmosphere filled the place.

[What do you intend to do with me?]

Michelle asked the King and the Queen Consort without a trace of fear in her.

[You will be punished for cursing me!]

The King exclaimed, his voice rising in anger.

[Wasn’t it because you’ve done such a rude thing to me? Besides, the curse should have been lifted by now.]

[That doesn’t matter! Do you know how much I have suffered because of that curse?]

[Fufufu, this is it for you, Sister. You’ve been an eyesore for so long, but we can finally settle this here.]

Titti’s red lips twisted into a smile.

[This is it? I’d like it if you’d stop misunderstanding things here. Do you really think you can capture me with just this many soldiers?]

Even though she was surrounded by a hundred Guard Knights, Michelle kept her calm demeanor.

Is that how powerful the Witch Michelle is?

However, Queen Consort Titti’s smile became even deeper and her face looked almost evil.

[Act all composed while you still can. Look at this!]

Titti thrust her staff into the ground.

A crack of light ran through the earth centered on the staff, shaking the air around it.

[This is……]

For the first time today, Michelle looked shaken.

[Fufufu, this is a magic item that I had specially developed to defeat you, Sister.]

[To defeat me, what do you……]

[This staff is a device that strikes back with a Reverse-phased Mana Wave when someone tries to use magic, canceling their magic out. I’ve been waiting to use this on Sister the moment you appear before me. Today is the day I’m going to make Michelle kneel before me.]

The Queen Consort smiled triumphantly.

[Excellent, my Queen Consort. Witch Michelle had thoroughly betrayed us. I will torture and humiliate her to my heart’s content before executing her. Fufufu……]

This Queen Consort and King sure are the same……

I’m so glad Michelle didn’t marry this guy.

However, what are we going to do now?

We’re surrounded by over a hundred armed Guard Knights and Michelle can’t use magic.

Without even needing to think about it, I’m facing the biggest crisis of my life.

Worst case scenario, Michelle gets captured, beaten badly and executed.

I may also be doomed to a similar fate.

Or perhaps, will they at least spare my life?

Even if they are yours, there aren’t many things in life that you can choose for yourself huh……

However, when it comes down to things, you still have to make your own choice.

Even if you can’t choose your parents, you can choose your lover.

And I’m not going to let go of Michelle.

I’ll trust in the power I have as a Dagashi Shopowner.

[By my royal decree, capture the traitor Michelle!]

The King announced loudly, the Knights rushed forward.

But all of a sudden, a strong gust of wind blew away the Knights who were trying to capture Michelle.

[W- What’s going on!?]

The dust raised by my Blast Menko obscured the view of the surroundings.

As I had expected, that Reverse-Phase Mana doesn’t react to my toys.

It seems to be working only on Michelle.

I stepped forward to protect Michelle.

[Like heck I’ll let your filthy hands touch Michelle!]

[W- What’s the matter with you!?]

I throw a pop rocket at the feet of the annoyingly screeching Queen Consort.

The explosion scattered pebbles around, making the Queen Consort tremble.

[Shut up, ugly!]


Titti became at a loss for words at the insult which she had probably never heard before.

No matter how beautiful your outward appearance is, if you have an ugly personality, you are ugly.

That’s how it is to me.

As the Knights were about to rush towards us with swords in hand, I showed them my best and largest pop rocket.

It was about the size of a rugby ball, and I don’t know how powerful it was.

[Nobody moves! If this thing blows up, both the King and the Queen Consort will be blown to pieces!]

I lifted the oversized pop rocket high in the air with both hands to stop the knights.

Now is a desperate time.

I’ll take the King hostage and get out of here.

For the time being, let’s move to a place where that magic item that blocks Michelle’s magic won’t have any effect.

[Michelle, can you move?]


As Michelle and I were about to move back though, we suddenly heard a loud voice from outside.

At the same time, General Bartos, with his greatsword in his hand, came running towards us with his men.


His lieutenants, the two beautiful women, were also coming with him.

They were most probably very skilled people.

The gate to the outside, which serves as an escape route, is quickly filled with soldiers under Bartos’ command.

It seems like escape may not be possible……



[ [ I’ll always be with you. ] ]

Despite the hopeless situation, our feelings for each other were one, and Michelle and I had a smile on our lips.

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