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Chapter 55

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The days when Michelle kept on closely sticking to me lasted a week.

We were always together, whether it was when I’m doing business or on my days off.

We went on many dates.

We took walks on the castle walls, went to famous restaurants, and went to the theater.

Every day, from morning till night, we were by each other’s side until we went back to our homes.

Michelle was very happy to be able to take off her mask and act unreservedly, and she was always within my arm’s reach.

However, it’s not easy to be with her all the time.

[I’m glad you feel that way, but please stay outside when I’m in the toilet.]


[You don’t say any “buts” here. That’s just embarrassing.]

[I’m fine with it though.]

Well, I’m not fine with it……

[Seriously, give me a break.]

[Alright…… However, don’t go anywhere, okay?]

And how does she expect me to get out?

I’m not slender enough to fit through the small window in the bathroom.

Haahhh…… I feel like I just lost the desire to let it all out after this exchange.

In this way, Michelle was flawlessly demonstrating her yandere-like personality, but as expected, she seemed to be getting concerned about the state of leaving her research unattended.

[Isn’t it about time you went to the deepest part of the dungeon?]

[That’s right but…… Is Yuusuke gonna be alright while I’m away?]

[Not really, but don’t you think the time we don’t see each other would tie us even stronger?]

[That is……]

[If we were together all the time, we would get accustomed to each other, wouldn’t we? I want to feel more heart-pounding moments with Michelle. Besides, the person I liked was the Witch enthusiastic about her research.]

[Uuuu…… Alright. I’ll resume my research.]

Here we see an obedient yandere, a rare subspecies of yandere……

[But I’ll say this now, you can’t cheat on me, okay?]

[I won’t. You should already know that, right?]

[Unnn…… You also can’t look at other girls!]

[That’s just impossible!]

How the heck does she expect me to do business like that……

We had a bit of a dispute, but Michelle went off to the deepest party of the dungeon, while I’m heading to Yahagi Onsen by myself for the first time in a long time.

Summer is over and the season is turning to autumn.

Since I came to this place, I guess that makes it about half a year?

I’m no longer threatened by the danger of the 1st Underground Floor.

As I was going along my usual path without hesitation, I heard a shout coming from somewhere.

It sounds like a voice that still had childishness to it.

[Are you alright, Yurin?]

[It’s just a scratch! That aside, enemies on the left! They’ll surround us.]

[I’ll deal with those from that side!]

Rookie adventurers seem to have encountered monsters.

[D*mn it, there’s too many of them. How do we fight against seven at the same time!?]

[Stop whining and retreat!]

In the dungeon, a large number of monsters can spring up out of nowhere.

The 1st Underground Floor is no exception.

From the sound of their conversation, it seems that they’re in danger.

The name Yurin is also familiar to me.

She was one of the rookies who came to my shop.

Her freckled face looked like she was still in middle school……


Taking out a Monster Card and pop rockets, I ran toward the voice.

The party of five was facing 3 Poison Moths and 3 Poison Worms, the larvae of Poison Moths.

Right next to them lies a grasshopper-type monster that they must have defeated.

The Poison Moths were 80cm wide when they spread their wings, and their scales contained poison.

The poison really isn’t something that would kill you instantly, but if you inhaled it, your throat would burn and your body would go numb.

Their weakness was fire.

[Monster summon, activate! Come out, R-card Salamander!]

I summoned a fire-breathing lizard from its monster card.

The Salamander extended its long tongue, seemingly aiming at a target, before spewing out red flames like a flamethrower.

In a flash, the Poison Moth’s wings burst into flames and the Poison Worms were also scorched to ashes, and the battle was over.

As to be expected of an R-card.

[Gehook, gehok!  Yahagi-san, thank you very much.]

Seemingly having inhaled the scale powder, the rookies coughed as they thanked me.

[Enough of that, just drink this. It has detoxifying properties.]

I dissolved the powdered juice (orange flavor), which is effective against poison, in water and gave it to them all to drink.

For the wounded Yurin, I also passed her Moroccan Yogul with a wooden spoon.

Her wounds aren’t that deep, so she should be fine even with just this.

[Ahh, I feel better.]

As I had expected, Yurin sighed with relief with the wooden spoon in her mouth.

The others also seemed to have gotten rid of the numbness in their bodies as well.

[Even so, a lot of them sure sprung out at the same time. It’s not every day that seven monsters appear here.]

[Actually, we got lost, and the more we ran away, the more of them appeared.]

And so, as a result of running around avoiding combat, they were chased by a large number of monsters.

[I wish we had a map or something like that. We weren’t used to the dungeon yet.]


Their team must not have been dungeon diving for very long.

In fact, the number of such teams has been increasing recently.

The cause is the end of the war.

As a result of the mass layoff of soldiers near the border, the number of people becoming adventurers has been increasing.

[Maps huh. Come to think of it, we don’t have any dungeon maps.]

If there were at least a map of the 1st or 2nd Underground Floor for rookies, the survival rate would dramatically increase.

Maybe I should make one myself?

The customers gather in the morning and evenings.

If I allocate my free time during the day, I should have plenty of time available.

Besides, our main customers are rookies.

It would be troubling if they die.

If I drew the structure of the dungeon and wrote down what kind of monsters spawn in each area, they would probably be happy.

I decided to pick up my pen and paper and try making it.

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