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Chapter 56

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As soon as the morning crowd subsided and the adventurers began their own explorations, I quickly closed up the store.

I am now going to explore the 1st Underground Floor and work on my map.



[Yahagi-san, shall we go?]



Regal is in high spirits.

I’m going to make a map, so I’ll have to take a lot of notes.

During that time, I would be defenseless, so I asked Regal to help me out.



[If push comes to shove, I’ll also be there to help in the battle. However, I’m not proud of it, but I’m not very confident.]

[Please count on me. This is also a good chance for me to get some practical experience. I will work to my fullest extent.]



Regal is usually a porter, so he’s usually not allowed to fight very often.

He seems to be in high spirits today because he can use the Fireball that he learned.

He is now apparently able to fire up to two shots.



[If you can fire three shots, you’ll be able to enter Garm’s team, right?]



[Yes, I’m almost there!]



How reliable.

In any case, I also brought a new weapon with me today. It’s Dagashi Yahagi’s new product.



Product name: 8-Shot Pistol

Description: A pistol that fires magic bullets. Do not point at people.

Price: 500 rims



The toy pistol sold in my previous life was a gun with an eight-round cap filled with gunpowder.

Pulling the trigger would ignite the gunpowder with a loud bang, and as a child, I felt a considerable amount of excitement and power playing with this toy.

It made quite a loud noise, so I don’t think there are any places in the city where you can play with them anymore.

After all, if you’re not careful, you may end up being reported to the police.



Now then, this pistol here produces magic bullets.

As for its power, it’s weaker than the pop rockets.



However, the pistol is easier to aim and the movements needed to attack are short.

Moreover, it can fire eight shots in a row, so it’s good for multiple enemies.

Also, unlike the pistols from my previous life, it has almost no recoil, making it easy to shoot.



The disadvantages are that the power is low and the gun crumbles after the eight rounds, making it unusable.

It was not well received by adventurers.

Many of them feel that they would rather fight with bow and arrows or a sword than pay 500 rims for this weapon.

For adventurers who can use Offensive Magic, it makes less sense to use it.



[I think it’s quite convenient though.]

[Hmm~~, but the 500-rim cost is a bit expensive.]



Certainly, even if you hunt monsters on the 1st Underground Floor with this, there’s no point if you’re getting less money.

If it’s a product that can’t be sold, I’ll just make good use of it, so I set out to map-making with two guns at the ready.






Starting at the dungeon entrance, we arrived at a narrow alley that I usually never enter.





[Have you gone through here before?]

[Yes, I have. Many times.]



Regal had been a porter for so long that he knew the dungeon better than most rookies.



[What’s beyond this path?]

[Well, beyond this path is several more branches of paths. There are no strong enemies here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a lot of money from them.]



While we were having such a conversation, a thick mist, a signal for the spawning of monsters, began to flow out from the back of the passageway.




[Ou, I’m seeing it.]



As I held a pistol in each of my hands, I also had a Monster Card prepared to activate.

What I planned to use today is the R-card Stone Golem, which is capable both offensively and defensively.



[Enemy coming, they’re Dungeon Maimais!]



The Dungeon Maimai is a giant snail monster with a shell of 50 cm diameter.



It’s known to prey on its enemies by emitting a highly acidic mucus that dissolves them.

They’re troublesome enemies when approached, but fortunately, it moves slowly.

The concept of attacking before they get close and winning the battle preemptively is something common no matter which world it was.



Using only the gun in my right hand, I took aim and pulled the trigger.



Pop! Pop!



With a sound like the opening of a stale soda pop, two magic bullets were fired.

However, it hit the shell of the Dungeon Maimai and the bullets were easily bounced off.



[That won’t work, Yahagi-san. The shell of a Dungeon Maimai is very tough. If you want to attack them, aim for the head.]




I took two steps forward and aiming my gun, I fired more magic bullets at the approaching Dungeon Maimai.

One, two, after three shots, I finally blew the monster’s head off, and the Dungeon Maimai I was targeting finally fell.







With a loud roar, I saw a large fireball shot out of Regal’s hand.

It was so hot that even I, who was some distance away, could feel its heat.

So this is the Fireball huh!

No matter how hard its shell is, it’s meaningless in front of such a magic attack.

It would just be burned to a crisp.

That’s quite impressive. 



When the two monsters disappeared, magic crystals and six large copper coins fell.

I used 5 magic bullets and only 3 bullets left.

If I get used to using a pistol, I might be able to kill them with one shot, but it really isn’t a good weapon for earning money.



[For a battle like that, it’s 600 rims + magic crystals huh. Rookies sure had it rough.]

[That’s true, but it’s better than working as a porter for 1000 rims a day.]



It was agreed that today’s earnings would be split 50:50 with Regal.

The earnings we made in that battle are still 300 rims per person.

We’ll have to kill a few more monsters to make this dive worthwhile.



[Alright, let’s go further in. I want to finish mapping this area by the end of the day.]

[I understand. There are spots where the footing is wet and slippery though, so be careful in the path ahead.]



I guess I’ll have to put that information on the map too.

As I counted my steps, we continued further down this passageway.











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8-Shot Pistol

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