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Chapter 57

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A new product at Dagashi Yahagi has become a huge success.



Product name: Calpas

Description: Individually wrapped small dry sausages. Eating it gives a small stamina recovery.

Price: 10 rims



Meat has originally been precious in this world.

It’s a luxury item that commoners can eat only twice or thrice a week.

The fact that it can be bought for 10 rims seems to have made its popularity explode.

Not only rookies, but even veterans come to the store to buy them.

The popularity was so great that a limit of 3 per person had been set.



[Good morning, Yuusuke-san. Is there any Calpas left?]

[Three for me too please.]



Merle and Mira, who had arrived early in the morning, seemed to be completely charmed by them.





[Good morning. You two sure are up early.]



I enjoyed the morning conversation with them as I handed over their orders.



[We’re planning to go on a little excursion today. It’s right about time for Golden Frogs to spawn after all.]

[Golden Frogs?]



I had never heard of that monster.



[It’s a monster that appears every year when autumn comes. If you kill it, it drops a silver coin, but there’s a 1/100 chance that it will drop a gold coin. This is the year I’m gonna get that gold coin!]

[Heehhh…… Good luck……]



Or so I said, but in my mind, I only thought that that was impossible.

After all, Merle’s bad luck in lotteries is already well-known in the neighborhood.



Dagashi Yahagi offers a variety of products with a lottery implemented to them, which had a high percentage of gaining a winning lot, but Merle almost never won.

Heck, there is even a frightening legend going around now that whenever she actually wins something, something bad will happen that day.



[Ufufu, we’ll go at it leisurely.]



Her partner, Mira, smiled at Merle’s enthusiasm.

Come to think of it, Mira has a lot of luck in lotteries.

With the two of them working together, I guess that would balance their luck to normal.



[Yuusuke-san, how’s the map coming along?]



Merle quickly took a Calpas out of its package and popped it into her mouth.

Seems like that’s what she’s having for breakfast.



[Oh, after 2 weeks of work, the 1st Underground Floor’s map was completed.]



I handed Merle the map I had drawn up.

It was drawn on a large sheet of specially-ordered paper, about the size of an unfolded newspaper.

I would eventually try printing it with woodblocks and distribute it, but that would be after I reduce the size of the drawn map.



[Ara, it’s very well done. Not only does it show the structure of the dungeon, but it also tells what kind of monsters are there and gives warnings.]

[I want to make something useful for everyone after all.]



[I think that’s what makes Yuusuke-san wonderful.]



Hearing the airheaded Mira compliment me while looking straight into my eyes, even I’d get embarrassed.



[You think so? Well, it’s no big deal. After all, I would only make them for the 1st and 2nd Underground Floor.]

[That isn’t the case. Seriously, I’m really envious of Michelle-san.]




The heck is with that, all of a sudden?



[Right~~ He makes a lot of money and is really nice, I should have hit on him earlier.]



Oi, oi, even Merle is saying stuff like that.

Is this a sudden and unexpected arrival of my popularity period?



[If Yuusuke-san had been my boyfriend, I could have eaten all the Calpas I could eat.]

[That’s what you’re aiming for!?]



I don’t know how serious Merle and Mira are about the stuff they were saying, but being praised like that doesn’t feel bad.





[Would you like another piece of Calpas?]



As I said that, both Merle and Mira brought their faces closer .




[W- What?]

[You’re too easy.]

[Unnn, unnn.]



Yahagi Yuusuke, 25 years old.

A dagashi shop owner that tends to be slightly made fun of.



[Even so, this really is a very well-made map. How about continuing further and make one for the 3rd Underground Floor? That would make our job a lot easier.]

[Nah, that’s impossible. I’m gonna end up getting myself killed.]



Exploring that place is too difficult for me.



[You think so? I think Yuusuke-san can do it though……]





Both Merle and Mira overestimate me too much.

But well, if they’re gonna praise me that much, I wonder if I should really try challenging that place……

Wait, am I really that easy?

Even though I felt uneasy, the one who unconsciously felt such a thing was me.











It was just before evening when Michelle came home.

Her experiments this time lasted for 5 days, so she seemed to be very tired.



[Welcome back. How was it?]

[Unnn. The energy reserves have increased by 14%. At this rate, we should have some results by winter.]

[I see. In that case, let’s celebrate tonight. I’ll cook for us.]

[You’re tired too, Yuusuke, so I’d feel bad.]

[I told you already, don’t worry about it.]




Though I say that, as usual, what I can make are only simple dishes.

Today, I’m gonna make an omelet with lots of vegetables.



[Hey, Yuusuke, after the meal, let’s do “that” for the first time in a while. Let’s do it until Yuusuke’s satisfied.]



After Michelle spoke those words, the rookies who had been shopping in the store simultaneously turned toward us, looking startled.

The way Michelle said that was also bad.

With the way she worded it, it wouldn’t be strange for them to imagine something perverted.



[Don’t get her wrong. She’s talking about our Mobile Force practice match.]

[Ah, so that’s what she meant……]

[So it’s just that huh……]



We haven’t crossed that last line yet.



It’s a good way to practice the basics of magic, so when Michelle is around, we often play MF.

We aren’t only operating our MFs to fight, but recently, I enjoy making them dance.


The waltz between my Gufufu and her Gyan is quite the spectacle.



I’m hoping that I’ll be able to manifest a new magic, but so far, I haven’t seen any signs of that happening.

Michelle said that if I patiently keep at it, I will eventually learn how to use it.

Believing in what my girlfriend says, I’ve been practicing day after day.

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