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Chapter 58

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Autumn has completely set in, and the mornings and evenings are getting colder.

The wind in the other world is cold, and the wintry wind has deeply penetrated my very bones.



[Gehok, gehok!]



I was careless and caught a cold.

I had forgotten to buy bedding for autumn and winter, and that ended up being my downfall.

I don’t have a fever, but my head hurts and I feel tired.

And so, my store is closed today.



[Here, I made you a porridge.]



Michelle, dressed in a maid uniform, came into my bedroom.

The white apron over her black uniform was quite dazzling.

Her hair was tied in an updo so that she could move easily, and that really hits the spot for me.

Michelle had come to see me because she was worried about me not showing up in the dungeon.



And when she found out I was down with a cold, she expressly changed into a maid uniform.



[I’ve been wondering since a while ago, but why the maid uniform?]

[Because I’m gonna devotedly take care of you…… Keeping a service-oriented mentality, or something like that? That’s why, I thought I’d start with appearance……]



I appreciate that very much.

I appreciate that but……



[If possible, couldn’t you just use your Recovery Magic to cure me of this cold?]

[That won’t do.]

[Why not!?]

[I wanna take care of you after all…… Alright, I’ll take your temperature, okay?]



Her face blushing red, Michelle puts her forehead to mine.



[Ouch! Isn’t your fever higher than mine?]

[Our faces are so close so……]





She seems to be feeling a different kind of tension from when we kissed.



[Come on, eat your porridge. I’ll wipe the sweat off your body after you’re done eating. Here, ahhn.]



After Michelle played nurse for about 30 minutes, she finally let me go with a Recovery Magic.

She actually wanted to take care of me for about half a day, but seeing how much I’m groaning, she changed her mind.



After that, I went around the city to buy some bedding.

Of course, Michelle was with me.

We ended up having an unplanned date, but I had a nice day off.









Since I took a day off yesterday, I arrived in the dungeon with a lot of energy.

The new duvet is comfortable, and I slept soundly.

My physical condition is perfect.

Duvets are quite a luxury item in this world, but I’m pretty rich.


I mean, isn’t it a given that I’d become rich?

The price for my stock is my mana, so almost all of my sales revenue is pure profit.

Thanks to that, I’m making as much as veteran adventurers.



[Good morning, Yahagi-san. Why didn’t you come yesterday? Sis Michelle was making a big fuss.]



My first customers this morning were the regulars.



[I caught a cold with the change of season. You take care of yourselves too.]

[So that’s how it is. Are you feeling better now?]

[Michelle casted Recovery Magic on me.]



Hearing what I said, Garm looked envious.



[That’s nice, Yahagi-san. If you went to a healer, that’s definitely gonna cost 3000 rims.]



In this world where health insurance doesn’t exist, it’s common for the sick to be charged 100 percent of the cost.

It seems that there are almost no commoner who would go to a healer just for a cold.





[By the way, Yahagi-san. Do you have a snack that can restore the Sleep state?]

[Sleep state?]

[It’s almost Golden Frog season, so we thought we’d try our luck at them.]

[I guess your group also wants to get rich from them too huh, Garm.]

[That’s right.]



Golden Frogs have a one-in-a-hundred chance of dropping a gold coin.



[However, what does that have to do with sleep?]

[If one inhales a Golden Frog’s belch, they’ll end up falling unconscious.]



Frog belches…… I definitely don’t want to inhale something like that.

My thoughts aside, I took out from the corner of the shelf a small sachet of pickled torn squid, separated into small sachets.



Product name: Sacchan Squid

Description: Pickled squid jerky. When put in a person’s mouth, they will wake up no matter how deeply asleep they are.



Price: 50 rims



Each person has different tastes, but this sourness accents the taste.

People who like these can’t get enough of it.

There are even veteran adventurers who like to drink alcohol with this as a snack.

Garm and the others bought a pouch of Sacchan Squid and went off to hunt Golden Frogs.



Taking their place, Michelle arrived.

Normally, she wears her magician robe, but today she’s wearing a very light outfit.

She was dressed in a long black skirt and a white blouse with short sleeves.

It’s a fashion that goes against the season.



[Oi, oi, if you wear such light clothes, you’re gonna catch a cold like me. Well, I’m sure Michelle can just cure yourself with magic, but aren’t you cold like that?]

[Unnn, I’m actually trying to catch a cold……]




Are you a schoolboy who wants a reason to go absent from school?



[I enjoyed nursing Yuusuke yesterday, and I now want to try out being the one getting nursed…… Getting fed, being told kind words, having my sweat wiped off, helping me change my clothes……]



I put my hand on Michelle’s forehead.

Unnn, no fever.

She didn’t seem to be talking nonsense in delirium.

She was spouting out her distorted desires in her normal state……



[Let’s leave the sleep-talk when you’re asleep.]

[I’m not speaking sleep-talk!]

[Nah, sounds like sleep-talk to me.]



That being the case, I handed Michelle the small pouch of Sacchan Squid that I had on hand.



[Eat this and wake yourself up.]



Seriously, you should keep being healthy at the top of your priority.













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Saki Ika / Squid Jerky. The Sacchan Squid name, my guess, is an AOT reference.

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