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Chapter 59

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It happened all of a sudden.

I was playing Mobile Force with Michelle after dinner as an after-meal exercise, when I felt a jolt throughout my body as if I had been struck by lightning.

Did my mana finally get its kickstart!?



[What’s the matter, Yuusuke? Are you feeling unwell?]



As I felt like my body was temporarily paralyzed, Michelle peeked at my face worriedly.



[No, that’s not it. I…… might be able to use magic now.]



It is similar to the feeling of having unexpectedly solved a philosophical problem that I have always been unable to understand.

Or perhaps, should I describe it as having reached a state of enlightenment?

In any case, without any omen beforehand, I suddenly became able to use magic.



[Ara, isn’t that great? What kind of magic did you learn to use?]



I thought it was a very special thing to be able to use magic, but Michelle was nonchalantly happy.

This must be a very common thing in this world.

It’s just like how it was like with Regal when he’s able to use Fire Magic huh.



[Unnn…… I can now use a magic called “Clairvoyance”.]



The fact that I didn’t learn Offensive Magic does feel like me.

Clairvoyance seems to be a magic that allows me to see what is going on in a distant location, just like watching a live camera feed.



[Clairvoyance!? That’s a Legendary-rarity Magic you’ve got there. Yuusuke’s specialty really must be Special-type Magic.]



According to Michelle, there are various types of magic, including Offensive, Defensive, Support, and Creation.

Among them, my “Open & Close” and this time’s “Clairvoyance” are classified as Special-type.



[It sounds useful, but I can only use it for about 5 minutes a day.]

[Clairvoyance consumes a lot of mana, so it inevitably takes a toll on the body. Be careful not to use it too much.]

[Hmmm…… I’ll try it right away.]

[What are you looking at?]

[Let’s see……]



If I focus on a place or a person I know, I can immediately see how they were like, that’s not the only power of Clairvoyance.

The great thing about this magic is that, just as if there’s a search engine provided for me, keywords will bring up suggestions for viewing.

It can also be used like a Map app, or like astral projection, where the user’s consciousness leaves the body to look at the outside scenery.



Because of my mana limit, the duration of the live image is currently about 5 minutes, but the maximum speed of movement of my “camera’s” viewpoint is faster than the speed of sound.

It is also possible for me to look at a very wide area.

Because of how amazing this magic is, I honestly understood why Michelle said such magic would be had on the body.



[For the time being, I’ll just wander around outside for now.]



When I activated my magic, I really felt like I had astral projected.

My perspective drifted to the top of the room, looking down at my and Michelle’s head from the ceiling.

The lack of a real body allowed me to pass through people and walls with no problem, so I soared into the sky.



[This is amazing. Thanks to the moonlight, I can see all the way to the edge of the city..]



I approached the soldiers patrolling the city walls, but they didn’t seem to notice my gaze at all.

They didn’t even seem to notice me when I slipped past their bodies.



[I wonder where I should go next?]

[Be mindful of the duration, okay? You’ll wear yourself out without even knowing it.]




Michelle’s voice faintly resounded in my ears.

It was a strange feeling, as if she is far away, yet close by.

Come to think of it, I think I’m starting to feel short of breath.

However, it kinda felt like I just did a light jog, so I could go further.

One with the wind, I flew around the world in all directions.











It is a morning so cold that my breath turns white.



[Yuusuke-san, I’d like some curry crackers.]



Coming that chilly morning was the shivering Merle and Mira.

Curry crackers warm you up, so they are a big seller among adventurers this morning.

When I first came to this world, I used to eat them to keep warm.



[I’ll have some Sacchan Squid please.]



Mira had bought Sleep-prevention Sacchan Squid.

They were probably gonna hunt Golden Frogs again today.



[How’s it going? Gold dropped yet?]

[Not yet. We have only killed seven Golden Frogs so far this season.]



The chance of getting a gold drop is one in a hundred.

Having just hunted 7 frogs, they probably still have a long way to go.

Let’s see, guess I’ll test out the power of my Clairvoyance for a moment.



I set the keyword to Golden Frogs and the location to the 3rd Underground Floor of the dungeon and invoked my Clairvoyance Magic.





[Ohh, there they are……]

[Wait, the heck is that distant look!? Your expression looks real bad, Yuusuke-san.]



I heard Merle’s voice, but I ignored her and continued my search.

And then, I was able to find a place where there were 5 Golden Frogs.




[Ah, you’re back. You looked like the Temple Priestess in a trance just now. Are you alright?]



I guess that’s what I looked like while I’m using Clairvoyance.



[That aside, do you know of a wolf-headed stone statue? It’s somewhere with three red flags nearby.]

[You should be talking about the Divine Statue of Lipris.]



Mira replied.



[If you go straight down the passage to the right of that area, you will find a narrower passage that leads further to the right. It’s just barely wide enough for one person to pass through.]

[I think I know the path you’re talking about.]

[On the dead end of that path, there are 5 Golden Frogs.]




Mira and Merle blinked their eyes in surprise at my sudden words.



[It’s up to you two to decide whether you’re gonna believe me or not. However, if you’re going to the 3rd Underground Floor anyway, I think that place is worth checking out.]



Merle and Mira looked at each other and pondered.

In the end, Merle decided to ask a question.



[How can you know that, Yuusuke-san?]

[I got something like fortune-telling.]



I don’t think it’s a good idea to spread around that I got the power of Clairvoyance, so I noncommittally glossed it over.

I mean, wouldn’t it be vexing if they thought I was peeking into women’s baths with this power?

As a matter of fact, I already got warned by Michelle about that yesterday.

Even telling me she would curse me if I used my Clairvoyance to look at any other naked woman’s body except hers.



There’s no way I would ever do that.

I- I would never……

Yep, never would.

Curses are scary after all……



I did try to use this power to make a map, but it didn’t work.

After all, 5 minutes went by so fast when I’m jotting down notes or drawing the pathways.

Moreover, after using up the entire 5 minutes, my chest becomes painful and I feel struck by palpitations and dizziness.

It would be safer not to use Clairvoyance to make a map.

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