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Chapter 65

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The first person to arrive at the store that morning was Regal, who had been working with Garm and his party.

[Good morning, Yahagi-san!]

[Good morning, Regal. I see you’ve finally become an official team member.]

[Yes! Thanks to Yahagi-san, I will start my induction course today.]

Regal’s Offensive Magic is rapidly improving.

As he was promised, he is now an official member of Garm’s team.

He is now a full-fledged adventurer.

It seems a lie that only a short time ago, he was a porter who always looked like he was about to cry.

It’s amazing how quickly a boy can grow up.

[And so, hereafter, my assistance for dungeon mapping……]

[Don’t worry about that.]

It hurts that Regal is leaving, but mapmaking is a time-limited job.

In comparison, being on a team is a long-term activity.

Now, as their new member, he has to become used to his new team.

Fortunately, Merle and Mira will continue to help me out, so I congratulated Regal wholeheartedly on his departure.

Including Regal, there were actually three newcomers who would be receiving Garm team’s induction course.

It seems that Garm has enlarged his team and moved his base of operations to the 3rd Underground Floor.

Even him, who until recently was hunting with veteran adventurers, has grown up remarkably.

I suppose this is how rookies become veteran adventurers.

[Yo, Garm. You’ve become quite a big group.]

[We will have our start here. We’re going to make a lot of money and make a name for ourselves in the Royal Capital.]

Garm turned to the excited-looking rookies.

[Alright, today is my treat. You little chicks can buy as much as you want up to 300 rims.]

The rookies cheered at Garm’s words.


Seems like the rookies were still a bit childish.

Pondering on the treat given to them, Regal and the others put the store’s items in their baskets.

Snacks up to 300 rims huh……

This reminds me of my field trip back in grade school.

I used to go to the neighborhood dagashi shop and do a lot of shopping like this.

Let’s see, what is it that Regal chose?

Squid Skewers – 30 rims

10-rim Gum x 7 – 70 rims

Monster Card Chips – 100 rims

Stick Chocolate – 30 rims

Pop Rocket Lottery – 50 rims

Moroccan Yogul – 20 rims

I see, I see.

It’s basic for one to increase sensitivity with a squid skewer.

In the dungeon, you never know when a monster will surprise you.

And Regal, a magician, would certainly buy more 10-rim gums, which restores his mana, and prepares a stick chocolate in hand for a coup de grace.

A logical choice he made here.

Monster chips are expensive, but one could hope to get rare cards from them.

The chips can also be used to trade with friends.

Pulling for the pop rocket lottery is also a good choice, as he can use it when he runs out of mana.

Not forgetting the Moroccan Yogul in case he gets hurt…… It’s a very good line-up of items he had chosen!

[Ah, that’s right, this may not be relevant to a magician like Regal, but there’s a new product that just came out.]

Product Name: Chocolate Bat

Description: Bread dough coated with chocolate. The shape resembles that of a bat. Eating it will help you regain a slight amount of stamina. It comes with a lottery, and if the back of the package says “Home Run”, one can receive the Legendary Nail Bat. Seasonal Product from Autumn to Spring.


Price: 30 rims

Regal curiously picked up a Chocolate Bat.

[It’s unusual for an item to be acquired from a lottery. What kind of item is this Legendary Nail Bat?]

[Fufufu, look and be amazed. This is the Legendary Nail Bat!]

I took out the nail bat I had hidden under the table.

Under what seemed to be heavenly light, it glistened silver.

Even though it was called Nail Bat, it isn’t just a wooden bat with nails on it.

If such a thing was actually used in a real battle, it would break immediately.

This one is shaped like a metal bath with nails in it.

It isn’t like the hollow, metal bats like those used in high school baseball games.

It’s a true, blue heavy weapon, carved entirely out of metal.

[It’s a magic item that deals a fixed 300 damage.]

[What does that mean?]

[It means it does a certain amount of damage no matter who uses it.]

Well, if their attack hits, that is.

Therefore, it’s a weapon that should be held by those who are good at close combat.

[Wait a moment there! Is that fixed 300 damage true!?]

The one who reacted to the Nail Bat’s specs the most was the warrior Garm.

[That’s what the product description says.]

[That means, it can smash a Spider Crab with a single blow! Give me five!]

[I’ll have ten of those.]

Merle, who had arrived before I knew it, handed me 3 large copper coins.

Perhaps because she was able to earn more money than before, she was a bit rough with her money these days.

[Stop there, Merle. You won’t be able to win easily.]

[Don’t stop me, Yuusuke-san. I’m not buying snacks here. I’m buying a dream.]

[No, you aren’t buying a dream. It’s a snack! Wake up, Merle.]

That’s a gambler’s way of thinking you’re having there, Merle.

[Merle, let’s just buy three. I’ll buy it myself, and if I win, Merle gets the bat.]

Mira nonchalantly bought a bat.

[Arehh, it seems like there’s something written on it?]

No way, did the lucky Mira really just pulled out the Legendary Nail Bat!?

While everyone around her watched with bated breath, Mira happily showed me the writing on the back of the package.

[It says “Hit”.]

[If it’s a hit, I’ll trade for you another chocolate bat.]

Ahh, that surprised me. I got flustered because Mira actually is a lucky girl.

There was a bit of a commotion from the introduction of the Chocolate Bat, but not a single adventurer that day won the Legendary Nail Bat.

I guess winning it isn’t so easy.

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