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Chapter 66

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The end of the year is approaching.

This year is finally coming to an end.

Looking back, a lot has happened in the short time since I moved here in spring.

I started a dagashi shop in another world, got acquainted with Michelle, and got involved in a coup d’etat…… I must say, it has been a turbulent and eventful life.



[What are you going to do at the Cordelius Procession, Yuusuke-san?]



Regal, who had come to my shop, asked me this question.



[What is this Cordelius Procession?]

[It’s a festival for St. Cordelius.]



There was apparently once a great priest named St. Cordelius.

There’s an anecdote that when an epidemic broke at the end of the year, he went around the houses all night long, using Light Magic to light up his path.



[On New Year’s Eve, people all over the city parade through the streets with lights in their hands. There were many food stalls along the street, and it was very lively.]



As I was Japanese in my previous life, I interpreted it as some kind of lantern parade.




[It sounds like an interesting event.]

[Are you going to set up your store, Yuusuke-san? Or perhaps, are you going to participate in the festival with Master?]



By Master, he was talking about Michelle.

Since Regal is quite attached to me, Michelle was also being mindful of him, and she ended up teaching him magic.

Even so, setting up a stall or joining the procession huh.

What should I do……



[I’m thinking of taking the end of the year off, what about you Michelle?]

[I’m fine either way. As long as I can spend time with Yuusuke……]



When I asked the nearby Michelle, I received such a reply as she fidgeted.

We’ve been working apart a lot lately, so I’d like to enjoy the end of the year with her.



[If that’s the case, I guess we’ll join the procession. I’ll be busy making the map for the 3rd Underground Floor from the beginning of the year, so I’ll take New Year’s Eve off.]



The plan was to enjoy the festivities together first, and then we’ll go have our date with just the two of us.




[Nevertheless, Cordelius Procession huh…… In that case, maybe we can sell this product.]

[What kind of product is it?]



I pulled out a new product that has joined my lineup of items today.



Product name: Neon Jelly

Description: A stick-type jelly. It emits light when mana is channeled through it. There are 5 types of jellies: Cider, Pineapple, Strawberry, Melon and Grapes. They glow blue, yellow, red, green and purple respectively.

Price: 30 rims



It’s refreshingly sweet and tasty, and the konjac in it gives it a delightful texture.

I think it’s a significant corporate effort considering that this can be purchased for 30 rims.

There’s apparently no health problems even if you eat the jelly while it’s glowing.



[Watch this, okay…… Here.]



When I imbued my magic power into the cider-flavored jelly, the 30cm long stick began to glow light blue.

It’s not noticeable in bright light, but if you put it in the shade, you can see it glowing like a beam sword.



[Uwahh, that looks interesting.]

[Give me two of each, a total of ten of those jellies.]



Merle came out of nowhere and immediately bought them.



[We’re going to flashily decorate these and get everyone’s attention. Mira, you should buy some too.]

[Ehh, I can just use Light Magic……]

[However, that light only has one color.]




Michelle, who was beside me, magically created a ball of light.

So this is Light Magic huh.

Moreover, Michelle’s ball of light changed colors one after another, from red to yellow, from yellow to green, and so on.



[The point is, if you change the wavelength of your mana wave, the color will also change like this.]





Mira watched Michelle’s magic.



[You should be able to easily learn to do this with practice. I suppose I’ll teach you……]

[Really!? Thank you!]

[It’s not that big of a deal.]



The atmosphere around Michelle lately makes her more approachable than before.

Perhaps, her mental state is calmer now that she’s off the wanted list.

That’s a good thing.



[Here, the longer the mana wavelength, the brighter the color, right? On the other hand, if it’s short, it becomes subdued. Just like me……]



Hmmm, I guess she isn’t quite stable yet huh.

Still, Michelle has been kind to people other than me lately.

Perhaps, her personality had originally been like this.












The former Queen Consort, Titti, looked down at the Cordelius Procession with abhorrence from the top of the tower where she was imprisoned.

There were several unfamiliar colorful lights this year, giving the procession a more festive impression than in previous years.

Little does Titti know that those lights are the neon jellies sold by Yahagi Yuusuke.

If she had known, her anger would have been even greater.



[Titti, why don’t you come over and have a glass of wine? Tonight is New Year’s Eve, so there’s a special red wine prepared for us. Well, it’s a cheap wine that isn’t really good……]



Titti ignored the former King’s voice coming from the dining room table.

She has hardly spoken since she was locked up in this tower.

Her marriage to him was originally a non-affectionate one.

Titti was only attracted to the status of Queen Consort, which she had acquired from plundering the King from her sister.



[Oi, Titti, are you listening!?]



Titti was getting annoyed just by hearing her husband’s voice.

She didn’t care one bit about a loser who had lost his money and power.


How could this foolish man not understand that?

If things were going smoothly as what originally should have happened, she would have been enjoying the end-of-year party at the royal palace by now.

But this year, there’s nothing but poor food served to her.



Titti believes that this is the fault of the current King, Bartos, and her sister, Michelle.

She held no remorse for her own licentious behavior.



[There’s that man too……]



Titti gritted her teeth as she recalled Yahagi Yuusuke calling her “ugly”.

It wasn’t that she had never been insulted in all the years she had lived.

However, that was the only time she had ever been called ugly in her life.

And for Titti, her beauty is the only thing that gives her absolute confidence.

She couldn’t forget Yahagi, the insignificant street vendor, who had denied such a thing.



[I’ll definitely get my revenge……]



“For the time being, I should get out of here”, Titti thought.

She would target the newly hired young servant.

Pretending that she was an unfortunate woman who had been deceived, she would ensnare that servant.

All she had to do was smile at him affectionately, and that stupid man would believe her immediately, or so Titti thought.



Looking outside the glass window, a reserved smile appears on Titti’s lips.

Her expression was filled with innocence and purity, just like that of an unfortunate woman in a difficult situation.

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