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Chapter 7

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When I bought a towel this morning, I had already prepared myself to camp out tonight because I might not earn enough, but thanks to regular customers like Merle, sales exceeded 3000 rims.

And so, I can also stay at the inn I stayed at before, Bottakuro, tonight.

[Staying overnight? Or just taking a rest?]

As this is already the second time I visited, the blunt attitude of the proprietress didn’t bother me anymore.

[Overnight please.]

[The same room is available, so you use that. Remember to keep quiet.]

It seems like she remembered my face.

Thereupon, I noticed a stain on the corner of the counter that wasn’t there yesterday.

[That is……]

Seeing where I’m looking, the proprietress loudly sighed.

[A fistfight happened earlier. Good grief, can’t they put themselves in my shoes!? Who the heck do these people think cleans their mess up!?]

As I thought, this place really is a rogues’ den.

However, I don’t think I have enough money to move to a fancy hotel.

Even if I wanted to, the situation wouldn’t allow it.

I quickly climbed the stairs, trying not to make a sound.

The next day, I headed to the open space in front of the dungeon early in the morning.

I wanted to earn and save a little more so that I could move to a safer inn.

Taking up a position closer to the entrance than usual, I said “Open” to myself.

[Arehh, it had a slight upgrade?]

The usual shoulder-pole stall appeared, but with a slightly larger selection of items.

Moreover, the powdered juice (pineapple flavor), which had been out of stock, had been replenished.

Moreover, there was a large piece of cardboard hanging from the shoulder-pole.

Turning it over, I found that they were pop rockets. That’s certainly something I feel nostalgic about.

Pop rockets are plastic toys.

When paper gunpowder is inserted and thrown, the gunpowder bursts upon impact and makes a loud noise.

It was being sold in a lottery form, with the customers possibly drawing out a large rocket or a pack of 3 rockets.

However, these rockets seem to be a little different from those in Japan.

Product name: Rocket (Lottery)

Description: Explosion Magic bursts when thrown at a monster. Consumable. The bigger they are, the more powerful they are.

Price: 50 rims per draw

Are you serious……

No, is this even something I can sell in a dagashi shop?

I thought about not selling it because it’s dangerous, but then Merle and Mira’s faces crossed my mind.

They hunt monsters for a living.

If using rockets would make them any safer……

[Ohhh, the pineapple-flavored juice is refilled! I’ll buy them all!]

At that moment, Merle and Mira appeared in high spirits.

[You’re buying them all again?]

[Obviously! Wait, what’s this?]

They seemed to have noticed the rockets right away.

I explained to them about rockets, but there were many questions about their power.

It would be better if I ask a specialist here first.

[Hey, Mira. Is Explosion Magic powerful?]

[Let’s see…… I would say it depends on the caster, but as an Offensive Magic, it is quite the effective magic. Incidentally, I can’t use it.]

I won’t be able to know unless they’re actually used huh……

[How about it, Merle, want to draw the lottery one time?]

[Ehh~~ I just wanted to buy the pineapple-flavored juice……]

Saying this, Merle pressed three 100-rim copper coins on me and she quickly pocketed the pineapple juice.

[I’d like to try it.]

With a smile, Mira raised her hand.

As I thought, Mira really is the soothing type of girl.

[Well then, draw in the lottery.]

I held out a lottery box with a bunch of small pieces of paper in it.

[Which one should I choose…… Here!]

The ticket Mira drew won her the 3rd prize.

Incidentally, 1st prize was a giant rocket, 2nd prize was a medium-sized rocket, 3rd prize was three small rockets, 4th prize was two small rockets, and 5th prize was one small rocket.

[Congratulations, you get three small rockets. You sure are lucky as always.]


Mira looked cute while she was happily smiling, but she got deadly weapons held in her hand.

[Be careful with handling them, okay?]

[Don’t worry, I’m used to magic items. Besides, this seems to be something that reacts to a monster’s magic power and explodes. That’s why, I don’t think you have to worry even if humans hold it.]

So that’s how it is!

Mira’s words lightened the burden in my heart.

That meant that even if this thing hangs on the shoulder-pole, it wouldn’t suddenly explode.

I could continue my business with a little piece of mind.



Merle, who had returned from the dungeon, jumped towards me.

[Whoa, w- what is it?]

Suddenly being hugged by someone, I couldn’t help feeling shaken.

[Thanks to the pineapple juice, today was the best! I think we made over 1000 rims more than usual. There are also those rockets! That was crazy.]

[How was it crazy?]

[It blew up a Poison Lizard with a single shot! That’s a tough opponent for us, but it was one-shotted today. I’ll definitely pull on this lottery too! Come on, bring it out quickly!]

As Merle was drawing lots, Mira arrived too.

[Welcome back.]

[I have returned. I see Merle has started pulling for some rockets.]

[She seemed to be in high spirits.]

[The rocket is an item that anyone can use after all. They aren’t as powerful as the magic used by veteran adventurers, but they were perfectly practical items.]

I see, if it can be bought for 50 rims, it might be just the right item for new adventurers.

Taking her time yet again to choose her pick, Merle pulled out her ticket.

[Ghaak, 5th prize!]

And she’s as unlucky as ever……

[Hello! I heard you have some new items in stock.]

Other regulars came in.

Behind them was a little boy, curiously peeking at my wares.

[Welcome. You’re new here, aren’t you?]

[Unnn, I’m Regal, a porter. I heard I can buy snacks here that were as cheap as 10 rims.]

[That’s right. These ones over here are 10-rim snacks.]

Dagashi shops are for the sake of such children after all.

The storefront is bustling with customers.

That day, even after dark, they didn’t let me close up my stall.

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