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Chapter 74

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It’s been three days since we found the Lepras treasure, and so far, my life hasn’t really changed.

I couldn’t really think of anything I wanted.

Frankly speaking, I’m already satisfied with my current life.

Michelle cooks good food for me, and my living space is also not bad.

Her restraint on my life is a little tight, but the two of us are in love with each other.

Of course, there are some inconveniences compared to my previous life.

In this world, there are no new smartphones on the market, and there are no gacha games that I have to pay a lot of money for.

There are no novels or manga that make me want to read them.

However, I think I am enjoying my happiness to the fullest in the environment I have been given.

The capital for my Dagashi Shop is just my mana, so I don’t have to worry about facility investments.

I don’t have much entertainment, but I spend my time buying books and helping Michelle with her research.

Well, since I have managed to obtain some extra spending money, I am thinking of enjoying it to the fullest.

[Hey, have you two decided what to do with the treasure?]

I quietly asked Merle and Mira, who had also come to the store this morning.

[I immediately ordered a new sword and armor. I went to the weapon shop yesterday.]

Merle seemed to have decided to invest in herself.

[Amazing, you spent all that 1.2 million rims?]

[No way. I only spent 120,000 rims for that. The rest would go for good meals and fun enjoyment, while I would keep the rest for savings.]

Spending that much money on equipment is something only intermediate-level or higher adventurers can afford.

This time, Merle is now also a full-fledged warrior.


[I ordered a new magic robe. As for the rest of the money, a portion would be sent to my parents and for hanging out with Merle, and just like her, I would also allot a portion to savings.]

I guess the two of them are using it in a steady way huh.

[What about you, Yuusuke-san?]

[Me? I haven’t used it on anything yet……]

At my words, Merle and Mira unreservedly stared hard at me.

[T- The heck?]

[Why don’t you also prepare some equipment for yourself, Yuusuke-san?]

[She’s right. You intend to go around the dungeon making a map for it, so it would be better if you have some decent armor.]

Now that they mentioned it, it really was just as they said.

The equipment that I usually wear is cheap stuff that I bought at a tool shop.

To reduce the risk, it would be better to buy something with a slightly better quality.

[I guess you’re right…… Alright, I’ll also get myself some armor.]

I’ll invite MIchelle to join me if I were to go around the city.

Why don’t I buy her a new coat while I’m at it?

As I was thinking about that, Michelle, who was cooking breakfast on a griddle, called me over.

[Yuusuke, breakfast is ready.]

As I hurriedly approached, I found a line of golden brown pancakes on the griddle on which yakisoba is usually cooked.

The accompanying sausage and heated vegetables make a delicious sound as it sizzles on the griddle.

[Ohh! That looks delicious.]

[You won’t know if something’s really delicious until you try it……]

Michelle’s cheeks are blushing with embarrassment.

[I’ve never been disappointed with whatever Michelle has made for me so far. Thank you for the meal.]

I quickly take a seat and enjoy a freshly-cooked pancake.

The pancakes were firm, yet not heavy.

I could have eaten as many of these pancakes as I wanted.

[They’re very delicious.]

[You think so? That’s great. I’m taking tomorrow off from research, so let’s go shopping together for your protective gear.]

Even when she was cooking, it seemed like she was listening carefully to the conversation between me, Merle and Mira.

I cleared up the misunderstanding the other day, but I guess she was still feeling bothered about it huh?

Harem play with Merle and Mira?

That’s impossible.

I’m not that popular of a guy.

At the very least, I’m not the type of person who enjoys fooling around.

Titti was quietly spending her time in confinement.

Her husband, the former King, is still arrogant, but seemingly becoming a different person, she became calmer, even admonishing him for his rudeness on occasion.

Even towards the servants, she had started interacting with them politely, surprising those around her.

Of course, this was just an act……

“Good morning” “Thank you for the meal” “Thank you”

Greetings and words of gratitude can lower people’s guard even so slightly.

The more tyrannical the former King was, the more good-natured the nearby Titti seemed to be.

Eventually, albeit slightly, the servants’ wariness towards Titti lowered.

Moreover, Titti is a woman who knows how to make herself look like a pure beauty, and she is sensitive to the male gaze.

No matter how much they tried to hide it, Titti could tell who exactly was harboring illicit desires for her.

One day, as Titti was walking down a hallway, she came upon a servant carrying a large package.

Noticing her arrival, the servant, who was still young, huddled against the wall and bowed his head.

Titti knew that this servant always looked at her with lustful eyes.


The servant cowered when he was unexpectedly approached.

Although she had been stripped of her status, she was still the former Queen Consort.

A person like him would normally not be approached by someone like her.

As he thought about whether he should respond or not, Titti called out to him in a gentle voice.

[Your hand is bleeding.]

It was a bitterly cold winter, where the cold penetrated to the bone.

The servant’s hands were cracked from frostbite.

[How pitiful……]

Titti put her handkerchief on the servant’s hand.

[Come on, wipe the blood off. Your hands sure have become cold.]


The servant whose hands were grasped remained stiff, unable to utter a word.

[Titti-sama, do not do anything unnecessary.]

The female knight in charge of surveillance stopped her, but Titti pleaded with a serious expression on her face.

[I can’t just look on while he’s in pain. It’s alright, I’ll just use a little Recovery Magic.]


The hand on the servant’s wound glowed a pale green, and Recovery Magic was deployed.

The servant, who hadn’t expected to receive treatment, watched in bewilderment as the situation unfolded.

[There, you’re all healed.]

Titti, with a smile on her face, could easily be mistaken for a Saint.

[T- Thank you very much.]

[You’re welcome.]

The servant looked at Titti, who gave him a smile so sweet that it seemed to steal his soul away.

[What is your name?]

[I- I’m Marco.]

[That’s a nice name. If you ever need anything else, just let me know.]

Marco looks at Titti as she gracefully walks away, leaving her handkerchief in his hands.

The scent of Titti’s perfume lingers on it.

Feeling irresistible attraction, Marco inhaled the scent of the handkerchief without letting the others notice.

A numbing sensation of pleasure runs through his body along with the sweet aroma.

Thereupon, realizing what he was doing, Marco looked up and gazed at Titti’s back as she disappeared from his sight.

He doesn’t know when he’ll see her again.

He wanted to burn the sight of Titti’s appearance into his memory while he still could.

The moment Titti was about to turn a corner, Titti’s and Marco’s gaze slightly crossed.

Just that alone made Marco feel as if he was in heaven.

As she turned that corner, a smile appeared on Titti’s lips.

The first step to her successful escape has been accomplished.

The servant who had sniffed the “Bondage Rose” would be seeking her contact in the not-too-distant future.

It was an expensive drug, but she hid it in her Poison Ring (*a ring in which several medicines can be hidden), which she carried with her at all times, and has now proven beneficial.

(He said his name was Marco, right? He seems like a boring guy, but I’ll let him hold on to his few good imaginations. All of this was to leave this place after all.)

Titti pondered, working out a plan for the future.

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