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Chapter 81

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A rather adult-oriented product has just arrived.

I’ve heard it existed in my previous life, but this is the first time I’ve seen the real deal.

It’s that legendary perfume gum.

Product name: Eva (Perfume Gum)

Description: Holds the charm of a perfume. If two lovers eat it together, they will want to kiss each other. Ineffective for people who aren’t lovers.

Price: 70 rims

This product comes in a gorgeous golden box with pieces of gums in it.

There’s even a love poem written on the wrapping paper.

The poems were apparently written by Mitsuku Rondon, a famous poet in this world.

I thought it was crazy that a gum smelled like perfume, but when I actually tried it, it was surprisingly tasty.

Also, I kissed Michelle after chewing it.

It was amazing.


It’s like, the kiss tasted sweet.

Well, I won’t go into details.

Michelle liked it so much that she bought a box, but it’s troubling how she recommends chewing one at every opportunity……

I doubted if it would sell since it’s not a hunting-related product, but I’ve been able to sell a good amount of my stock.

Even if they don’t have lovers, boys and girls who overstretch themselves a bit are buying them.

It seems that these days, it’s becoming fashionable to give perfume gum instead of love letters.

[Yuusuke-san, I’d like to buy this.]

Here comes another customer buying a perfume gum, Merle.

[That’s 70 rims.]

As Merle was paying for it, Garm’s group, who arrived in the store earlier, started raising a cheer.

[The heck, Merle, you don’t even have a lover, yet you’re buying those?]

[Shut it, will you? I buy them because I like the taste. Just go back to work and drop dead somewhere!]

Garm smirks at her and holds out his hand.


[Give me one of those too. I’ll give you a kiss in return.

[Screw you! If I’m gonna kiss someone, Regal is a hundred times better than you.]

[Ohh, Regal, you’ve gotten name dropped!]

Garm and the others burst out laughing, but Merle remained calm.

She pulled a piece of gum out of its packaging and quietly handed it to Regal.

[Eh? Eh? I was, umm……]

[I’m just sharing gum. What, you want a kiss?]

Merle usually acts like a boyish girl, but today, she seems very mature.

Well, girls can suddenly grow up after all. Astonishingly enough that they could take your breath away.

In any case, at this age, girls tend to be more mature than boys.

At their age, Garm and his group are still brats.

[Now then, guess I’ll try out my morning luck today again. Yuusuke-san, I’d like a 10-rim chocolate and a Chocolate Bat.]

Well, Merle is still very much a child for matters like this though.

[Speaking of Chocolate Bat, how was your team-up with Marco? Didn’t you and Marco go hunting together yesterday?]

[Unnn. That Legendary Nail Bat really is just unfair. We got to hunt Giant Coconut Crabs like they’re just illusions.]

Merle lowered her voice and whispered to my ear.

[How much do you think we earned yesterday?]

[I dunno.]

[Over 40,000 rims in total. Mira and I said we’d just take 10,000 each, but Marco gave us 12,000 each.]

[That’s amazing.]

For adventurers like Merle and Mira, who had just graduated from rookie level, being able to earn 8000 rims in a day is already great.

[We invited him again, so we’ll team up with him again some other time.]

[I’m glad to hear that. Why don’t you give Marco a perfume gum?]

[Ehhh, Marco is a nice guy, but he’s not my type. Besides, he looked devoted already.]

[Ahh, he did say he had this girl he wanted to help.]

[That’s right, but there’s something I’m a little worried about.]

[What is it?]

A complicated expression on her face, Merle lowered her voice even further.

[That woman he’s talking about, she’s apparently married……]


The woman he talked about was apparently the madam of the mansion where Marco is working.

Marco looked like an earnest guy, so this was rather unexpected.

No, it might be that it’s exactly because he’s earnest that he ended up sympathizing with a woman who seems to be caught up in an unfortunate marriage.

[W- Well, he hadn’t really said they’re in a romantic relationship though……]

[With how he’s acting, you think he had at least got himself a kiss?]

[There’s no way, right?]

[If not, would you really risk your life for such a person? Marco got his day job, right? That’s why he’s trying to enter the dungeon at night.]

That’s just dangerous.

The monsters in the dungeon are much more powerful at night.

Even if he has the Legendary Nail Bat, it’s still dangerous.

[Mira and I are also planning to keep him company under the condition that it’s just limited to the 1st Underground Floor.]

[Oi, are you sure you guys are gonna be alright!? Even if it’s just the 1st Underground Floor, it’s still dangerous, isn’t it?]

I’ve heard rumors that monsters from 4th Underground Floor would occasionally spawn as well.

[But you see, we’re worried about Marco. We feel sorry for him if we just let him go alone. Besides, Mira’s mother is sick.]


[She needs a lot of money to see a healer. That’s why we’re going to have to work a little harder.]

Mira hadn’t mentioned anything like that at all, so I had no clue at all.

She has a reserved personality, so she must have been holding herself back.

[Alright. I’ll keep my shop open tonight. It’ll be a special late-night opening from Dagashi Yahagi. You can use my place as a rest stop.]

[Really!? However, is that alright? If your shop gets attacked……]

[I can summon the store by putting it in the stone wall, so it’s alright.]

[But what about the entrance?]

[Don’t worry, I’ve got an idea.]

Merle and I had a good discussion about what we will be doing tonight.

With the morning rush over, the adventurers went off to work.

The open area in front of Yahagi Onsen was already devoid of people.

[Yuusuke, I’m done cleaning in the back.]

Michelle, who had been cleaning the tatami mat rooms, came out to greet me.


[Thanks. I’ll be right there after I’ve finished counting the sales.]

[Unnn, how about we have some break? We have some gum over here, you know?]

No, we don’t really have to eat it right now, right?

Even if you act all embarrassed inviting me like that, I’ll just be troubled.

Well, you do look cute but……

[Let’s just save that for tonight. Ah, wait, I was going out tonight.]

Michelle’s gaze at me instantly turned intense at that moment.

[Where are you going? Weren’t we supposed to be together tonight!?]

She spends a lot of time away during her research, so on her days off, it’s like she was glued to me.

This is especially the case these days.

On the other hand, when we’re together, it’s like she’s going above and beyond to take care of me, so much so that it ends up making me feel guilty.

[I’m gonna open the shop tonight.]

I explained the situation to Michelle.

[So that’s what it is. In that case, I’ll stay here in the dungeon with you.]

[Is that alright? I only have a thin mattress here……]

[If I’m with Yuusuke, wherever it may be, I will always be happy……]

A blushing Michelle is just cuteness overload.


[What is it?]

[On second thought, can I have a perfume gum? We can never know when Marco and the girls would suddenly visit the shop after all, right?]


Thereupon, the two of us went back inside the store and chewed some gum.

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