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Chapter 86

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The snow has melted and lush green grass has begun to sparsely appear.

The season is finally fully transitioning into spring.

Horses are apparently in their birthing season at this time of the year, and in the meadow on the way to the dungeon, I saw several foals running close to their parents.

Seeing them acting spoiled, frolicking, seeking milk; they’re so cute that I could watch them endlessly.

[Yuusuke, you’re gonna get late at your usual time for opening your stall.]

Disregarding all that though, Michelle just urged me to hurry down the street.

After a busy morning, I set off today to make my map again.

The 3rd Underground Floor Map is almost 60% complete.

I hope to have it finished by the time Fujiru flowers bloom.

[Everyone, thanks for waiting.]

I called out to Merle and her team who were waiting for me in front of the shop.

Today too, I will be accompanying Team Harukaze on their hunt.

[Alright, today we’re aiming for big game heading west. Let’s go!]

Merle starts to walk briskly. Standing alongside Marco, I asked him how things are like recently.

[Is that madam moving in soon?]

[Yes, she’s finally going to carry out her plan the week after next.]

[You’re finally gonna be spending the joys and embarrassments of cohabitation huh.]

[Well, when you say it like that, I’m gonna get nervous……]

Marco smiled shyly.

[Yahagi-san, this is just between you and me……]

Looking somewhat cornered, Marco’s eyes looked straight at me.

[What’s up?]

[How do you think I could make this work? You could say Yahagi-san and Michelle-san are almost cohabiting with each other, right?]

[Even if you ask me that……]

I rarely think about how I do things.

[I’m not confident about how to make the madam happy. What does Yahagi-san do to make Michelle-san happy?]

[Eh? I don’t know? Michelle just gets happy no matter what we do……]

Thinking about it again, she certainly is the best girlfriend ever.

[Maybe cooking, laundry, or helping her with her research? Also, we do sometimes go on unusual dates together.]

[P- Please wait a moment!]

Marco hurriedly pulled out a waterproof notebook from his pocket and started taking notes.

The item he has in his hand is another product from my Dagashi Shop, a prize from a gachapon.

[I see, I guess it won’t do if I don’t do the cleaning and laundry myself. The madam probably didn’t have the experience doing any of those……]

[In that case though, wouldn’t it be better if you two do that together?]

[I can’t make her do that.]

[Even if she’s an upper-class lady, it’s not like she can continue living the same way from now on, right? I don’t think it’s right for Marco to shoulder all the burden indefinitely.]

[Y- You think so?]

[I think it would be a good idea if you two worked together at first. This will also give you the chance to talk.]

[I understand. I’ll think about this. Other than that, ummm……]

Marco looked fidgety, seemingly thinking of a hard-to-ask question.

[What is it?]

[Ummm, Yahagi-san, how is it…… that you invite her for the night?]


[No, I mean, since we’re living together……]

No, I understand what he’s talking about, but Michelle is very proactive about such things, so it’s actually her that’s more likely to invite me.

Like heck I can say such a thing to others though!

[It depends on the person. So they can understand your intent better, maybe it’s better to ask her straight out? Just wishing she’d sense what you want is just asking for misunderstandings.]

[T- That is……  I’m too afraid to just do that……]

[Go buy one of my shop’s anzu-bou.]

He’ll get courage if he eats those.

They cost 30 rims each, but Marco should be making enough money now to buy a box of them.

[Then, I’d like to have everything you have of those in stock.]

This ain’t the time to be bulk buying though……

[And what is it that you think I mustn’t do?]

[I’m not sure? I think you should respect her wishes and not force her to do something she doesn’t want to do. Also, don’t look at other women. They could immediately find out if you look at others with a perverted gaze, and when that happens, it’ll turn out into big trouble.]

[What kind of trouble?]

[The royal capital being blown to smithereens.]

[I think that only goes with Michelle-san……]

Ah, I see.

[What are you talking about?]

Mira looks our way with a smile.

Her cuteness sure is healing.


No, no, this won’t do. The peace of the royal capital rests on my shoulders.

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