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Chapter 9

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With the thought that someone with the moniker Grim Reaper was sleeping in the next room, it was hard to fall asleep.

If I snore, he will come to kill me with his scythe, won’t he?

Such delusions were rising up and disturbing my sleep.

However, I must have been tired from daytime work, as before I knew it, I had fallen asleep.

The next time I woke up though was in the middle of the night.

I don’t have a watch, so I don’t know what time it is.

However, it was still dark and the surroundings were silent.

All I could hear was the silent cry of my bladder.

The irresistible urge to pee was overtaking me.

If things continue, I might pee in my room.

If I did, I would definitely be blacklisted in this inn.

The proprietress would no longer allow me to stay at the Bottakuro.

At the moment, that happening would be a problem.

It’s not easy to find accommodation as cheap as this place.

However, the bathroom is in the courtyard.

If I make a noise at this time of night, there’s a great risk of waking the Grim Reaper.

Death or for me to pee here, that was the question.

I got up with all my might.

Rather than sit in my place and be smeared in humiliation, I decided to die with dignity.

Opening the door slowly, I took 10 seconds to scout out the area before stepping out into the dark corridor.

And to my surprise, the door to the neighboring room was half open and light was leaking from the inside.

The Grim Reaper was awake huh……

I wanted to return back to my room, but my bladder, craving release, wouldn’t allow me.

And yet, the staircase is just beyond the Grim Reaper’s room.

I have no choice but to go!

This was the first and biggest crisis I’d had since I was teleported to this world.

Curiosity kills the dagashi shopowner.

Even when our rational and our understanding know it, it’s an emotion that we can’t suppress. 

If it’s just for a moment……

Even though I knew that this was something I shouldn’t do, I glanced at the Grim Reaper’s room.

The room is small, just like mine.

The room is empty, and it seems that the Grim Reaper is absent at the moment.

However, my eyes were glued to the relics on the bed.

[Why are those things……]

They weren’t people’s skulls or the Grim Reaper’s scythe.

They were a pair of women’s underwear, a top and bottom set, light pink in color.

The material seemed to be silk.

The cup size of that bra is large enough for me to see even from this distance.

No way, the Grim Reaper is an underwear thief!?

Or perhaps, is that just because of his preferences?

I hope it really was just for his preferences.

In my previous life, I also had fun playing around with apps that swap the genders of people in photos.

I can understand how he feels.

As long as he didn’t steal those, it would be nonsensical for me to question personal freedom.

I pretended I didn’t see anything and hurried to the bathroom.

I walked out into the courtyard, feeling a sense of freedom.

I feel light, both in body and mind……

I looked up in a good mood and saw that the eastern sky was slightly white.


Dawn is just around the corner.

I am afraid to go back to my room now.

Rather than risk my life and get some more sleep, I’d rather just depart now.

I feel hungry now that I feel relieved, but there are no establishments open at this time.

I have no choice but to eat some of my stall’s products.

Thinking of “Open”, I called up my shoulder-pole stall.

[Arehh, it seems like it had an upgrade.]

What appeared in the dimly lit courtyard was a shoulder-pole stall that had become a little more luxurious.

The old shoulder-pole stall used to have flat plates hanging on each end of the pole, but they have now been replaced by a small chest of drawers.

It seems that the products can be neatly displayed by pulling out the drawers in a staircase pattern.

[Oh, it also has more new products.]

I picked up a small bag of potato chips.

Product Name: Monster Chips

Description: Lightly salted potato chips. Contains a monster card that can be summoned and be under the summoner’s employment for 3 minutes. 1/3000 chance of pulling the SSSR Ancient Bismarck!

Price: 100 rims

This is yet another item that adventurers are going to love.

Let’s see, how about trying out one?

While eating potato chips, I opened the pouch containing the card.


Flying Snake: Wings attached to its body allow it to fly into the air, and it specializes in attacks from above.

Habitat: The 1st Basement Floor of the Dungeon and Jambala Plains

Notable Techniques: “Coil”, “Poison Fang”

If I collect enough cards to make a deck, even I might be able to conquer the dungeon.

But if I do that, I feel like if I were to take a direct hit, it’ll be a game over.

It would be better to stay away from dangerous places.

However, I decided to keep this card just in case.

The potato chips were delicious, but the quantity was a little bit small, so I’m still a bit hungry.

I picked up a bag of dorachoco, which I had last night, and opened it.

Unlike the potato chips, this one was quite filling.

[Oi, what are you laying out over there?]

At the sudden sound of a deep, hoarse voice that seemed to echo from the depths of hell, I couldn’t help shrieking.

Turning around, I saw a man with long black hair with a jet-black robe standing there.

His face was covered with a silver mask, so I couldn’t make out his expression.

However, his eyes that seemed to emit a faint glow behind them caught my attention.

Is he the Grim Reaper……?

[I am a street vendor and these are my merchandise, dagashi.]

Lord have mercy on me, Lord have mercy on me, please don’t kill me!

[Dagashi…… You mean sweets?]

[Yes! Would you like one?]

Not wanting to be killed, I offered the Grim Reaper the other piece of dorachoco I was holding in my hand.


Hesitating for a moment, the Grim Reaper accepted and popped the dorachoco into his mouth through the gap in his mask.

Ah, I just shared dorachoco with the Grim Reaper……

[It’s delicious……]


That voice just now sounded like that of a woman’s.

[Kehum, kehum! It tastes good……]

Was it just my imagination?

What I’m hearing now was that hoarse voice he had before.

[That’s good……]

[What else do you have……?]

[Eh, you mean my products?]

[That’s right.]

When I explained my products to him, the Grim Reaper started purchasing from one end to the other, making a total purchase of more than 1000 rims.

Is it because we’ve become friends from the effect of the dorachoco?

[Do you have a sweet tooth?]

[I- It’s not like that.]

He denied it, but all he purchased were sweets, not even looking at the pop rocket, curry crackers, or monster chips.

[Do you always stay at this inn?]

[For the time being……]

[I see.]

After a quick shopping trip, the Grim Reaper quietly left.

Before I knew it, the sky had already brightened and sparrows were chirping noisily.

It seems like I had survived.

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