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Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: Eat Well and Get Stronger!


Due to the warmer weather, I woke up earlier than usual.

As Michelle was currently away, there wasn’t much to do at home.

And so, I went to the dungeon to get to work, when I met up with Mira at the entrance.

[Good morning, Yuusuke-san. Is Michelle-san not with you?]

It has been a year since we first met, and Mira seems to have grown a little more mature.

[Good morning. Michelle is still in the deepest part of the dungeon. It should be about three days before she comes back.]

The two of us walked leisurely down the stairs side by side.

I used to be frightened even near the entrance, but I’ve already gotten used to the dungeon.

Of course, I didn’t forget to prepare my monster cards and 8-shot pistol.

I was ready for any enemy to appear at any moment.

When we arrived at Yahagi Onsen, I immediately opened shop.

[Mira will drop by too, right? Come on in, I’ll at least offer you a cup of tea.]

Once I closed up shop, the shop would be automatically cleaned, so there’s no need for me to clean up in the morning.

As I ignited the stove and checked the shelves, I found that there was a new product once again.

Product name: Basco

Description: Bite-sized cream sandwich biscuits. When eaten, it strengthens the body and increases defense by 20 times. Has a duration of 10 minutes.

Price: 30 rims

How nostalgic, I used to eat this snack in my previous life.

It’s a very long-selling product that has been on the market for over 90 years.

They were biscuits with yeast in it, and it was a revolutionary product when it was first released.

I believe there were also strawberry and green tea-flavored cream, but it seems only the plain type was available for me.

[Look, it’s a new product. Let’s sample it together.]

Basco comes in a pack of two pieces, so I decided to share it with Mira.

It was just the right snack for two people to share.

[They’re crunchy and delicious.]

[Since it increases defenses, it’s going to be a hot seller. Let’s see, how about a little experiment then? Mira, try slapping my cheek.]

I want to see how much it increases my defense.

However, Mira surprisingly refused.

[I can’t do that.]

[Come on, isn’t it fine? It’s just an experiment.]

[Then, how about I ask you that then? How about you slap my cheek, Yuusuke-san?]


Slapping Mira’s cute cheeks……?

No matter how much Basco she eats, there’s no way I can do that.

[Guess you’re right, a slap is too high a hurdle. Then, how about a shippe then?]


[Yes, a slap on the wrist with two fingers.]

It’s something commonly used in punishment games.

This way, we would feel less guilty.


[This is just an experiment. Please, hit me as hard as you can!]

If someone arrives at a moment like this, they must think I’m some really perverted masochist……

No, I don’t have such a fetish, okay?

[I don’t like to be hit either. However, this is necessary for the development of my dagashis.]

[I understand. If Yuusuke-san says that much……]

Mira holds her forefinger and middle finger aloft.

Then, she powerfully swings it down.


A satisfying sound echoed in the shop.

Mira may be a graceful girl, but she’s a full-fledged adventurer.

She had considerable physical strength in her hands.

I originally should have received pain right down to the bone.

[How is it? Does it not hurt?]

Hearing Mira worryingly ask me that, I smiled.

[It doesn’t hurt at all! This could turn out amazing. Look, it didn’t even leave a bruise.]

[Really? Then, try it on me too.]

[Eh, seriously?]

As expected, that’s just……

[I’d like to try it out too. Please. Please hit me as hard as you can too.]

Can you stop with those upturned eyes?

That’ll just tickle the sadist in me……

No, I don’t have such a fetish either.

[A- Alright. This is just an experiment, okay?]

[Yes. Please.]


I hit her pretty hard, but Mira looked unfazed.

Even though I hit her with a force normally enough to hurt my fingers, she was perfectly fine.

Basco, how terrifying!

[Amazing! It doesn’t hurt at all. Maybe even a knife won’t hurt with this.]

Mira looked at me with suspicious eyes.

[W- Wait. I don’t have the courage to lead the experiment that far.]

As expected, I won’t try it out with a knife.

[Eh, It’ll just be a light prick with the tip……]

Smiling, Mira pulled out her knife.

Wait, even though you look like that, you’re actually a sadist!?

[Don’t worry, this wouldn’t hurt.]

[N- No, that’s……]

[This is also for the development of the dagashis.]

Mira held her knife in a reverse grip and brought it up near her face.


I resigned myself and just gritted my teeth.


With a cute shout, the knife was swung down, but the tip was aimed at the back of Mira’s hand.

[Uwaaahhh! A- Are you alright, Mira?]

[Ahaha, there’s no way I’d stab Yuusuke-san. That aside, this really is amazing. I certainly hadn’t put much force into it, but my skin repelled the knife. It really has improved my defense.]

[Ahh, that surprised me. However, I guess this will be useful for adventurers.]]

[Yes, I think everyone will buy it. I’d also like to have three of these.]

[Thank you for your patronage!]

I gave Mira, who had gone along with my experiments, four Bascos for the price of three as a special treat.

When Marco returned home after his day’s work, Titti happily welcomed him.

She was bored staying all alone in the apartment.

[Here you go, today’s earnings and some souvenirs.]

Marco offered Titti all the money and magic crystals he had earned from hunting monsters.

This was done under the genuine belief in Titti’s words that she would manage the money for their future.

He was under the illusion that they are already like a married couple.

For Titti, she just wanted to keep the money on hand so that she could escape at any time.

She has already received over 400,000 rims in cash from Marco.

With the money she had on hand, it may not be easy, but it would still be possible for her to flee the country on her own.

Titti quickly counted the amount of money she received and was satisfied.

Marco had earned more than 24,000 rims today.

Only those who are considerably superior even among mid-level adventurers would be able to earn this much money.

[Thank you for your hard work. I’ll wipe your body down, so take off your shirt.]

There’s no bathtub in Marco’s house.

By dedicating some time in this way, Titti is winning Marco’s favor.

However, she does not do any household chores such as cooking and laundry.

She is a cunning woman in this respect.

While taking off his shirt, Marco urged Titti to open his bag of souvenirs.

[What did you get me today?

Titti opened the bag with a look of delight on her face.

[It’s a biscuit called Basco. When you eat it, your defense power goes up. If your pursuers find us, eat those while I’ll fight them.]

Titti laid her cheek against Marco’s bare back from behind.

[Ah, I’m sweaty……]

[Ara, something like that doesn’t bother me at all.]

While placing a kiss on his scar-riddled shoulder, Titti whispers.

[Thank you, Marco.]

[I’d do anything for Titti-sama’s sake……]

When she heard Marco’s words filled with determination, Titti’s heart slightly fluttered.

Since the time they slept together, gradually it may be, she had developed an attachment to Marco, finding it difficult to distance herself from him.

She was still prepared to abandon Marco if necessary, but she no longer had the thought of mocking Marco while he’s engulfed in sorrow.

Even though she would have done so if it were before……

(Maybe I’d even shed him a tear or two.)

Her thoughts felt distant as if it was someone else’s affair, yet she does begin to feel that way.

[Hey, did you get those snacks from that Dagashi Shop too?]

Trying to keep away from the gloomy mood, Titti changed the subject.

[That’s right. I bought these at Yahagi-san’s place too.]

[They sure do have a curious assortment of snacks.]

[It’s not just the snacks that are wonderful. The shop owner Yahagi-san is also someone out of this world.]

[You’re talking about Yahagi-san again? I’m getting kinda jealous.]

[Ahaha, you jest. Yahagi-san already has a lover. It’s also none other than that Michelle.]

Titti, startled, moved her face away from Marco’s back.

[That Michelle, are you talking about that Witch Michelle?]

[That’s right. Arehh, didn’t I tell you about this before?]

[No, this is the first time I’ve heard of this……]

It’s not widely known that Witch Michelle and the former Queen Consort Titti are sisters.

It was because it wouldn’t be good for her reputation if a wanted criminal like Michelle were the sister of the Queen Consort.

That is why Marco did not know that Titti was Michelle’s sister.

(If so, that Yahagi should be that guy huh. That guy who called me ugly……)

[I’m kinda getting interested in that Dagashi Shop too.]

[However, Titti-sama can’t meet Yahagi-san……]

[I know that. Don’t worry, I’ll stay here and be quiet.]

Saying this, Titti’s hand slinked down and unbuttoned Marco’s pants.

At the mercy of her bewitching hands, Marco’s mind went blank.

(I was just getting bored. Maybe I’ll go investigate that Dagashi Shop or whatever he calls his place tomorrow……)

As she wiped Marco’s body with a towel soaked in water, Titti quietly smiled.

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Basco: Based on Glico’s Bisco. The plain type Yuusuke’s talking about is probably butter flavor. Also, I’m not sure if the author really intends to give it a DEFx20 effect, which is kinda overpowered for a 30-rim snack, instead of DEF+20.

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