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Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: Kibi Dango


Soon after I opened my shop, Team Harukaze arrived, chattering with each other.

[Ohh, there’s a new item in stock!]

The sharp-eyed Merle snacked up a snack.

[As expected of Merle. You sure noticed it well.]

[What’s this? It has a picture of a boy with a sword……]

[Fufufu. That’s kibi dango.]

Product name: Kibi Dango

Description: A rod-shaped bean-jam cake. When fed to a monster, it can be tamed. (Depends on the correlation between the user’s status and the monster’s status)

Price: 60 rims

Merle jumps for joy when she reads the description.

[So, does that mean I can turn a monster into a pet by feeding it this?]

[Well, that’s right, but there seem to be various limitations to it. To tame the monster, you have to imbue your magic power into the kibi dango and personally feed them. Moreover, it seems that you can only tame them if the monster is considerably weaker than yourself.]

[So, like Kobolds?]

[No, if it’s Merle’s taming them, I think monsters on the level of slimes…… Depending on the situation, probably Dungeon Mice or Flower Sonobugs……]

[I’m not interested in rats or bugs!]

Tentatively, Dungeon Mice and Flower Sonobugs are still monsters.

They apparently drop a 10-rim copper coin about once every 30 times they’re defeated.

However, there are no adventurers who do it because it’s too inefficient.

Not everyone is like Merle who seems to dislike rats or bugs, but there probably aren’t many people who would bother taming monsters like those.

[I had expectations, only to be disappointed.]

Seeing Merle pouting her cheeks, I tore off a piece of kibi dango and handed it to her.

[What, you trying to tame me?]

[Like hell I am! I just want you to taste-test it. It’s very tasty.]

I have always been a big fan of kibi dango since my previous life.

Even if it’s not that effective in taming monsters, I’d like it if she wouldn’t hate the snack itself.

[Good grief, how can you even like…… Omnyomnyomnyom…… It’s delicious!]

[Isn’t it?]

[What a strange texture…… However, that’s what makes it addictive. Yuusuke-san, gimme another bite!]

The way she waits with her mouth open is like a baby bird waiting to be fed.

Or rather, instead of taming a monster……

She was instead making it easy for others to feed her.

Merle, are you even less than a slime……?

[Unnn, I like this snack. Give me six.]

[Thanks for the patronage!]

My dagashi lineup is getting better and better.

Isn’t it about time for the shop to expand?

[Yahagi-san, three yakisobas.]

[Bill please!]

The shop is suddenly becoming more and more lively, and I’m busy running the place.

I wish Michelle were here to help me, but she’s still deep in the dungeon and won’t be back until tomorrow.

(I can’t wait to see Michelle.)

The Michelle in the cyanotype photo I had stuck on the wall is looking at me with a shy smile.

Just looking at it, I felt somewhat motivated.

After the morning business was over, I made tea in the tatami room in the back.

We had more customers than usual this morning,

The general public sporadically showed up, mixed in with the adventurers.

With the warmer weather, there seemed to be Mobile Force amateur tournaments being held in city plazas and other places.

Perhaps this is the reason why 18 boxes of Mobile Force were sold this morning.

I guess it’s about time we hold a tournament to attract new customers.

We can also hold it as an entertainment event along with flower viewing, maybe calling it the Fujiru Cup.

While thinking about future business, I drink tea.

I’m getting kinda hungry.

Come to think of it, there’s still some leftover kibi dango from that pack I gave Merle a taste of.

[Excuse me.]

Just as I was about to eat my first kibi dango in a while, another customer appeared.

It was the voice of a rather elegant woman.

[Yes, yes, I’m coming.]

I rewrapped the kibi dango into its wrapping again and tucked it into my packet.

Taking a last sip of tea before heading out, I returned to the shop.

A middle-aged man with a small mustache came into the shop.

Arehh? That’s strange.

I’m pretty sure I heard a woman’s voice……

I looked around the shop, but there was no one with him.


Hearing the uncle with round glasses greet me, I was surprised again.

It seems that I got the right person.

[Ah, could it be……!]

[That’s right. I’m using a disguise set sold at this shop.]

The uncle giggled with a voice beautifully ringing like bells.

Unnn, it was quite surreal.

[Well, that was surprising. It’s a product I sell myself, but they sure have an amazing effect huh.]

They’re supposed to merely be party goods, but I’m starting to worry about them being misused.

[Marco has always been under your care.]

Giving me a box of pastries, the person elegantly bowed.

Heehhh, since he…… she mentioned Marco…… Then this person is……!

[Then, you’re Cecilia-san?]

The madam put her finger to her mouth and looked around.

Cecilia-san had run away from the mansion after being subjected to violence by her oppressive husband.

She must be taking precautions because under no circumstances could she let her identity be revealed.

I lowered my voice and continued.

[Excuse me. Marco already went down the dungeon a while ago.]

[Yes, I know. I didn’t come here today to chase after Marco. I came here to meet Yahagi-san.]


[Yes, in fact, I have an urgent matter to discuss with you……]

The eyes shining behind the round glasses looked serious.

She seemed to have something important to tell me.

[In that case, shall we talk in the tatami room in the back?]

I led Cecilia-san into the tatami room in my shop.

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Kibi Dango: The one Yahagi got here was actually Nihon-Ichi Kibi Dango

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